I wake every day crying with regret… Regret that I have not killed myself the day before and forced to face another day of terror… alone and unaided.

How many people does it take to get me to the point where I kill myself?
Why has Rise Vetri Ferman, the Montgomery County District Attorney, done NOTHING to prosecute the crimes committed against me??? The only answer can be that she is directly involved.

She has used illegally obtained information to prosecute people. She has used illegally obtained information to enslave people into her confidential informant program.

She has sacrificed my rights… for her career. My family… for her career. My life… for her career. My future… for her career.

When the District Attorney has committed a crime, who prosecutes her? And how can that happen when you are prevented from effective communication? because you have no way of stopping those who are controlling your phone and computer??

There is no escape from this situation without prosecution. And the prosecutor is involved.

Why haven’t you killed yourself already? What are you waiting for? Why are you prolonging your own agony? Why are you prolonging the agony of your family? If you kill yourself your family will be over their sadness in a few weeks. Your pain will be over. Don’t worry about how your kids will deal with what they have permitted to happen to you. Their lives have been destroyed. YOUR KIDS HAVE BEEN TERRORIZED INTO PARTICIPATION IN YOUR DESTRUCTION.
nd your kids can deal with what they have done to you

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