I spoke with 3 people today at the Attorney General’s office. The call seemed to be escalated to other personnel mid-sentence.
I have asked my brother and a friend to contact the Atty Gen’l to offer to corroborate any information.

When the judge’s are conspiring against you to maintain the secret ex parte orders,
When the District Attorney has wasted alot of time investigating the false allegations made against you
When you have followed all of the courts rules
When you are not accused, charged or prosecuted for anything
When you have detected their surveillance and intrusions and manipulations and pointed them out.
When no lawyer who wants a career will expose the criminal conspiracy going on behind your back
When local police have already acted against you (manipulated by the secret documents and misinformation and investigations)?

Where do you turn?

I am one man. It has been going on since January 2007. I have been terrorized because of my wife’s divorce lawyer giving her criminal advice. But I have done nothing wrong. Not even approaching any of their tactics out of anger or trying to trick them into exposing themselves.

The case is in Montgomery County Court 2007-12477
Read my petitions… The truth that can’t be heard above the Ex Parte Communications

I have been up front with every allegation I have made. And dating back to the December 2007 document filed when requesting Protection from Abuse, EVERY STATEMENT IN THAT DOCUMENT STANDS FIRM.

I am one man without a college education… relying on the truth against impossible odds I have survived. The only exit is to prosecute them and the prosecutor is part of the conspiracy. Where do I turn?

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