There have been what seems to be more than 6 teams of confidential informants inserted into my life in the last few years. I make no excuse to offering friendship to them. I am alone and isolated as most of my friends and neighbors have been harassed to the point of non-contact.

Where law enforcement may have made a deal with these informants to supress their cases, and their names and the reasons for their involvement in the program. I am not under any obligation to do so.

And when considering the threats I have received from them that I will be sued for libel and slander… there suit is without merit. They would have to prove that what I am writing is NOT true, and that I am posting their names with some malicious intent.

I’m not considering posting their names out of malice. They are involved in this story. Directly. Inexplicably. I am trying to find answers and they are trying to make me something that I am not and will never be. While I have welcomed them into my life in hopes they might be able to provide some assistance to getting through the overwhelming amount of harassment, they have each failed in their actions and bailed once their suspicious behaviors were questioned.

I’m not doing so to destroy reputations. All things considered, they have been trying to destroy mine… to destroy me. And those they report to have been affecting the court appearances resulting in the inexplicable and corrupt rulings by judges in the case. I am left with no choice to fight to survive the unending legal storms with no releif from anyone.


Any review of the documents I have prepared for court shows that they were submitted BECAUSE of the actions of the plaintiff, or her lawyers.

This is not a case of PRO SE GONE WILD. It is, however, a case of a lawyer so desperate to save her career that she will pull out all the stops to file blantantly ridiculous petitions which contain NO TRUE CONTENT beyond the name and address of her client. So the lawyer is acting like an out of control pro se, and the defendant is responding, as he has to, to the lies and manipulations of the lawyer… While the lawyer tries to accuse the defendant of creating the litigation.

There is not that much to fight over. Why has she reported that she has spent over $55,000 on her legal case, when that represents a major percentage of the assets? Any lawyer would do a cost benefit analysis and steer clear.


Heck, Valerie even filed a petition to switch the cars. The petition was completely false and was seeking legal fees of $2500. When her client had refused to switch the titles which would have cost $75. THEN SHE TRADED THE CAR (Worth $4000) IN FOR $200 in violation of court orders prohibiting the dissipation of assets. Litigious? YES. Vexacious? YES. WHY??

The real purpose was to force me into a car they had rigged. The speedometer was replaced prior to them giving it to me. The auto shop records indicate that ON THE VERY DAY THEY BURGLARIZED / VANDALIZED MY HOUSE the car was in for service. AND the odometer was no longer working in the vehicle they were forcing me to take. Next time, you might think to take the manufacturers stickers off the replacement parts.)

The resulting speeding stop quickly became a drug investigation after they ran my license. Then, they questioned everything I said or did. I carefully explained – selecting the proper words so as not to be misunderstood. That too was questioned. Then, they searched for drugs in the car. There found none. I had none, but wasn’t sure whether they had planted anything in the car. There were none. On an early Sunday morning in New Jersey, a routine speeding ticket took over 45 minutes while police officers searched my car inside and out… TWICE. Another failed setup.

Answer: It is not about divorce. It is about covering up the crimes committed on the advice of her attorney.


Both of my children know that I am being targeted. They have been forced to keep quiet and remain away from the entire family. You can imagine that after witnessing first hand what has been done to their father, there is no way they would ever consider helping him. They would face the wrath of corrupt law enforcement and judiciary. And they have seen the corruption first hand… they have watched as corruption has attacked and destroyed their father.

Colin Healy knows. In June 2007, I ran a graphic movie for 8 hours on my computer one evening. Forwards and BACKWARDS. At reduced speed. Days later, Colin is telling his grandmother that ‘she would not believe the things I am sending her [his mother]” His grandmother explained to him that I was not sending anything to her. She was stealing it off of my computer with her surveillance software. Colin hasn’t been to see his grandmother since.

Brennan Healy knows. In July 2008, Brennan indicated in a rare phone call that he didn’t care how many petitions I wrote in the basement, he wasn’t coming home. The thing is that in July 2007, when Brennan was abducted from the home never to return, the basement was not finished and was in no way a place in the house where I would be typing legal petitions. So how could he know the I WAS doing all of those petitions regarding his custody in the basement. When I asked him, he ended the call and has not spoken to me since.

My children know the power that they have to destroy. Whether it is the lawyers, the private investigators, the local police, the county detectives, the DA, or the judges. They have watched their father, an innocent man who detected the illegal computer surveillance, ATTACKED AND HARASSED FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS. They would have reason to be afraid that the same kind of attack could happen to them if they don’t keep quiet. Guess what? They will attack you anyway. Do you think you can trust the people who forced you to cooperate in the destruction of your father?

