Any review of the documents I have prepared for court shows that they were submitted BECAUSE of the actions of the plaintiff, or her lawyers.

This is not a case of PRO SE GONE WILD. It is, however, a case of a lawyer so desperate to save her career that she will pull out all the stops to file blantantly ridiculous petitions which contain NO TRUE CONTENT beyond the name and address of her client. So the lawyer is acting like an out of control pro se, and the defendant is responding, as he has to, to the lies and manipulations of the lawyer… While the lawyer tries to accuse the defendant of creating the litigation.

There is not that much to fight over. Why has she reported that she has spent over $55,000 on her legal case, when that represents a major percentage of the assets? Any lawyer would do a cost benefit analysis and steer clear.


Heck, Valerie even filed a petition to switch the cars. The petition was completely false and was seeking legal fees of $2500. When her client had refused to switch the titles which would have cost $75. THEN SHE TRADED THE CAR (Worth $4000) IN FOR $200 in violation of court orders prohibiting the dissipation of assets. Litigious? YES. Vexacious? YES. WHY??

The real purpose was to force me into a car they had rigged. The speedometer was replaced prior to them giving it to me. The auto shop records indicate that ON THE VERY DAY THEY BURGLARIZED / VANDALIZED MY HOUSE the car was in for service. AND the odometer was no longer working in the vehicle they were forcing me to take. Next time, you might think to take the manufacturers stickers off the replacement parts.)

The resulting speeding stop quickly became a drug investigation after they ran my license. Then, they questioned everything I said or did. I carefully explained – selecting the proper words so as not to be misunderstood. That too was questioned. Then, they searched for drugs in the car. There found none. I had none, but wasn’t sure whether they had planted anything in the car. There were none. On an early Sunday morning in New Jersey, a routine speeding ticket took over 45 minutes while police officers searched my car inside and out… TWICE. Another failed setup.

Answer: It is not about divorce. It is about covering up the crimes committed on the advice of her attorney.

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