During the Custody Short List hearing, Judge Bertin began the hearing questioning whether I believed I was the biological father of my son. I indicated “YES” but thought it was probably the most unexpected question at the time. After pursuing a custody hearing for 2 years, OF COURSE I WAS HIS FATHER. RIGHT?

My mother and brother thought the judge’s question odd. Given that there has been an overwhelming volume of ex parte communication between my wife, her attorneys and the judges, was Judge Bertin trying to hint at something?

So the question remains… and I am in no way turning my back on my son… I paid the child support for the 2 years. (Child Support was used as a weapon. They pursued child support though her lawyer’s fees were considerably greater than the support awarded and paid.) I tried to maintain contact. But I have had no relationship with my son since July 13, 2007 when he was picked up by his mother never to return home or respond to any phone call. My son has never explained. Both of my sons have never explained.

PERHAPS… if I am not his biological father… could his father be my brother Brian? Brian has been a total ass regarding everything since the divorce started. He has indicated early on he was aware of the surveillance, and did nothing to help. He has constantly lobbied against anyone offering me any support. He has been in constant contact with Sonya. He lies and denies the contact, but phone records indicate otherwise.

So is Brian the biological father of my son? Is he afraid of what it would do to HIS family if that information was revealed? Is that why he has been so actively working against me at every turn? Because if that were to be revealed, then HE would be facing his own divorce. Could the potential of him losing 50% of everything and throwing his family into turmoil be his reason for his actions?

Brian has never explained his actions. And everyone has wondered why. Could it be that Brian is Brennan’s biological father? Or could THAT just be another lie secretly told to the Judge’s to prevent custody from being awarded? or prevent any custody hearing from happening?

I’ve never turned my back on my children. They disappeared without any explanation, discussion or argument. Why?


While the surveillance of computers and phones is undeniable… the ability to tell who is behind it is more difficult to discern.

It all started with a person, my ex-wife, who was advised by her attorney to get a secret phone to plan her divorce without being detected and to install some software illegally on my computers. Once detected, and proven, the level of surveillance and intrusion changed.

It seemed that Awareness Technologies was using me as their R&D Department seeing how I was discovering and trying to survive the intrusion. Their own staff confirmed the techniques used to stealth install, when I shared how I was able to detect their program. They then fired that person a few days later. Why?

Then came the Private Investigators. Never sure when they are being hired for surveillance, or harassment. I believe they came on board as late as the last week of July 2007… and have been part of the shell game of surveillance/harassment ever since.

Once detected and further proven, Police were notified and have done NOTHING. Why is that?
The officer took a report in mid-July 2007. He indicated there was nothing they could do. THEN for some reason returned to my house to follow up, after working a full overnight shift, the week after his dog died, at the direction of the Chief (who incidentally was in Alaska on vacation, “it takes a good memory to be a liar”) arrived at my home to investigate and as I told him the experience of the last 2 weeks since the initial report, he was directed by someone back at the station to act against me. Instructed to victimize the victim. Why?

After that Police did nothing to investigate. Why would that be?

After that County Detective Ray Kuter never returned calls regarding the intrusion. Why would that be?

After that anyone could commit any number of crimes against me and nothing would happen to them.

A group of 20 or so people could burglarize my home in broad daylight in violation of several Court orders, and the Police when called by neighbors would permit the event to occur. Why?

When I reported the even to Police they would still do nothing, even though the rental truck was parked within direct view of the Chief of Police’s office.

When the computer and phone hack was reported to FBI, and they assigned Rose to investigate. I never met her. I never saw her. When I called the FBI to contact her after losing her phone number, they tell me she does not exist. I find her number and suggest that ‘she buy donuts for the people in her office because they do not know her.” I never hear from her again. Why would the FBI stop investigating at that point? Why wouldn’t the FBI investigate the person apparently impersonating an FBI agent?

As I notice the data on my computer is streaming to Utah, I also notice it seems to be streaming to a building which shares a parking lot with the FBI. Coincidence? As I have anticipated they are investigating ME for some reason, and also know they could place anything they like on my computer to incriminate me. I write a note to ‘whoever’ that they are welcome to come review every hard disk I have ever owned for whatever they are looking for. The stream to Utah stops.

