At the June 3, 2010 conference Valerie Angst misrepresented that I was under her client’s medical coverage.

This was news to me because in 3 years, I have never received any cards which indicated I was included under her insurance coverage.

Valerie Angst indicated she would have the insurance cards sent to me. Nothing received yet.

I can’t call Valerie Angst because a conversation would only provide her an opportunity to lie about the contents of the conversation. She has already lied to the court saying I had threatened her.

I can’t contact my wife’s employer for the insurance cards. The filed some lies about email addresses and internet access to email, so there is a court order indicating I cannot contact anyone at her place of work.

I am left with no other option but to file with the court… a court which can’t be bothered with the constant rhetoric and chaos in this case so it dismisses all of them. Their impunity is very time consuming, and it is taking an awful long time for their inexplicable impunity to violate every law and procedure to crush me completely.

So on we go… Another Emergency Petition… they will rule it not an emergency – even though it is a health issue… schedule it out in a month or two… and the court may order her to provide the cards.

Who is wasting the courts time? The guy trying to survive? or the lawyer/client who lie about everything?

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