There have been what seems to be more than 6 teams of confidential informants inserted into my life in the last few years. I make no excuse to offering friendship to them. I am alone and isolated as most of my friends and neighbors have been harassed to the point of non-contact.

Where law enforcement may have made a deal with these informants to supress their cases, and their names and the reasons for their involvement in the program. I am not under any obligation to do so.

And when considering the threats I have received from them that I will be sued for libel and slander… there suit is without merit. They would have to prove that what I am writing is NOT true, and that I am posting their names with some malicious intent.

I’m not considering posting their names out of malice. They are involved in this story. Directly. Inexplicably. I am trying to find answers and they are trying to make me something that I am not and will never be. While I have welcomed them into my life in hopes they might be able to provide some assistance to getting through the overwhelming amount of harassment, they have each failed in their actions and bailed once their suspicious behaviors were questioned.

I’m not doing so to destroy reputations. All things considered, they have been trying to destroy mine… to destroy me. And those they report to have been affecting the court appearances resulting in the inexplicable and corrupt rulings by judges in the case. I am left with no choice to fight to survive the unending legal storms with no releif from anyone.

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