After surviving over 5 years of harassment and terror… and I have one thing yet to learn. Where to find help. I do know the only available exit is my death or their prosecution.

Hate crimes happen and no one cares until someone is dead. They fake caring for a few days, and await the next death. I can only pray I am next, and it is swift. Murder is too qiuck, They wouldn’t enjoy it. Slow terror and torment via injustice.

Because no one cares about my little disappointments.

But when I am gone, my children get the burden, and the attackers will turn towards them. Because they might have an interest someday, and a case for what they know happened to their father, at the hands of their mother, the lawyers, the police, the judges, the detectives, the security companies… All those people who are suppose to make you feel safe, they destroyed the man.

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