To anyone reading this… I am not a drug dealer. I’ve been introduced to a few over the years. They never became friends of mine. Any I have had occasion to meet are not around any longer.

No matter how tight money gets, I will not resort to selling drugs. No matter how easily the opportunity presents itself. It’s not me. It’s not my style. So there’s no sense in trying to recruit me or to continue to falsely allege this about me.

So when you are asked…
… how is he affording that house without an income for 3 years take a look at the bank records, the court records, you can see who is paying the bills. My mother… and it is wiping out her financial security.

… how is he able to live ‘off the grid’? Well I have been kept unemployed and harrassed for over 3 years, you find out you have little use for a bank account when you have no money. Your banks and credit cards disappear. Your financial life goes ‘off the grid’. There is nothing suspicious about it.

… how come he knows about all these ‘people’ yet doesn’t know any of them personally? Perhaps you might consider the circle of friends you have surrounded him with. And he’s so desperate to not be isolated and alone, he’ll risk those indirect associations.

It would seem that the information you are providing in your false allegations to law enforcement are the product of your litigation, and computer and phone surveillance (hacks and control), and harrasment techniques. And you are fooling law enforcement into thinking there is something to investigate. And they can’t figure it out… so they get frustrated. And when the victim reports your actions, he is ignored.

I saw the movie THE INFORMANT. I didn’t like it. All of those FBI agents being duped by their own informant. FOR YEARS AND YEARS. It made me wonder… How many times has something like that happened? Who would imagine something like that could happen to me?

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