The County now gets ‘involved’ and feigns an investigation which takes place entirely via email with Lt Peffall. No phone, no meetings. No review of any tangible evidence. AND while this ‘investigation’ is occurring, ex wife and company cause my identity theft and repeatedly hack my web site. They didn’t realize I was watching them watch me. Web Statistics are very useful. And when you go in to hide your previous tracks, it’s not too bright to just delete the offenders. Because when compared with backups, the missing entries are those responsible, or involved. Lt Peffall did nothing. Why?

You may recall it was the Montgomery County Detectives who suggested to Lower Merion School District how they could approach their laptop disappearance by using illegally installed stealth surveillance software. Turned out they had thousands of pictures from stealth activated cameras on the children’s laptops undoubtedly recording all kinds of activities which occurs in any room or bedroom.

In March 2008, County Detective D’Angelo invited me then to bring the evidence to him in Norristown. I do so… BUT as they had just burglarized my home in violation of several court orders he is distracted by that and decides to focus on a former township police officer who took part in the burglary. He then does NOTHING? Why did the occurrence of a Burglary cancel the investigation of the computer and phone intrusions?

Why did Judge DelRicci decide to recuse himself after 3 months of not scheduling ANYTHING… on the same day I was printing a 25 page request for his recusal documenting all of the reasons and citations regarding his behavior on the case?
How did he know there was a recusal request about to be printed? Which couldn’t be printed (or saved) until after his letter making it a moot point was received.

Why did computers regularly fail upon receipt of voluminous and false allegations included in 60+ page petitions from Angst & Angst? Twice they served up the same petition and both times the computers were disabled. One had it’s BIOS fried, the other became unusable. In a twist of fate, the computer I borrowed had been used by my sister-in-law to see what my ex-wife was seeing. The borrowed computer still had the traces from their shared review of surveillance data.

Why did the County have a meeting with their insurance company regarding my site after I found the secret order? Yes, both the County and the St Paul based insurance company seemed to be checking the same pages on my site at the same time one day. Did they decide to do the right thing? OR did they decide to further harass me? Delay any hearings and further destroy me financially and emotionally. No full hearing on any issue has been heard since then. Judge Bertin recused. Judge Barrett recused. And Judge Carluccio swept everything under the “docket”.

Still wondering who is doing the surveillance at any given time. It has been a shell game. FBI has no reason to look at me for 4 years. Perhaps they did peek while investigating my reports. BUT as they can’t tell me they are investigating without revealing the investigation to the criminals who have control of computers and phones. That may be why they apparently have done nothing yet? or have they?

County Detectives never explained why they wouldn’t get involved. but they never doubted I was experiencing the intrusion. None of the clues were ever challenged. Just ignored. Why? And it seems someone at the County has been watching the web site closely. Not everything is on the site. it would be stupid to put all the information here, because they would then know what they needed to cover up.

Local Police have never explained why they have failed to respond to anything since August 2007. But for some reason they are frequent visitors to the web site to see what is going on. Why?

The Department of Homeland Security checks the site on occasion. I do not know why.

My ex-wife checks everyday from her office. She reads at least 2 pages everyday. Why?

So in the shell game of surveillance, I can never really know for sure if it is my ex-wife, the private investigator, the local police, the county detectives, the FBI, or Homeland Security watching my computers and phones and intruding into my life. I try to survive the onslaught, but have to wonder what on earth do they think I am doing that would warrant such attention. And WHY WOULD ALL OF THESE JUDGES ACT IN VIOLATION OF STATE AND FEDERAL LAW AND PROCEDURE AGAINST ME?

It makes no sense. Victimize the victim. You have to wonder how anyone could survive the constant terror they have inflicted and continue to inflict. I have aloud why I have survived…. this is not the first time they have done this to someone. It’s far to organized for that. The tactics are solid. Why destroy people? To protect one attorney who told her client to commit a crime? Or perhaps to protect all of the people in authority that the attorney tricked into liability and then further blackmailed to prevent her prosecution.

It’s not about divorce. It’s about covering up a crime.