Be quiet or they will turn and destroy you. It applies to my children. It applies to informants. It applies to everyone in the court system manipulated by Angst & Angst. Two hateful lawyers who f’d up in a divorce case. It might be noted, Valerie Angst had not handled divorces prior to Healy v Healy. The court record shows she only represented people who’s mortgages were being foreclosed upon… FOR TWELVE YEARS OF CASES IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY. Her first divorce case? It would seem. But Valerie was following the game plan of another lawyer in Bucks County. One who played the same game, but hadn’t gotten caught. But I came across the life that lawyer destroyed using the same tactics.


Where to begin… I don’t deal drugs. Never have. Never will. No matter how hard they try to make that happen. No matter how hard they attempt to make it appear that is what is going on. It’s not me.

Why would the District Attorney allow known drug dealers to be placed back on the streets to set people up before being re-arrested 10 months later? They knew all along. They had an informant living with him. They knew I wasn’t involved in any of that.

And why would he offer to sell me drugs – ONLINE – immediately upon his release? That being completely out of the ordinary type of contact, I ceased any further communication with him at that point. I can tell when I am being set up. I knew why he was doing it… a get out of jail card. I just wasn’t sure why someone was trying to set me up.

FYI, I knew him before he was selling drugs and did not know the scope of his involvement. He never lied to me. I never lied to him either. He also didn’t think you were watching his computer. He was wrong, eh? I suppose you thought I was filling him in on YOUR surveillance as I told him about what was happening to me. WRONG.

[It should be noted that the ability of the County Detectives to use computer surveillance software dates back to the same period of time. County Detective’s involvement was mentioned in regard to the Lower Merion School District case. When the County is encouraging the illegal use of the surveillance software by the school district, are we to believe they don’t know what it is or how it works?]

County Detectives have lied to me. I never lied to them. County Detectives Kuter, Peffall and D’Angelo promised to investigate but ended any investigation into my terror at the direction of the DA’s office.

I have reported each crime/incident as soon as I confirmed what was going on. I never reported a speculated event. Maybe you need to compare the dates of my reports with the dates of all of their false reports. When that information is read chronologically, it is clear they are running interference as I reported their crimes against me. BUT, YOU ARE SO DAMN BUSY LOOKING TO PROSECUTE ME FOR THEIR FALSE ALLEGATIONS, YOU CAN’T SEE YOU HAVE BEEN PWNED. (Watch the movie THE INFORMANT.)

There are informants that the county has working with them. Confidential Informants (OIA) have permission to engage in Otherwise Illegal activity – and they operate with impunity until not needed any longer. They apparently know they are under surveillance. I have dropped informants off at their place, or picked them up, I could hear the ultrasonic noise, my phone responded to it, and I bet the flourescent light bulb would have lit like a light saber even outside their places. (Like it did in my bedroom and all over my home when i discovered this detection method in December 2007 after hearing the noise for months.)

A person who i suspected of being an informant recently responded to my story by saying. “I can neither confirm nor deny what you are saying, but I don’t disagree with anything you said either.” DIPLOMATIC??? Days later, he indicated he wanted no further contact with me.

Another, recently apologized for not being able to help me.

Yet another aquaintance indicated that he had been told of the informant program by a friend of his who was in it. He said the way I described the program was exactly as he had been told about it.

I’ve got pictures and names and I am prepared to post them.


The only way out is their prosecution or my death.

Since they would have to prosecute themselves, the liklihood of that happening is zero.

So I am being driven to the other option. But, I am incapable of suicide. So I am forced to suffer their further terror.

It seems everyone who is against me has been granted complete impunity from any prosecution, from any law, from any court order, or any agreement.





If the judges and the district attorney are responsible for upholding the law, they are not going to rule anything in your favor as it will reveal their corruption.

I have tried following their procedures and their schedule and their rules, and at each turn they have indicated that the rules do not apply when it will reveal the corruption of the court and the district attorney, et al.

They say it is because I don’t have a lawyer, they have scared off every lawyer. The last one realized that no law or procedure would be followed and resigned.

What choice do I have. They have stolen everythign in my life, sabotaged my career, destroyed my family, prevented my employment, harassed everyone who has tried to help, and continued to use high tech harassment methods.

So many people who have only heard part of the astory have indicated that they can;t understand how I have endured and survived. THE TRUTH IS ON MY SIDE. But the sad truth is I have been given a death sentence because of the corrupt and illegal actions of law enforcement and the judiciary.

The truth does not stand a chance.



DA forces Informants to use Sex and Drugs to aid in the cover-up of her illegal computer and phone surveillance while she conspires with county judges and law enforcement to destroy her target.

I have been targeted by the county. It is the only logical explanation for the impunity in this out of control divorce case.

The case is not about divorce so much as the coverup of illegal computer and telephone surveillance.

Started by my spouse at the direction of her lawyer, once detected, they proceeded to file false reports with numerous law enforcement authorities.

