Where to begin… I don’t deal drugs. Never have. Never will. No matter how hard they try to make that happen. No matter how hard they attempt to make it appear that is what is going on. It’s not me.

Why would the District Attorney allow known drug dealers to be placed back on the streets to set people up before being re-arrested 10 months later? They knew all along. They had an informant living with him. They knew I wasn’t involved in any of that.

And why would he offer to sell me drugs – ONLINE – immediately upon his release? That being completely out of the ordinary type of contact, I ceased any further communication with him at that point. I can tell when I am being set up. I knew why he was doing it… a get out of jail card. I just wasn’t sure why someone was trying to set me up.

FYI, I knew him before he was selling drugs and did not know the scope of his involvement. He never lied to me. I never lied to him either. He also didn’t think you were watching his computer. He was wrong, eh? I suppose you thought I was filling him in on YOUR surveillance as I told him about what was happening to me. WRONG.

[It should be noted that the ability of the County Detectives to use computer surveillance software dates back to the same period of time. County Detective’s involvement was mentioned in regard to the Lower Merion School District case. When the County is encouraging the illegal use of the surveillance software by the school district, are we to believe they don’t know what it is or how it works?]

County Detectives have lied to me. I never lied to them. County Detectives Kuter, Peffall and D’Angelo promised to investigate but ended any investigation into my terror at the direction of the DA’s office.

I have reported each crime/incident as soon as I confirmed what was going on. I never reported a speculated event. Maybe you need to compare the dates of my reports with the dates of all of their false reports. When that information is read chronologically, it is clear they are running interference as I reported their crimes against me. BUT, YOU ARE SO DAMN BUSY LOOKING TO PROSECUTE ME FOR THEIR FALSE ALLEGATIONS, YOU CAN’T SEE YOU HAVE BEEN PWNED. (Watch the movie THE INFORMANT.)

There are informants that the county has working with them. Confidential Informants (OIA) have permission to engage in Otherwise Illegal activity – and they operate with impunity until not needed any longer. They apparently know they are under surveillance. I have dropped informants off at their place, or picked them up, I could hear the ultrasonic noise, my phone responded to it, and I bet the flourescent light bulb would have lit like a light saber even outside their places. (Like it did in my bedroom and all over my home when i discovered this detection method in December 2007 after hearing the noise for months.)

A person who i suspected of being an informant recently responded to my story by saying. “I can neither confirm nor deny what you are saying, but I don’t disagree with anything you said either.” DIPLOMATIC??? Days later, he indicated he wanted no further contact with me.

Another, recently apologized for not being able to help me.

Yet another aquaintance indicated that he had been told of the informant program by a friend of his who was in it. He said the way I described the program was exactly as he had been told about it.

I’ve got pictures and names and I am prepared to post them.

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