Montgomery County Courts are criminally corrupt. The corruption is throughout the system. Their cursory denial of human rights, their unethical ignorance of the law and of procedures are an embarassment to the entire judicial system.

Pat Derby, in the Family Court Admin office summed it up quite succinctly. We don’t care. SHE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN ANY MORE ACCURATE IN HER STATEMENT. It’s a job to them. It’s a job they do badly and fail at repeatedly. They don’t care if they mess up a life. They don’t care about the impact on the family. They don’t care about the impact on a community. THEY DON’T CARE. How simple. (BTW, There were several witnesses to her statement.)

Sara Goren didn’t care when she failed to include any of the updated case information in her reports. It would seem that those reports were drafted before the meeting was even held. Perhaps when she was meeting with Valerie Angst in an ex parte meeting hours before the one scheduled with both parties.

Sara Goren didn’t even remember her false family emergency which cancelled a conference and delayed the scheduling for another 6 weeks. Of course not, she didn’t even care to remember her fraud. How could she when that delayed meeting report included NONE of the issues raised.

When her ridiculous reports were brought to the attention of the President Judge, he dismissed the complaint entirely. A credibility determination? Yes, but it was her credibility called into question. This ugly woman has the power to destroy families – to destroy the people – and you permit her to go unchecked. Even when called to your attention, you ignore it. News Flash: Your court is horribly corrupt. AND we know what was going on with the OTHER Custody Master who must have been too pre-occupied with her own corrupt divorce to handle the case.

Judge Thomas Del Ricci was so corrupt he couldn’t even control himself in or out of the courtroom. The transcripts of his hearings read like the courtroom of a mental patient. He was incapable of remembering which party raised an issue. And his eye-popping emotional outbursts seem the type of drama one might expect from the severely mentally deranged drama queen. He was always willing to target anyone in the courtroom. Regardless of the issue before him his attention deficit disorder which was always at an exponential level seemed to have the entire court awaiting which direction he might turn next. After his recusal, didn’t anyone review his statement – Maybe realize he was so out of control and full of shit when talking about what he did on this case that he must have been off his meds for a few days.

Judge Emanuel Bertin doesn’t take his own court orders seriously and excuses it completely when they are COMPLETELY IGNORED. He says its at his discretion to ignore when his orders are not being followed. REALLY, then why bother with issuing the orders to begin with? Why have a procedure, if it doesn’t really have to be followed? And I’m not talking about missing one or two things in an order… THEY WERE EXCUSED FOR NOT FOLLOWING ANYTHING IN THE ORDER. NOTHING DONE. NOTHING AT ALL. WITHOUT ANY EXCUSES. Careful, your corruption is showing.

Judge Emanuel Bertin has a problem with hearing cases, so he consolidates the cases, hears one and dismisses both. He’s done that several times. And that way he never has to get around to hearing the part where you are not able to begin because the iother party has not provided the discovery which they were ordered to provide. AND then Judge Bertin will villify you in his decision on the case but ALWAYS using issues which had not been brought up in the trial. So who was he talking to to get his nasty opinions? How about the County Detectives that are covering up their criminal and illegal surveillance in violation of state and federal law… Yea, these types of characterizations wouldbe the product of someone trying to coverup their misdeeds.

Why don’t the taxpayers realize the amount of money being wasted by the idiots running the courts. DO you realize the cost to taxpayers of these types of cases? Mine isn;t the only one. It would seem that one of the county ‘masters’ has been delaying her divorce with ridiculous proceedings for the last 3 years. And even though the final hearing in equitable distribution has occurred, the judge has yet to make her decision. That was over 70 days ago. What’s the issue? The couple was only married for 6 months prior to her seeking the divorce. The divorce process has run 6 times longer than the divorce. What’s wrong with this picture?

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