Spent the day in Philadelphia… Filing documents and updates at government offices.

Praying they get/stay involved and end the nightmare of the last five years.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead


“Why would they listen to me if they won’t listen to you.?”

“On Friday, my mother called. They [FBI] said they do not get involved in computer, phone or civil rights issues. [Another friend] went in person. They told him they DO get involved in computer, phone and civil rights issues. BUT they told him I never made any reports ever. They told him they would leave his name out of everything as a courtesy. They would listen to you because everyone can’t be called crazy.”

“I need to think about it.”

“Why would they cover anything up? It makes no sense. There is no motivation to do so.”

“[I believe] Retired FBI Agents (aka Foresight Investigations) have somehow prevented FBI from ever investigating. I was there in Fort Washington one time. And Philly twice. How can there be no record of the complaint? Now a matter for their internal affairs.”

“I will think it over and let you know”

“I understand. I know it is a huge leap of faith. Trust me. Believe in me. Follow your heart.”

“I believe that you believe. What makes no sense is why ALL these people (courts, cops, FBI) would put their careers in jeopardy to hurt you? You have no power to do anything to anyone so what could be their motivation to risk their own livlihood to take you out?”

“[I believe] The PI is former FBI trying to avoid prosecution… suggestion is that they have impersonated FBI and used FBI tools and tactics… which I was able to discover.
Why is FBI saying i was never there?
Why is FBI telling my mother the opposite story from [that friend]?
Why has nothing been done in four years?
What is my motivation? Survival. They are covering up everything.
Why have they been so unfair and unjust? Spite isn’t justice.”

” You don’t have to tell me what you do. Law Enforcement Overview is on the web. Others have gotten through to FBI. Anything you do will definitely add support to the story. Your motivation to help is pure. Think on it and act as you believe. I trust you. I would never demand action from you.
I would beg though. please please please. I do trust you.”

“They fear exposure of what they have all done together to cover for Valerie Angst and the PI. It would end their careers.”

“So why would they do it in the first place? They aren’t that stupid.”

TXT’D TO ANOTHER FRIEND [“Bluetooth was enabled on my phone duiring the last 5 minutes. While texting a friend about help.”]

“Her lawyer IS that stupid. It is her first divorce. Her lawyer told her to install the software… not realizing I knew enough to detect/reveal it. I have absolute proof it was installed. Everything since has been to harass emotionally, financially, professionally, etc. Their motive all along has been to cover up that act… It affected Rita [Coolidge], Justin [Guarini], and 100’s of other customers at the hosting company [NOTRIO]. I have over 200 trouble tickets which relate to the intrusion. I’ve got evidence by the boxload.”

“And you’ve shown all that evidence to the FBI & they still refuse to investigate?”

“I don’t want to envelope you into it, but if you like I will show you any proof you want to see. Challenge anything, but give me the opportunity to show you. I have not jumped to any conclusion. And I could never have made it up.”

“Have you shown them the evidence of the hacking?”
“So you took them the evidence and they wouldnt even look at it?”

“FBI has taken complaints and NEVER investigated or looked at anything. Isn’t that a bit strange?? The PI likely worked at Fort Washington and they are covering it up from there. I’ll show you anything you want to see. Computers, screenshots, phone bills, psych paperwork saying Sonya did it.”

“They never come to see anything. County Detectives saw my suitcase full of hard disks and paperwork… then stopped everything because of the robbery… which reveals they knew of the secret order… AND stopped investigating everything.”

“They only kept the pic of the former cop robbing the house, Started there and then ended ANY investigation of everything. BECAUSE THEY THEN LEARNED OF THE SECRET ORDER… They never explained to me. the coverup continued. I can show you the emails of them stopping.”

“I can back up every statement with documentation. Its why they can;t bring me in or shut down the site. It would only serve to prove my case. Everything came to an abrupt end when I got alot of the proof into that counterpetition.”

“What did Peter say about the secret order?”

