Could it be that the same detectives that IGNORED my report of the criminal tech-terrorism, have been behind the ex parte communications with the judges?

Were they too busy trying to set me up? using their confidential informants?

Every news story about a drug arrest in Montgomery County seems to include the words ‘confidential informant’.

The lack of any interest in my case was remarkable… they never indicated there was nothing to investigate. They just decided NOT to investigate. Well, it would be silly for them to investigate when they were behind it at that point. So they just accepted the report from me and then ignored it. MULTIPLE TIMES.

And just the other day…
Could this be the reason someone in the county offices was online reviewing my web site? And could it be they were talking to their insurance company at the same time – and reviewing the same pages? Only conclusion I can come to at this point is that someone is reviewing their liability before this story finally gets some media attention.

So the county has been behind all of the injustice in court. What the hell is wrong with people? They destroyed my family and left nothing in their wake… and continue to corrupt every legitimate court proceeding… when did it become your job to destroy my life? … and why do you find it surprising that I have been fighting back? I am fighting for my life… all because you didn’t succeed in killing me.

Reference: Detective Peffall’s February 2008 investigation via email without ever making voice or face to face contact while hearing about tha additional terrors being committed at the same time.

Reference: Detective D’Angelo who after hearing the technology part of the story decided to start with the Robbery issue, and then DROPPED THE ENTIRE THING at the direction of the DA’s office. WITHOUT ANY FURTHER EXPLANATION.

Reference: I will be posting the identities of the persons who I believe to be (or who have been) confidential informants to this web site shortly. Do I care about what it does to your life? No, look what you allowed to happen to mine.

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