Elsewhere in the blog, the letter (December 2008) from Judge Hodson in response to my letter pointing out the EXTREME failure of the conciliator’s conference report filed by Sara Goren which did not include ANYTHING presented by me.

In light of the discovery of the Court’s August 2007 Ex Parte Order and evidence of the conspiracy to conceal it, his response becomes arrogant, grossly naive and totally irresponsible.

“The Court does not exercise disciplinary measures against a Court official because one party disagrees with credibility determinations made by said Court official. The system would be chaos if I were to adopt that approach.”

Judge Hodson, what does the discovery of this improper order and the conspiracy indicate about the credibility of The Court?

Judge Hodson, when you summarily ignore a valid report of a serious allegation without any consideration, under what circumstance would YOU exercise disciplinary measures? How do you find out when those disciplinary measures would be required? My letter did not request the reconsideration of any issue with the case, it suggested disciplinary action for Sara Goren appeared to be appropriate as she was displaying an extreme bias.

Judge Hodson, you were presented with an opportunity to correct an extreme and very serious injustice within your court. Your intentional neglect and failure to take any action resulted in chaos within your court.

Your ‘approach’ allowed that chaos to continue unchecked and undermine the dignity of the judiciary, and affect additional judges on the Court.

Your ‘approach’ shows a careless and intentional disregard and neglect for ‘the system’ for which you have custody.

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