Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio has swept the following outstanding petitions under the rug in one Order dated April 14, 2011.

At a hearing in Equitable Distribution, I continually pointed out that there are financial considerations in outstanding petitions which needed to be resolved before proceeding to ED. The Judge assured me those hearings would happen and rescheduled some of them from June 2011 to May 5, 2011. When any of the topics included in the outstanding petitions were raised, I called it to the court’s attention and was assured that the matter woul dbe heard prior to ruling.

I made it clear that the Outstanding petitions affected Equitable Distribution and financials. Each time assured that the Judge would hear the petitions. AND NOW SHE HAS ATTEMPTED TO HIDE THE MATTER COMPLETELY.

Judge Carluccio has also completely and blatantly denied due process in the matters which date back to July 2007. There has never been a hearing on the issues involved. Though it was called to the courts attention on March 29, that the paperwork provided for me to sign in indicated the wrong matter for the hearing that day. I also indicated that the court schedule indicated the wrong matters for the hearing that day. The judge issue an order for an Equitable distribution hearing. So 3 different ‘documents’ indicating the purpose for the hearing that day. The judge was clear it was just on ED.

Judge Carluccio has also completely violated Pennsylvania Law which states:
No judgment may be entered by default or on the pleadings.

The issues being hidden by this order have finally been documented. Each time any issue has been documented,they have found ways to delay opr prevent any hearing. Recall the Custody Hearing was delayed until days before my son’s 18th birthday. The hearing was limited to a few hours.

What they are hiding:
1. Ethics Issues with each of the Judges and Masters
Judge DelRicci
Judge Bertin
Judge Tilson
Judge Barrett
Judge Carluccio
Sara Goren
2. Ethics Issues with Angst & Angst
3. Perjury
4. Unsworn Falsification to Authorities
5. False Reports to law enforcement authorities
– Falsely incriminating another
– Fictitious Reports
6. Falsification and Intimidation
7. False Swearing
8. False Alarms to agencies of Public Safety
9. Tampering with public records or information

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