DA forces Informants to use Sex and Drugs to aid in the cover-up of her illegal computer and phone surveillance while she conspires with county judges and law enforcement to destroy her target.

I have been targeted by the county. It is the only logical explanation for the impunity in this out of control divorce case.

The case is not about divorce so much as the coverup of illegal computer and telephone surveillance.

Started by my spouse at the direction of her lawyer, once detected, they proceeded to file false reports with numerous law enforcement authorities.

Those authorities proceeded to carry out the surveillance and exchange info, all the while not understanding why I was detecting many of their activities.

At the same time i am calling law enforcement to report the intrusions, THAT THEY ARE ASSUMED RESPONSIBILITY FOR CAUSING. They think i am antagonizing them by reporting it to them.

They surround me with a whole new batch of people to isolate me. I can identify between 6-7 teams of informants – some working together and some individuals.

Each team lead realizes that they are harassing an innocent man and eventually has regrets for causing the terror I have been experienceing. BUT THEY ARE NOT LET OUT OF THE ASSIGNMENT.

If an informant reveals what they are up to, they immediately get their sentence. So they are forced to not reveal thew truth.

The same goes for my children who have been compelled to distance themselves completely from the entire family for fear of exposing their mother’s participation. Yes, my children cannot speak to their father because the whole team goes down if they do… but they are more worried about their mother.

The team is huge. Spouse, lawyers, private investigators, local police, county detectives, district attorney’s office, judges, custody masters, support masters, court administration, several software companies, and FBI… among others who cannot explain their actions in violation of local, state, federal and international law.

I’m not exaggerating. The proof is available for anyone who wants to review it. About 25% appears here on the web, the rest is stored and secured in several places.

It is time to prosecute the prosecutor.

(BTW… they are so busy listening to my house through my cell phone that the battery has had to be recharged twice today. RENEWED INTEREST? So obvious.)

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