It is absolutely maddening to have to endure this constant incorrect responses to requests for Discovery Documents.

I had to request the discovery documents. I did. (January 2010)

They had to have time to provide it. They did not. (March 2010)

I had to file a Motion to Compel. I did. (April 2010)

There was a Hearing. (May 2010)

The Discovery Master recommended an Order. (June 2010)

The Judge issued the order. (June 2010)

They provide the incomplete paperwork AGAIN.
Paperwork that I already had BECAUSE THEY ARE MY BANK STATEMENTS, but missing a few pages. It’s the statements they did not provide that I had requested.

BUT THERE’S MORE… (They always have an additional action to their ‘accidental’ errors. It is not meant to clarify, it is intended to permit the introduction of further chaos if their actions are exposed.)

In their transmittal letter, they incorrectly referenced what was sent. (OOPS, an accidental error. I could see this one from a mile away this time.)

SURPRISE! A week later, you get a letter correcting their misstatement, but still failing to provide the documents requested and ordered.

SO… after 6 months of paperwork, petitions, conferences and hearings…

You went thru the process. You filed, You waited, You explained, You waited, You received the wrong things…

START OVER AGAIN,… But this time you get to start over and they will accuse you of doing this purposely. This has been their plan all along.

YOU HAVE TO START ALL OVER… They aren’t in contempt because they have “obviously” misunderstood the phrases in the Court Order – even though they were in the conferences and hearings. You have no choice but to endure another round of this discovery game.

There are 2 tactics at work here:
The tactic of providing vast amounts of incorrect documentation is intended to waste time. Forcing you to request the correct documentation again and again, is intended to exhaust everyone involved. All the while, they complain to the court that you are asking for too much paperwork. They then present all of the unrequested documents to the court making it appear that you are being unreasonable. BUT, THEY STILL HAVE YET TO PROVIDE THE DOCUMENTS YOU REQUESTED. REASON: THE DOCUMENTS YOU ARE REQUESTING WILL REVEAL MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR CRIMES.

The tactic of everything they do provide being altered, or clearly fraudulent. By submitting all information to the court which is altered, inaccurate or fraud, when you point out their fraud, they will indicate that YOU THINK EVERYTHING IS FRAUD so you must be wrong. And after you spend all your time proving their fraud, they will indicate you wasted the courts time, because YOU knew it was fraud.

The feeling of exhaustion from over 3 years of this ‘game’ is overwhelming. Their apparent impunity prevents them from any repercussions.

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