“I could see he was interested in it. He read that part carefully. He was also smart enough to recognize no lawyer can fight against this and have a career. A truth I accept. He helped with other advice… in a very general way. He read the case backwards though and indicated they did this because I was a dick (me paraphrasing) but i didn’t accuse anyone until the end after they ruled in violation of law and civil procedure.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“How fast do you think I can type? LOL”

“He did not address any one issue directly. General advice only. What I had expected. He wasn’t going to indicate something to do when he wouldn’t do it himself. A career move. They [Lawyers] all talk and know each other. They fear the wrath of Judge Daniele.”

A while later…
“BTW in the middle of the exchange BLUETOOTH became enabled on my phone. Not by any type by me. Bluetooth technology is behind much of the intrusion and surveillance. Not doing anything illegal so their attempts to set me up failed… and if they tried under false pretense, my defense would include my evidence. SO… they resort to violating my rights via procedural ‘errors’.
You pulled me out of the depths and probably thoguht you were being tough on me. Believe in me,. I won’t disappoint you or embarass you. I am the good guy.”

[This post includes statements regarding people and companies that I believe are involved after reasonable research. They have yet to be charged or prosecuted. As such, the statements represent my belief of their involvement in the actions against me.]


[A friend] went to Ft Washington FBI today. They told him I was never there. I had never filed any complaint.

They told him they would investigate if I had done so. Not only for the computer and phone issues, but for the civil rights issues.

How come they don’t know I was in Philly at the FBI? In December 2007? in March 2011?

How come there’s no record of my January 2008 being thrown out of that office?

No record of Rose, the “is-she-or-isn’t-she” agent?

How come they dont know about the December 2007 complaint in Philadelphia?

No record of any of the multiple phone calls reporting this issue almost weekly from July through the end of 2007?

Who is covering this up?


No one helps…. I have no choice. perseverance is key.

I discovered the software intrusion in February 2007.
I contacted McAfee. The program was not removed/prevented from reinstall.

I continued to contact McAfee regularly for months as the data streaming from the computer caused me to close all web storefronts.

In May 2007, when I discovered Sonya had been working with Angst & Angst on her divorce since January, it took about a week to realize the problem was not a virus. It was surveillance/spyware/remote control software.

As I had been wrestling with it as a virus, it did not take long to recognize the experience had all the characteristics of WebWatcher from Awareness Technologies.

I notified their Fraud Department. The Fraud Department denied their program was responsible.

I investigated further, and in July 2007, confirmed the WebWatcher installation.

I notified police, who indicated they could do nothing.
I notified Microsoft, who indicated I should contact the FBI.
I notified the FBI, who did not wish to get involved in my divorce. This left me to continue to investigate alone.

Local Police drop by to investigate, hear what I have discovered in the 2 weeks since they had been contacted; and have me involuntarily committed (for a ridiculous reason – and in violation of proper procedure). Police show my brother a picture of my computer screen that someone gave them. Police have refused to provide copies of that “screenshot”.

Local Police could have ended the nightmare in August 2007. They didn’t. The terror continued.

August 2007, Judge Rhonda Daniele issues an order which is kept secret from me. The order is not distributed to me, or my lawyer. The order is never docketed. There is no way to even know the order exists. The order slanders me in the eyes of any court official that would see it because it ordered supervised visitation. PA law grants that to the most heinous and violent sexual predators. It was a gross injustice, and it was unknown to me until August 2010, three years later.

Custody proceedings are delayed and continued for the next 2 years. A likely reason for the bad treatment I receive from the court is that they have seen the secret order, and they believe they are protecting the child from me, or they are protecting Judge Rhonda Daniele from being exposed for issuing the secret order.

November 2007, I am contacted by someone representing themselves as FBI. They pretend to investigate however I never meet them, and they never look at any evidence. Her name was Rose. After multiple phone calls, I contact the FBI directly when I didnt;t have her phone number handy only to discover that there is no one named Rose working on my case. There is no Rose.

December 2007, the cell phone intrusion is documented and proven. My mother, brother and I go to the FBI in Philadelphia to make a report. Nothing happens.

December 2007, I obtain a Protection From Abuse Order regarding the computer and phone intrusion. Fully documented indicating the specific programs responsible. Judge Tilson cancels the order indicating Pennsylvania Law is not prepared for Orwell’s “1984”.

