1. Judge Rhonda Daniele issued an order on August 22, 2007 which removed my children from my life. There was no hearing. The order was never distributed. The order was never docketed.

A clear civil rights violation.

The “secret’ order affected every proceeding in the case.

Sonya Healy used the ‘secret” order to frequently mislead law enforcement including when she burglarized my home.

Angst & Angst used the order and frequent ex parte communication to extort rulings in their favor from the masters and judges assigned to the case.

2. Montgomery Township Police have been protecting the identity of the person, or persons, responsible for illegal surveillance software on my computers and phones since August 2007.

Police were manipulated into improperly having me involuntarily committed without cause or reason, and without following proper procedure or law.

Police have refused to act in regard to any complaint since August 2007.

3. The constant terror and harassment of the situation occurring since January 2007 has no resolution.

Judges are acting to conceal the actions of Judge Daniele and the subsequent judges on the case.

Police refuse to act on any crime committed against me.

Computers and phones remain hacked and as such undermine effective communications to any law enforcement group which might be able to help.

On February 10, 2011, I went to Montgomery Township Police to file a civil rights complaint against Judge Rhonda Daniele. Officer Benner verified the information I presented and explained that he could not file a complaint against a judge as it would affect his ability to do his work. He offered to take a report instead.

I understood the officer’s position. It was the same position that lawyers have been considering when they refused to accept the case.

There is no resolution to this case until the ones who have terrorized and harassed me are prosecuted. There is no walking away. They will continue to hack my computers and phones. They will continue to prevent me from finding employment. I have been destroyed professionally, financially, personally and emotionally. There is no hope for any future until they are prosecuted and prevented from further actions. I live each day in fear of their next attack.

My children remain prevented from any relationship with me as they are forced to maintain the secrets of everyone involved.

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