I discovered a Court Order I had never seen before… and everything became very clear.

This order was never docketed, so there was no way to know it even existed unless you went to the courthouse. Even then, you could not find the order unless you requested to review the actual paper file for the case. I had done so about 6-8 times over the course of the last few years and never found this order.

BUT, on August 12, 2010, when I asked for the file I was told it was out. I was then offered the ‘accordion file’. This is something I had never been offered before. I had been told the file had been unavailable numerous times in the past as it was checked out by the judges in the days before any proceeding. But, I had never been offered another file in it’s place.

The ‘accordion file’ was different. Neatly organized. Papers stacked cleanly in the file. And there it was. Right on top.

There it was… the very first EMERGENCY. Emergency was granted to them by Judge Rhonda Danielle and never docketed. Another undocketed Ex Parte Order without any benefit of a hearing issued by Judge Rhonda Danielle summarily dismissed my parental rights, and granted me only supervised visitation. Six sentences drafted by Valerie Angst, lightly edited and signed by Judge Rhonda Danielle. THIS ORDER HAS UNDERMINED EVERYTHING FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS. And they were hiding it in another file. I had realized that there were ex parte communications surrounding every proceeding, but had no idea there was an ex parte order for them to ex parte talk about.

The Prothonotary staff immediately docketed the paperwork (# 215, #216). Three years late.

I began to unravel their SECRET Order issued by the Judge at the head of the family court. All the Judges and Masters reported up through Judge Rhonda Danielle, and reversing another Judge, let alone your boss, was no easy task. The order had affected not only every proceeding, but every aspect of the case, every police report, ever custody conference and hearing, everything was done to keep it a secret. And now I was looking at it. One page, with one signature… and so much conspiracy to cover it up.

WHY? What misinformation warranted these years of terror and allowed them to destroy my family and deny all my civil rights.

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