Can it be a coincidence? I cannot get to pages which refer to impunity issues in Pennsylvania or Montgomery County, PA. Any page returned by a search engine with the terms fails to load, or causes a website restore error and the browser fails to load the page.

Who is working so hard to destroy me? Why are they above the law? After over 3 years of constant terror, I still see no end in sight. They are not going to stop until I am dead. I fear they will attempt to stage a murder and make it look like suicide – something I am not capable of doing to myself. So if somehow it appears that I killed myself, DO NOT BELIEVE IT… CHARGE SONYA HEALY WITH MURDER. CHARGE ANGST & ANGST WITH MURDER. CHARGE THEIR UNNAMED PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WITH MURDER. CHARGE MONTGOMERY COUNTY WITH CRIMINAL IMPUNITY. THEY HAVE MURDERED ME.

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