Those authorities proceeded to carry out the surveillance and exchange info, all the while not understanding why I was detecting many of their activities.

At the same time i am calling law enforcement to report the intrusions, THAT THEY ARE ASSUMED RESPONSIBILITY FOR CAUSING. They think i am antagonizing them by reporting it to them.

They surround me with a whole new batch of people to isolate me. I can identify between 6-7 teams of informants – some working together and some individuals.

Each team lead realizes that they are harassing an innocent man and eventually has regrets for causing the terror I have been experienceing. BUT THEY ARE NOT LET OUT OF THE ASSIGNMENT.

If an informant reveals what they are up to, they immediately get their sentence. So they are forced to not reveal thew truth.

The same goes for my children who have been compelled to distance themselves completely from the entire family for fear of exposing their mother’s participation. Yes, my children cannot speak to their father because the whole team goes down if they do… but they are more worried about their mother.

The team is huge. Spouse, lawyers, private investigators, local police, county detectives, district attorney’s office, judges, custody masters, support masters, court administration, several software companies, and FBI… among others who cannot explain their actions in violation of local, state, federal and international law.

I’m not exaggerating. The proof is available for anyone who wants to review it. About 25% appears here on the web, the rest is stored and secured in several places.

It is time to prosecute the prosecutor.

(BTW… they are so busy listening to my house through my cell phone that the battery has had to be recharged twice today. RENEWED INTEREST? So obvious.)


I wake every day crying with regret… Regret that I have not killed myself the day before and forced to face another day of terror… alone and unaided.

How many people does it take to get me to the point where I kill myself?
Why has Rise Vetri Ferman, the Montgomery County District Attorney, done NOTHING to prosecute the crimes committed against me??? The only answer can be that she is directly involved.

She has used illegally obtained information to prosecute people. She has used illegally obtained information to enslave people into her confidential informant program.

She has sacrificed my rights… for her career. My family… for her career. My life… for her career. My future… for her career.

When the District Attorney has committed a crime, who prosecutes her? And how can that happen when you are prevented from effective communication? because you have no way of stopping those who are controlling your phone and computer??

There is no escape from this situation without prosecution. And the prosecutor is involved.

Why haven’t you killed yourself already? What are you waiting for? Why are you prolonging your own agony? Why are you prolonging the agony of your family? If you kill yourself your family will be over their sadness in a few weeks. Your pain will be over. Don’t worry about how your kids will deal with what they have permitted to happen to you. Their lives have been destroyed. YOUR KIDS HAVE BEEN TERRORIZED INTO PARTICIPATION IN YOUR DESTRUCTION.
nd your kids can deal with what they have done to you


1. The order has been date stamped by the Domestic Relations Office “2011 JUL 21 P 1:58″.
– A simple error? Am I to believe that no one noticed the incorrect year on the ‘official’ date stamp. Even though it was almost 2PM? DID EVERYTHING THAT DAY GET THE WRONG DATE STAMP??? If this is indeed a simple office error, the people responsible should realize the impact that their simple errors can have on the lives of the people affected by these orders, and the incredible delays caused by the court schedule which make these errors take months to resolve – all the while increasing the financial hardship of the parties involved.

2. I am concerned that this order was written on July 15, 2010. Considering the hearing which was scheduled for 9AM was not held until after 1PM, and that all questions were not responded to because of the remaining full schedule of afternoon hearings, how did Mindy Harris have the time to do a thorough review of the facts before coming to her decision for the order? So even though Mindy did all the work on July 15th, the document was not signed until a week later (July 21, 2010), then docketed and then incorrectly time stamped.

3. Though accepting my earning capacity, the order does not take into account that I have been unemployed for over 3 years now… or that that unemployment has been caused by my wife, her attorneys and her private investigators, etc….

4. My wife’s income is not adjusted for her intentional reduction in salary as she began planning her divorce.

5. The order indicates that I now have to provide medical insurance for her. ?? This replaces the previous order (which she has completely ignored) to provide my medical insurance for which she was given credit.

She was given credit for this ‘deduction’ even though (1) she has never provided insurance cards, (2) her attorney lied about the issue on June 3, 2010, (3) her attorney promised to provide the insurance cards on June 3, 2010 and they have not yet been received, (4) her attorney falsley indicated that insurance cards had been sent directly to me from the insurance company over the last 3 years, (5) her attorney falsely indicated that cards had been delivered to me during the period through my brother, (6) her attorney indicated I could have always gotten the cards myself even though I was unaware of the insurance provider to contact and was prohibited by court order from contacting my wife’s company, (7) the support master indicated I should just call to get the cards, however the cards can only be sent to the insured’s address. BUT NOW SHE ISN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BENEFITS AND THE AMOUNT AWARDED FOR APL IS HARDLY ENOUGH FOR ME TO PROVIDE FOR HER INSURANCE AS DIRECTED.

