2007-12477-999 ORDER UNDOCKETED

Judge Carolyn Carluccio issues an order which fails to address ANY issue brought before her court in the ‘hearing’ where I was prevented from presenting any exhibits, evidence or witnesses.

What Judge Carluccio is doing is trying to erase the fact the I was able to subimt a counter petition which included ten counts of criminal actions and harassment.

She attempts to respond to a rushed hearing for which I was very prepared by ordering another rushed hearing.

In January, she continued all outstanding petitions until June 2011, the soonest date she had available. There is between 9-12 petitions for those dates. The last one added was regarding Equitable Distribution and NOW SHE IS ORDERING TO RUSH THAT ONE THROUGH. The conspiracy is unraveling on them.

I mentioned in January I thought we might need more than 1 day, and the judge provided an extra 1/2day. After presenting the 129 page response to their ‘rush’ emergency petition which was the cause of the March 9 ‘hearing’, I suggested that the Judge may wish to schedule about 6 weeks for Equitable Distribution. She loudly refused to accept that there could be that many issues.

She doesn’t realize that Angst & Angst monopolized all of the time before the Master. On all 4 hearing dates. When i was permitted to present my exhibits, the master realized that 15 minutes into my presentation, the case would have to go to a judge because I was clearly demonstrating the fraud that had been presented by Angst & Angst at the prior hearings.

When everything they present is a lie or falsified, I have had to prove their crime AND come up with the correct documents to prove the fraud. It would seem once again my this order Judge carluccio is attempting to prevent the truth from being presented. And perhaps as President of the Local Bar Association, she is preventing all lawyers in the county from being embarassed at what I can prove Angst & Angst have done.

BTW, In 4 years of making phone calls to the Bar Association requesting they suggest a lawyer, I have never received a sinlge call back. because no lawyer will take a case where they will be force to expose the corruption of the judges, and the crimes of another lawyer (or two).

presenting the fraud immediately ended the hearingo now we are going to rush top Equitable distribution.

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