Today at the Support Conference, Valerie Angst was over 15 minutes late. The conference began before she arrived.

When she arrived she had an armed security guard escort her. The guard remained during the entire conference. Valerie lies to the court staff and alleges that I threatened her. She’s done this previously, then she procedes to provoke an argument. She informed my attorney of this false allegation on March 18, 2010.

Almost immediately she began baiting me with rude remarks and lies. Any response from me to her jibes was met with a correction from the guard.

When she failed to get a rise out of me, she showed the monster she really is by saying “at least my kids talk to me.” The extreme nastiness of this miserable woman who destroyed my family daring to bring my children into yet another situation was clearly meant for an emotional response.

I replied by asking if her children will be able to talk to her and her husband when they are in a federal prison.

When will the court realize they are being manipulated by this monster. Valerie Angst is evil and desperate to conceal her criminal advice to her client. This isn’t about divorce, it’s about destroying her victim and covering-up for her criminasl actions and those of her clients and contractors.

The goal today was simply to delay long enough for Sonya to leave the country for a vacation from which she does not plan to return. That way she avoids prosecution, and her lawyers can continue the torture on her behalf for the next few years.

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