The County has now gone and revealed their DIRECT involvement in the manipulation of the case… and the CONSPIRACY which has been disregarded for the last few YEARS.

They awarded me alimony pendente lite. Perhaps that was supposed to distract me. It did not for the following reasons. When reviewed it releases Sonya from any responsibility financial or otherwise whether by typo or intent.

1. It was a small amount – $440/month.
2. It was NOT retroactive to the date when the petition was filed in July 2007. Instead only retro’d to March 2010, when the document was refiled. This is contrary to the law which states that the alimony, once awarded is retroactive to the date when it was filed. THE COUNTY NEVER SCHEDULED THE CONFERENCE OR HEARING ON THIS MATTER SINCE JULY 2007.
3. The order has a typo. It now requires me to pay for her benefits. WAIT, this is not a typo. It removes her responsibility which she has lied about and NOT maintained for the last 3 years in defiance of a court order.
4. The order does not take into consideration the mortgage. Again contrary to the current law.
5. For some perspective, I was initially required to pay over $1100 a month for child support for one child. While the appeal was pending all conferences and hearings were cancelled… until the surprise Contempt hearing where I was thrown in jail even though there was no order issued by a judge in the matter.
6. Judge DelRicci LIED about his direct involvement in the delaying of proceedings and scheduling when he recused himself from the case.
7. Judge DelRicci recused himself from the case 30 days before my son would turn 18 and be emmancipated. His recusal was full of lies and indicated inappropriate behavior for a judge.
8. Judge DelRicci’s delay in scheduling the custody hearing after the March 2009 hearings where he clearly indicated Sonya was in contempt of the custody agreementcustody.
9. The current order for alimony seems to indicate that the County knew of Sonya’s departure from the country. I posted before that I didn’t believe she was planning to return. I am more certain now of that, AND that the county once again knew of this planned action on her part. (Something VERY similar happened in June 2008 regarding my son’s travel outside the country. That plan was foiled when it was revealed and there were several court orders WITHOUT ANY PROCEEDING in violation of civil rights, due process, and state, federal and international law.)

The time has come to prosecute the conspirators in this case. Sad to see that Mindy Harris has allowed herself to be manipulated by the corruption involved in this case.

It is time to prosecute. It is clear. I have been terrorized enough. THIS CONSPIRACY IS REVEALED. It is simply a matter of getting the full list of conspirators. Just a matter of finally documenting ALL of the corruption involved in this case. The volume is overwhelming. The evidence is clear.

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