January 2008, after FBI indicating they would not get involved in divorce, the complaint agent indicates if there is a fake FBI agent, they want the info and will get involved. I gather the phone messages, phone bills, etc and take the to the Fort Washington FBI office. The agent (Ken) goes apeshit on me and throws me out of their office. No explanation.

Afraid after Ken’s threats, I don’t contact FBI again until 2011.

The computer intrusions continue. The software affects new hard disks and new computers and any computer which comes in to the house.

The phone intrusions continue. The phones have been hacked remotely and replaced outright. The remote hacks affect the phone settings. When the protective plastic cover reappeared on my 2 month old phone in December 2009, it was apparent it had been cloned/replaced.

February 2008, pretend investigation by Lt Peffall of Montgomery County Detectives. Entirely handled by email, I never speak to or meet Lt Peffall.

March 2008, Detective D’Angelo of Montgomery County Detectives sets a meeting to discuss becoming involved in the computer/phone intrusions.

The weekend before that meeting, Sonya burglarizes the house in violation of the Court Order of September 6, 2007. Police allow her to do it as she shows them the ‘secret order’ issued by Judge Daniele which also granted her exclusive use of the house. Police laugh as I show them the Order granting me the exclusive use of the house indicating the “one she showed was one page cleanly typed” from her lawyer. The secret order is one page cleanly typed and authored by Angst & Angst.

Detective D’Angelo is distracted by the burglary, and decides to begin his investigation by looking at why a former township police officer (who is now constable) was participating in the burglary. Detective D’Angelo indicates that there is a court order indicating she could enter the house. I send him all Court Orders on the issue. He doesn’t tell me about the secret order which is not part of my documents.

Judge DelRicci rewards Sonya for burglarizing the house. Judge DelRicci continues any custody proceedings for the next full year. All the while I am prevented any contact with my son without any explanation.

December 2008, I begin filing to have the existing Custody Orders enforced. The hearings are delayed and continued.

March 2009, custody proceedings show the contempt and non-compliance with the orders, however no visitations is ever scheduled or granted. I don’t even know that supervised visitation was ordered in August 2007 and never scheduled. How can I defend against what is hidden from me?

Judge DelRicci doesn’t schedule any proceeding until June 2009. Brennan will turn 18 in August 2009. Just as I begin to finalize a Request for Judge DelRicci to recuse, which listed out everything he had done to hinder any relationship with my son, my printer stops working, computer won’t save the 25+ page document…. and I get a letter in the mail from judge DelRicci that he intends to recuse himself. BUT I DIDN’T EVEN ASK HIM YET?

August 2009,Judge Bertin holds a short ‘pretend’ hearing days before Brennan’s 18th birthday. He dismisses my petition for custody. There were no witnesses heard from.

Judge Bertin continues hearings and Orders the separation of a Counterpetition which represented the first time I was able to get the issues filed. The constant frivolous legal actions and delays have been overwhelming. The first time I was able to enter a Counterpetition the Judge orders it split from the response. Judge Bertin does not order me from the house. When the Counterpetition is heard as a standalone petition, it is not cognizable. I am ordered to pay fees. When Angst & Angst bill me for fees, they include their time communicating with Judge Bertin a direct ethics violation. And it explains why they knew not to show up at the hearing in November 2009.

Judge Bertin orders Equitable Distribution to begin. December 2009.

Angst & Angst filibuster through the ED conferences in March, July, August and September 2010.

At the same time, I file for enforcement of my Dental Benefits ordered in December 2007.

I discovered the secret order in August 2010 during a visit to the Prothonotary. It immediately explains the poor treatment I received from the custody people. And the document could explain why no judge has enforced Sonya to comply with any order at any time. Extortion? Could they have used the exposure of my civil rights being violated to coerce judgements in their favor? There is proof they had a copy from back when they burglarized the house. The only logical explanation for every order being overly enforced on me and Sonya being granted complete impunity is the SECRET ORDER.

Judge Bertin recuses, All Outstanding petitions are rescheduled for Judge Barrett.

Judge Barrett treats me with such tremendous disrespect, I request his recusal. Judge Barrett recuses.

