Perjury does not get prosecuted in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. I have been told that there would be far too many cases if the District Attorney got involved. SO PERJURY IS IGNORED AT EVERY PROCEEDING.

Fraud is completely ignored when the court refuses to listen to the truth. False documents were created to back up their position. When Judge Del Ricci was informed that the documents had not been delivered and were fraudulent, he ordered the court staff to make copies for me. He then announced into the court record that I KNOW HAD RECEIVED THE DOCUMENTS. APPARENTLY, HE FORGOT THEY ARE STILL FRAUDULENT DOCUMENTS.

False Allegations have been made to so many law enforcement agencies and departments, it is small wonder they are too exhausted from looking into the false allegations against me to find time to investigate my accusers. And I’m sure there are even more false allegations I haven’t heard. These investigations eventually find their way into ex parte communications with the court and AFFECT EVERY PROCEEDING. But, the court should not engage in ex parte communications. Judge Del Ricci certainly did when he ‘off the record’ indicated he spoke to police about making sure that Sonya was protected from charges in the burglary, break-in, vandalism and poisoning of my dog. Robert Angst said he additionally talked to county detectives about the matter. (Caution: A conspiracy, when identified as a conspiracy, is a self defeating argument. Not all conspiracies are ‘conspiracy theories’. There are real ones.)

The terrorism and harassment I have experienced is not imaginary. It has just been ignored. Computers hacked, telephones hacked, various other harassment techniques deployed, identity theft. I always waited until I proved the existence of anything before contacting the authorities who then promptly ignored me.

NOTE: When the people terrorizing you have full access to your computers and phones, they will likely know everything you are planning to do. They run interference before you report anything to law enforcement. As law enforcement is investigating YOU as a result of their false allegation, you are now seemingly reporting circumstances attributed to the law enforcement agency to whom you are reporting the crime.

When Court Orders are violated with complete impunity, you have no alternatives but to appeal. A very time consuming task when it involves EVERYTHING. And before you get the chance to appeal the courts ridiculously bad decision, they are on to the next issue or attack which must get your attention. Even though you know they will not be held accountable for their acts, you have no choice but to file.

This is my life. Every hour of every day, I deal with the stress and strain of the circumstances of the terroristic divorce. Their is no escape. There is no end in sight. It is overwhelming beyond belief. I persevere and I cry. NO ONE HELPS.

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