I again spoke with Bonnie O’Kane, 1st Deputy at the Prothonotary, and she confirmed the correction has not yet been made.

She adamantly offered no excuse, explanation or expectation of when the docket will list the item correctly and then hung up on me.

When I indicated that I noticed she recognized me as she was sneaking out of the office and failed to stop to offer any explanation to me yesterday, she said she did not sneak out.

I pointed out that any responsible person would have immediately walked over and apologized for the delay and indicated when the correction would be made. BUT, she didn’t. Anyone else I told of her actions agreed they were indicative that she was NOT taking any responsiblityirresponsible.

This seems to indicate the involvement of the Prothonotary in the conspiracy. I wonder if they fired the clerk who provided the file to me? I have not seen him at the Prothonotary since that date.

[ I have read other cases where the Judge’s excuse for not reading documents was that they were not docketed correctly. They used this in the Appeal process as an excuse… while they proceeded to destroy and discredit the appeal based on the improper filing. THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE. ]

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