Judge Carluccio receives an ex parte letter from Angst & Angst. When exposed, I request a copy. DENIED.

All petitions scheduled for January 2011. At the Short List, Judge Carluccio schedules all proceedings for June 2011.

Then in February 2011, Angst & Angst file a petition to evict me from the house. They do not file electronically. they file in person resulting in a 1 week delay in scheduling and scanning, but not docketing. I get 4 days notice of the EMERGENCY PETITION. Judge Carluccio grants the Emergency.

I respond with a Counterpetition. This is the first chance for any counterpetition since Summer 2009. My counterpetition covers the civil rights violations, the corruption, the conspiracy, the frivolous petitions, the harassing experience. 26 pages to document, with 100 pages as exhibits.

The hearing is an event where Judge Carluccio lies about reading the response/Counterpetition, attempts to intimidate me with incorrect information, repeatedly fails to address any item in the response/counter. She takes the issue under advisement after preventing the introduction of any evidence or exhibits.

Judge Carluccio scheduled Equitable Distribution hearing for March 29, 2011. The cart before the horse, she has neglected to address the financial and health issues in the long list of outstanding petitions. Also, she has modified the Docket through unpublished praecipes and secretly rescheduled the hearings for March 29, 2011. At the outset, i clarify that the purpose of the hearing is Equitable Distribution. Judge Carluccio confirms. She also indicates we are only here for the ED issues and the other hearings will be held in due course. This is repeated whenever an issue relating to the outstanding petitions is raised during the day long hearing. Judge Carluccio reschedules all of the Petitions for May 5, 2011.

Weeks later, Judge Carluccio cancels the hearings and indicates she has reviewed the docket which indicates the hearings occurred. She neglect to realize the file room indicates she hasn;t even got the paperwork for her to have an thorough review of the docket.

Judge Carluccio lies.

I request she reconsider, she refuses. It is pointed out she is violating PA Law and the US Constitution.

She refuses to reconsider.

She issues an Equitable Distribution Order granting EVERYTHING to my ex-wife. With everything to be paid by me until the house is sold. Judge Carluccio has prevented the truth from being heard in the court… and has continued the terror I have experienced for the last 5 years.

May 2011, Four Years since the first intrusion…
– The Computer Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware companies still will not protect and prevent from the software intrusions. Now it operates as a Bootkit from the BIOS.
– Verizon and the other cell phone providers still do nothing to prevent the hacking and control of the cellphone.

Police have done nothing to help. Even as recently as February when I reported the Civil Rights violation. The officer indicated he would not be able to get his job done if he went after a judge.

FBI has been quiet. I don’t know if they are doing anything. Since Rose/2007, no one has identified themselves as FBI.

This prevents any effective communications as you do not have the ability know if your call is being redirected, or your email filtered, or your browsing being filtered to prevent any discovery or intervention.

My terror continues. They will continue to destroy me, because otherwise the truth of their crimes will be exposed.
Their prosecution or my death are the only possible exits.
I have asked my friends to contact anyone they can to help.
I beg. I pray. I have no choice.
I can explain my actions. And I do.
Please Help!


All day running back and forth to the house for fear it would begin flooding because of the electric being turned off.

I contact PECO and find she gave me bad information about the bill payment. They indicate that the payments were not made today as Sonya had indicated. They are able to confirm that the service is secheduled to be restored, but unable to confirm if it will make the top of their technician’s list by 8PM tonight. The end of the shift.

While at the house, I receive another package from Angst & Angst. A filing with the Court for a hearing on the property issues which were were ordered to handle. There was no contact from Sonya or her lawyers regarding property. As usual, they go to the court first and then pretend they had to do so. This has been their standard course of action since November 2007. There is never any attempt to resolve any issue prior to involving the court.

And as the court has NEVER held Sonya accountable for any actions, granted her complete impunity regarding EVERYTHING, and the court has unconstitutionally cancelled all of the enforcement hearings I had filed since August 2010. What is the point?

