I have never met Rhonda Daniele.

I have never been in her court.

I have read the horrible things she has done to anyone who dares to stand up to her. SHE DESTROYS PEOPLE.

It is interesting to note that whenever Judge Daniele has issued any order in my case it has NEVER been docketed. Always issued under secrecy and without any hearings whatsoever.

There have been several orders issued by her even though JUDGE DANIELE HAS NEVER BEEN ASSIGNED TO MY CASE.

She seems to have her own secret justice system… and she keeps everyone under her in line through FEAR.

Some interesting things. It seems when I asked this next question out loud, the securtity at the courthouse bacame very nervous and began following me around.

Valerie Angst graduated Law school and began her clerkship with Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas at around the same time that Judge Daniele was first elected to serve as a judge.

Did Valerie Angst clerk for the newly installed judge? Did she work under another name? Her AKA’s are extensive. Valerie Park, Valerie Rosenbluth, Valerie Rosenbluth Angst

Is that why the Secret Order of August 22, 2007 was signed and given to Valerie Angst to use against me SECRETLY?

Did they have a special relationship which permitted them to have their OWN PERSONAL JUSTICE SYSTEM?

Did each of the Judges on this case act to protect the SECRET JUSTICE SYSTEM of Rhonda Daniele? Thomas Delricci, Arthur Tilson, Emanuel Bertin, Stephen Barrett, Carolyn Carluccio. THEY ALL TURNED THEIR BACK ON JUSTICE AND THE LAW TO PROTECT RHONDA DANIELE. THEY SHOULD ALL BE REMOVED FROM THE BENCH. YOU DESTROYED MY LIFE FROM EVERY ASPECT. It is my sincere hope that the judicial system will return the favor for me and serve you each with prison sentences.

The ONLY judge beyond reproach in this case is Judge Toby Dickman. Her actions were consistent with the law. I only stood before Judge Dickman once, on September 6, 2007. Judge Dickman passed away shortly thereafter. I see her painting when I go to the law library. I thank her for the notes she made on her orders, she may not have known how corrupt the other judges of Family Court could become, but her actions from the bench have reached a long way.

Is the Montgomery County Drug Task Force the paramilitary arm of the Family Court system headed by Judge Daniele? All indiciations are that they too have been used to attempt to create a situation which did not end with me becoming a drug dealer. They tried. They failed. I am a stronger person than that.

When do ther judges get prosecuted for their crimes against me? and against my family? and against the others trapped in the Family Court of Montgomery County?

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