6. The effective date for support orders by law is the date when the benefits request was filed. In this case, the request was made in July 2007. The request was re-filed on March 19, 2010, because it had not been scheduled in over 3 years. When this was called to the master’s attention she indicated that I would have to find out why that request was never scheduled through the DRO which failed to schedule it. No one ever explains themselves, even when the file is in their hands.

7. The APL fails to take into account the mortgage on the marital residence which has been paid in full by me for over 3 years now. Even though my wife (1) has taken all the tax deductions though she did not pay any part of the mortgage, (2) has not paid any local or state taxes on the property, (3) has not paid sewer, water, electric and gas bills which are associated with the property, (4) has been shown to be directly involved in fraud regarding the mortgage payment, (5) has filed multiple petitions in attempts to evict me from the home after she manipulated mortgage payments, (6) has repeatedly and fraudulently filed that her credit standing was being affected by my payment schedule for the mortgage. She gets all the benefits of the mortgage and my family takes on the debt? Even though she has breached the agreement and it should not be effective any longer. The mortgage is $2557/month.

Recall, ‘my lawyer said it would hinder you financially” was the message when in September 2007 my wife sought child support after preventing my son from seeing me for a few weeks. Hindering me financially was something they began in February 2007 when they sabotaged my business, infiltrated my computers and began manipulating the banking and financial transactions. They never imagined I could survive for years begging from family for support. They never imagined I could stand the humiliation, especially on top of the terror they were causing in all other areas.

They have not destroyed me yet, but that has not slowed them in their attempts. I persevere, but every day is overwhelming with the affects of the last three years of terror. I wake every day crying wondering why I have made it another day against such impossible attacks. The overwheming and constant legal battle has no end.. they are trying to avoid prosecution for their crimes, I am just trying to survive. The damage they have caused all involved has been all-consuming. There are no moments of releif from the pressure. There is no escape for me, until they are proscuted. They will always be in fear that the evidence of their crime will be presented. They will never stop.


The County has now gone and revealed their DIRECT involvement in the manipulation of the case… and the CONSPIRACY which has been disregarded for the last few YEARS.

They awarded me alimony pendente lite. Perhaps that was supposed to distract me. It did not for the following reasons. When reviewed it releases Sonya from any responsibility financial or otherwise whether by typo or intent.

1. It was a small amount – $440/month.
2. It was NOT retroactive to the date when the petition was filed in July 2007. Instead only retro’d to March 2010, when the document was refiled. This is contrary to the law which states that the alimony, once awarded is retroactive to the date when it was filed. THE COUNTY NEVER SCHEDULED THE CONFERENCE OR HEARING ON THIS MATTER SINCE JULY 2007.
3. The order has a typo. It now requires me to pay for her benefits. WAIT, this is not a typo. It removes her responsibility which she has lied about and NOT maintained for the last 3 years in defiance of a court order.
4. The order does not take into consideration the mortgage. Again contrary to the current law.
5. For some perspective, I was initially required to pay over $1100 a month for child support for one child. While the appeal was pending all conferences and hearings were cancelled… until the surprise Contempt hearing where I was thrown in jail even though there was no order issued by a judge in the matter.
6. Judge DelRicci LIED about his direct involvement in the delaying of proceedings and scheduling when he recused himself from the case.
7. Judge DelRicci recused himself from the case 30 days before my son would turn 18 and be emmancipated. His recusal was full of lies and indicated inappropriate behavior for a judge.
8. Judge DelRicci’s delay in scheduling the custody hearing after the March 2009 hearings where he clearly indicated Sonya was in contempt of the custody agreementcustody.
9. The current order for alimony seems to indicate that the County knew of Sonya’s departure from the country. I posted before that I didn’t believe she was planning to return. I am more certain now of that, AND that the county once again knew of this planned action on her part. (Something VERY similar happened in June 2008 regarding my son’s travel outside the country. That plan was foiled when it was revealed and there were several court orders WITHOUT ANY PROCEEDING in violation of civil rights, due process, and state, federal and international law.)

The time has come to prosecute the conspirators in this case. Sad to see that Mindy Harris has allowed herself to be manipulated by the corruption involved in this case.

It is time to prosecute. It is clear. I have been terrorized enough. THIS CONSPIRACY IS REVEALED. It is simply a matter of getting the full list of conspirators. Just a matter of finally documenting ALL of the corruption involved in this case. The volume is overwhelming. The evidence is clear.


So why is it that an IP address registered with Montgomery County is reviewing the exact same pages on the exact same day as the Travelers Insurance Company??? A remarkable coincidence? or an assessment of the county’s liability before they commit a few more criminal and civil rights violations?

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