Foresight Services first came to my attention after a friend used my computer to check his email. After he left, I ran a search that combined the information from a few of his emails. It returned mostly nothing, EXCEPT Foresight Services stood out among the results as a very interesting result. That was 3 years ago.

Foresight is/was also known by another name “Retired F B I Agents” at the same address.

The address only has a mailbox at a small complex south of Doylestown. There is no signage about them at the address location.

I asked at a few businesses across the street, they did not know the business.

The friend from 3 years ago. That was Ron. Ron completely disappeared in March 2010, after I began to ask him the specific questions about Foresight, and specific strange things which happened around the house which he had denied or lied about at the time. He had no answers to the direct questions. He immediately walked out of the house and I haven’t seen him or heard a word from him since. Only one person has ever asked about him. That person was at the house during one of the ‘things’ I had asked Ron about. THAT person lives in a house which is also under ultrasonic surveillance. However, THAT person was completely unconcerned when I told him about it…. like he knew it already.

Ron had told me that he had never met anyone who offered friendship as unconditionally as I did to him. He said he knew that if he ever really needed a friend I would be there for him. I was there for him. It seems he may have been prevented from being there for me… so he disappeared.

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