So I receive a text message from her as follows:
“Do you want to try just the 2 of us to agree on the items in the house? ”

THIS COMES AFTER SHE HAS ALREADY INVOLVED HER ATTORNEY, AND THE COURT. But perhaps she doesn;t realize I picked up the mail today. Her lawyer had already mailed the latest action.

The madness that she creates defies any logic or reason. For 5 years she has filed multiple actions regarding property even though it had been ordered in September 2007. She burglarized the house in violation of court orders. She has failed to anknowledge any of the items she has removed from the house. She cannot recall anything removed from the house at any time. She has misrepresented the items in the house at every turn referring to an extensive spreadsheet.

What could possibly come from meeting with her? And why does it get proposed AFTER she has filed with the court? Because once again, they are setting it up for me to appear unreasonable. She and her lawyer misrepresent everything.

I replied:
“How could I trust you to try anything when you have already gone and filed with the court. The Order indicated one thing, you jumped the gun. As such, how could anyone trust you?”

“Stop the lies. I have begun to prep the house for sale, while dealing with your lawyers letter misphrasing the Court Orders to create more confusion. What is wrong with you? When will you ever let anything get resolved?”

I am so tired of this madness… but they never stop. Computer was hacked as I rec’d the Order last week. It had to be rebuilt. I’ve been forced out of the house with no electric, sleeping on a couch, worrying about everything being destroyed in the basement. Her stuff being in the garage for the last 2 years from when she failed to follow Judge Bertin’s Order. Her items are not at risk of being destroyed. It is only the house foundation, the heater, the air conditioner, the electric junction box, the walls and furniture … and the children’s items which she also litigated, received an Order and then failed to act upon.

Of course she failed to act, she planned to reoccupy the house through any of her fraudulent petitions. When I pointed out the extensive violations of civil rights, the conspiracy and the corruption, that failed on them again. So, the judge gave her everything in a rushed Divorce Decree and Order for Equitable Distribution. It gives her EVERYTHING. Equitable? Not by a longshot.


WPVI Channel 6’s Matt O’Donnell reported this morning on cell phone spyware. The story included the things I had provided them in a document in January 2008. Do they remember that? The clues to determining the spyware may be present were right from my list. AND THERE’S NO WAY TO PREVENT IT. STILL???

And I guess we just accept that VERIZON and the other phone providers have done nothing in 3 years to protect their consumers from these types of hacks.

While companies like Awareness Technologies continue to advertise how they can spy on and remote control all of the new devices from computers to phones to hand helds. They can give you the tools to violate anyones privacy without any fear of how their programs are misused by the general public. How about when a private investigator uses it against you to set you up, and destroy your life.

AND NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING TO STOP IT. And everyone accepts it. Even the news doesn’t question why nothing has been done about the problem.

Look at the damage that a tech intrusion can do to a person, family society… read thru my site.
Then look at the Spoofcard which lets you change your caller id and voice when you call or text someone. It costs pennies per call. And can be used to harass.

Or make someone believe they are getting mean spirited text messages from their father. When they aren’t. And when the father posts his real text nmessages on a web site… the lawyers file to shut the site down… It doesn’t matter that they are violating the First Amendment. They will try to have the court make a mistake. Like issuing an Order which violates your First Amendment Rights. Then they will try to enforce the Court’s Unconstitutional Order. And attack and attack and attack…


While dealing with the Judge’s Order from last week. A new hurdle – even higher to scale. The complete cancellation of all hearings. And Judge Carluccio neglecting to deal with any of the issues from the cancelled hearings (though her order indicated she would deal with them in her final order).

The computer was attacked and crashed and has not worked since last Thursday (when I received the Order). I get a laptop from a friend, finish rebuilding my computer so I will be able to work again.
Just as I prepare to face the paperwork for an appeal. The electric is shut off.

I gather my emotions, some clothes, toothbrush, etc and leave for my mother’s. It never ends. They steal my time in every way possible.

I notify my ex-wife by text message that the power is off at the house.
11:55AM “Electricity has been shut off at the house. When will you be satisfied with the destruction you have caused?”


AT 7:21PM, ex-wife calls my cell phone. I do not answer. We have not spoken in 3 years. What’s the point?

