Who prosecutes the prosecutor? Since the District Attorney’s office is directly involved in the cover-up, who do I turn to?

Even with documenting and filing proof of their crime and conspiracy, I can’t get releif until they are prosecuted.

I am extremely disappointed in the judiciary, and their process, and their complete failure to take responsibility for their actions. I find their arrogance absolutely unfathomable.

EVEN AFTER I EXPOSE THEIR SECRET ORDER AND CONSPIRACY, Judge Emanuel Bertin and Judge Patricia Coonahan review petitions to simply have my insurance cards provided so that I can find some releif from the tooth pain and inability to eat/drink. Something which would cost the Plaintiff less than $1. After months of direct requests for the cards, not only do the simple petitions not get emergency attention, hearings are scheduled out over a month away. Meanwhile I continue to suffer needlessly.

The Temporary Emergency Ex Parte Order (June 2008) issued IMMEDIATELY by Judge Arthur Tilson which violated my civil rights and my parental rights. THAT was an emergency, but probably only because their secret Order slandered me as a father.

Judge Coonahan heard a similar insurance situation in Rex v Kulesa (#2007-00380). In this instance, Rex filed her petition when Kulesa had left for a vacation. Kulesa was not contacted regarding the Emergency Hearing. Kulesa was not contacted for the Second Emergency Hearing, scheduled when he failed to appear at the first.

This is a tactic used by lawyers when facing a Pro Se Opponent. When a lawyer takes vacation, the court is notified and sees to it that nothing is scheduled during the vacation. The same courtesy is NOT offered or provided to Pro Se parties.

The Rex petition alleging a lapse in receipt of medical services was bogus and fabricated and not caused by any action of Kulesa. This was eventually demonstrated in court. Also, there was no court order indicating that Kulesa had to provide the benefit. But, even without an order, Judge Coonahan issued her Ex Parte Order for Kulesa to provide the benefit or pay for medical costs. Coonahan later ordered Kulesa to pay the legal fees for Rex’s attorney.

Tactic? Easy Money for the lawyer?
(1) It doesn’t ever have to be paid by their client, just billed for the record.
(2) Win or Lose, the lawyer may only get the fees related to the non-appearance dates.
(3) Liklihood of Pro Se party to appeal is slim, because it will only risk more financially.
(4) A Pro Se appeal would also serve to annoy the judge who continues to hear the case.
(5) The Judge whose ruling is being appealed can issue a procedural Order which if not followed in detail can result in the Appeal being dismissed for those procedural issues. The ‘issue, content and validity’ of the appeal are summarily ignored.

I’ve been trying to get my insurance cards from the Plaintiff. She has lied about their delivery. I have filed several petitions on the matter.

After not receiving the cards EVER, at a support conference when Valerie Angst testified (June 3, 2010) that the insurance was being provided, I requested the insurance identification cards.

At the follow up to that meeting with Mindy Harris (July 14, 2010), I again reminded Valerie Angst that I had not received the insurance identification cards.

At a hearing in Equitable Distribution (August 3, 2010), I again requested the cards from the Plaintiff and Valerie Angst. They firmly indicated that they would not provide them.

THEIR EXCUSE: They had provided the cards to my brother, Brian, to whom I have not spoken or had any contact in years. It has been suggested that they will not mail the insurance cards, because it might add an additional charge of mail fraud to the list.

The first petition (August10, 2010) was as part of an Exceptions Response for APL. Now finally proceeding through the court, it was filed in July 2007.

The second petition (August 12, 2010) was to narrow the scope of the petition to the single issue to permit quick resolution.

The third petition (August 24, 2010) was to point out the intentional non-compliance with the court order which orders the Plaintiff to provide the insurance and the difficulty in getting the document.

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