June 9, 2010
[Hearing Officer]
Domestic Relations Office Docket# 2010-DR-00910
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA 19404 PACSES Case# 853111584

[Hearing Officer],

At a conference on June 3, 2010 at 2:15PM relating to support, Valerie Angst arrived 10 minutes late and was accompanied by a guard who had been working at the building entrance. The guard remained standing in the doorway of your office for the duration of the conference.

It has come to my attention that this is not a standard procedure for support conferences.

After an Equitable Distribution conference on March 18, 2010, my attorney, Marguerite Nocchi indicated that Valerie Angst had falsely indicated that I had threatened her. That allegation is untrue and is completely without any merit. I have not spoken with, or even seen, Mrs. Angst since December 2007.

It is my belief that this false allegation may have once again been made prior to this meeting by Mrs. Angst in an attempt (1) to distract you from your responsibilities; (2) to influence and prejudice your opinion; and (3) to intimidate me as Mrs. Angst proceeded to present fraudulent misinformation and outright lies regarding her client’s actions, financial records and work experience.

Mrs. Angst also proceeded to insult and bait me regarding the financial issues which we were discussing. You may recall her saying “at least my kids talk to me” as a non-sequitur response to my indicating her lie regarding her client’s voluntary retirement package from Unisys Corporation. Her remark failed to get the wild or emotional reaction she anticipated.

The truth is her comment disgusted me and revealed the truly twisted monster that I have been battling for over 3 years. Her unethical, fraudulent and criminal actions have caused the complete breakdown of my relationship with my two children. For her to snipe that comment after what she has done to my children is vile.

I am respectfully requesting an explanation for the guard accompanying Mrs. Angst to the conference; and what necessitated his continued presence at the conference. I would appreciate a direct response at your earliest convenience and the inclusion of this information in your report.


Terance Healy
110 Banbury Avenue
North Wales, PA 19454

Hearing Officer’s name redacted here, but included on original letter.
Delivered to the Montgomery County Domestic Relations Office on June 9, 2010 at 3:56PM at which time I spoke to the guard involved in the event and he indicated to me that he had been asked by the front desk to accompany Mrs Angst. He said he did not know why the escort was requested. When asked for information he did not want to provide his name, or his badge number.

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