I reply by txt message. My responses are italicized.
8:05PM “I really do not wish to speak with you ever again. You have destroyed everything and everyone… and why? for what? did you win? and if you think so look at the cost.”

8:07PM “Peco will not accept payment until tmrow. I do not know when they will turn the service back on. Can you get a generator in to run the wimp pump until electric is back on.”

8:12PM “PECO takes up to 72 hours after payment to turn electric back on. I have no generator. I have no money for a generator. You may tell PECO the breaker has been put in the off position as that is required for service to be resumed.”

8:16PM “Do u think the basement will flood in the next 2 days? I could call an emergency service to come in with a generator tonight. Would you let them in?

8:22PM “I don’t control the weather… and I am not at the house… THERE IS NO ELECTRICITY. The house has been secured. I don’t have a way there until tomorrow. Its been a long emotional day for everyone. Why would you wait until 8 oclock to think about solutions.”

8:25PM “I will come get the key from you. I called PECO at 5:15 when out of a meeting and have been talking to people on what can be done. We can call EDS it Servepro”

8:26PM “No.”

8:37PM “There are noise ordinances. [the neighbors] will shut down any generator. Tell PECO to turn it on. The house circuit breaker is prepped. Off position. I was just there at 7 and there was no water rising.”

8:55PM “Peco won’t turn on tonight.. What time and when will u be back at the house? Can I have the company with generator mewet you then especially if Peco will not turn on for 72 hours?”

8:57PM “Or what if you put in a battery operated sump pump in. I will buy it.”

9:00PM “PECO has been able to respond same day before. Only at Thanksgiving did they take 4 days. Stop alarming everyone [she was calling other family members to stir the pot] . There is nothing which can be done tonight. I will txt you in the morning when I get over and let you know. FYI… your things have been in the garage since September 2009 Court Order.” [In Sept 2009, after a several day court battle where Judge Bertin Ordered a day for her to come retrieve items from the house. She refused to show up, cancelling at the last minute.]

9:00PM “I could buy at Home Depot now…”

9:05PM “No… you cannot run a generator tonight anyway. I will let you know in the morning. Now stop the texting. You were supposed to be paying that bill for years. Why are you only worried now? [{Enforcement of the Court Order for her to pay this bill was one of the cancelled petitions.]

9:05PM “Even you said they take 72 hours to turn back on. I think we shoudl take care of tonight but it is in your ccontrol. Let me know what you want done. I will call and beg Peco tomorrow morning.”

9:08PM PECO does not respond to begging. They do their job. They do not care about circumstances. This has happened numerous times. Call them first thing. That may be 7. Tell them the breaker is set. THAT IS IMPORTANT TO THEM. I will advise you when service is returned. good night.”

9:11PM “Battery operated pump is not an option… how would you install it… IN THE DARK? THERE’S NO POWER TO LIGHT THE BASEMENT TO INSTALL IT. Relax. It is out of anyones control.” Good night.”

THEN AT 9:05 AM the next morning… she txt’s
“Peco bill is paid. Service is to be restored in 24 to 72 hours. That is the best they could do. Please get a generator there or battery sump pump if not restored by the end of today or earlier if there are water problems.”

SUDDENLY ALL OF HER SOLUTIONS BECOME MY ACTIVITIES. They are trying to keep me from getting the Appeal filed in a timely manner. Occupying as much of my time as possible. There are so many solid reasons for appeal, there only hope is that I don’t get it filed. They killed the computer, Stole days of my time trying to recover it, and the documents and evidence of surveillance/remote control on it. Just as the pc was booting, the power was cut and I lost the day.

Now she tries to steal another day running in circles to resolve a problem SHE created because she didn’t follow a Court Order. Whenever she doesn;t follow a Court Order there are no repercussions. No accountability. No penalties. She has impunity. I don’t. And they will get court time based on anything… but their last court appearance had that counterpetition which has been ignored. BECAUSE IT CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED THE COURT’S CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AND THE CORRUPTION AND CONSPIRACY OF THE LAST 4 YEARS. They do not want that hearing to ever happen. They don;t want me to take the stand again. It would allow me to get the evidence into consideration. Cancelling all hearings prevents that.

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