So why is it that the FBI isn’t interested in investigating?

Are they protecting the County Detectives who f’d up with their computer and phone surveillance and got caught?
Kind of like they did with the Lower Merion School District case. Yes, the early reports indicated that the county detectives were part of the group responsible for the investigation of the ‘stolen’ laptops.

Or are the County detectives protecting the local police who removed me from my home while investigating the computer intrusion… they had me involuntarily committed. BUT, they never charged me with a crime. And as they pointed out that I WAS NOT CRAZY. AND THE POLICE REFUSED TO PROVIDE A POLICE REPORT (until a few weeks ago).

Had Cheif Brady simply indicated the level of illegal surveillance being used against me, perhaps my life would have continued. It wasn’t very practical for him to simply tell me that I do not want to know what is involved here.

And the police report, which they finally delivered, is full of holes… starting with the first sentence. It takes a good memory to be a liar. It was a lazy fool, who wrote the report. After 3 years of delaying its’ release you think they would have gotten it correct.


Everything I say on my web site is the truth. I can prove everything. If I haven’t proven it yet, it isn’t on this site.
I have a roomful of documentation and technology which will confirm my story.

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