Everyday I am forced to relive the entire terror of the last 4 years. Since January 2007 when Sonya began planning her divorce to the present. How do you possibly document so many lies, cheats, manipulations, crimes, frauds, and methods of harassment. How do you do that when no one will listen? How do you do that when those responsible to uphold the law are the ones who refuse to investigate? who refuse to look at the evidence?

No one explains themselves, or their actions. They won’t. They can’t. As such, it makes the terror all the more overwhelming.

I can explain. I am forced to explain my every activity. Always to the same shocked reaction. The insanity of the corruption involved is evident. The complete impunity under which they terrorize me eats away at my soul. I persevere.

I have the evidence that no one will look at.

The court record shows their complete defiance of court orders and the courts willingess to accept their contemptuous disobedience. They are untouchable. While I am terrorized.

WHY? Because the court has alowed themselves to be manipulated into a position they cannot explain. I have requested numerous explanations. All those requests have been ignored. WHY?

I have evidence to back up every statement on this web site. The retelling of these events is overwhelming not only to the teller, but the listener. That is the purpose of the web site. Because otherwise a listener cannot believe the lengths that they have gone to destroy me. And the unending terror of trying to prepare for the next court appearance KNOWING THAT THEY WILL FURTHER THEIR CORRUPT ACTIONS is torture.

I can’t walk away. They won’t allow that option because their risk of being exposed will still exist. This is why there has been NO SETTLEMENT ON ANY ISSUE. Everything gets churned over and over and over and over…

Someone. Somewhere. Please help me, and my family, escape this terror.

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