When you consider that Awareness Technologies has refused to remove their illegally installed program from my computers and has knowledge of how their products have been used in regard to false allegations against me… I consider it a threat that I receive regular emails from Awareness Technologies announcing how their products can be used to invade and target various new technologies.

Their program is NOT for surveillance.
It is remote control software.
It can be installed invisibly and illegally. If targeted, you do NOT necessarily have to do anything to cause it to be installed.
There is no available method for removal of their program.
Since their program was repackaged in 2007, it is no longer considered a virus/spyware program and is not detected or removed by anti-spyware/anti-virus programs.
Prior to 2007, WebWatcher was considered malware under another name.
When you do detect it, the false reports to authorities begin in an effort to cover up the illegal use of their product.
In the hands of a private investigator, with law enforcement/FBI connections on their resume, the program can be used to destroy anyone.

America. You do not need stealth remote control access, web blocking technology and realtime access to monitor your children. Teach your children responsibility. If you trust your children, your children will trust you. Why wouldnt you tell them you are watching, instead of sneaking around trying to catch them doing something.

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