At the June 3, 2010 conference Valerie Angst misrepresented that I was under her client’s medical coverage.

This was news to me because in 3 years, I have never received any cards which indicated I was included under her insurance coverage.

Valerie Angst indicated she would have the insurance cards sent to me. Nothing received yet.

I can’t call Valerie Angst because a conversation would only provide her an opportunity to lie about the contents of the conversation. She has already lied to the court saying I had threatened her.

I can’t contact my wife’s employer for the insurance cards. The filed some lies about email addresses and internet access to email, so there is a court order indicating I cannot contact anyone at her place of work.

I am left with no other option but to file with the court… a court which can’t be bothered with the constant rhetoric and chaos in this case so it dismisses all of them. Their impunity is very time consuming, and it is taking an awful long time for their inexplicable impunity to violate every law and procedure to crush me completely.

So on we go… Another Emergency Petition… they will rule it not an emergency – even though it is a health issue… schedule it out in a month or two… and the court may order her to provide the cards.

Who is wasting the courts time? The guy trying to survive? or the lawyer/client who lie about everything?


It would seem that Sonya Healy is going to be doing some international travel.

As my only exit from her terroristic divorce is the prosecution of the people and companies/organizations behind the terroristic actions, is it outside the realm of possibility that Sonya Healy does not plan to return to the USA? While Sonya hides in the U.K., Angst & Angst can continue to act on her behalf to maintain the unending and prolonged divorce proceedings.

This is not outside the realm of imagination. Not even outside the experience of the Montgomery County courts. The Librett/Marran case shows that in Montgomery County a criminal can have her attorneys continue expensive and unending litigation by proxy EVEN WHEN the attorney’s do not know the whereabouts of their client.

In Librett, the father was denied any relationship or contact with his child while the mother who kidnapped her was in hiding with the child in Canada, yet all the while the mother’s attorneys continued the legal battle against the father’s court ordered custody …even while the child was missing …for over 3 years.

So, is Sonya Healy going on the vacation like she planned for her son 2 years ago,… Recall when the court denied the father’s legal rights and without any conference, proceeding, hearing, or opportunity to respond to the false allegations in the mother’s petition, the court ordered the father permit the child to leave the country EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS A 6 MONTH OLD CUSTODY PETITION PENDING. A clear violation of PA, US and International laws on custody, and a due process civil rights violation.

The child did return from the ‘vacation’, but probably only because the plan was exposed before they could eliminate the liabilities of all involved parties, mother, lawyers and court staff.

This might explain why there was an attempt to continue the June 3, 2010 support hearing all the way into September.

Angst & Angst had post dated their letter requesting a continuance of June 3 into the following week. But why?

A typo (?) or an attempt to conceal their late submission month long (August) vacation schedule to the court? At the June 3 support conference (which she had tried unsuccessfully to continue) as the matter was being scheduled before a support master, Valerie was very VERY quick to point out that her vacation had already been approved/accepted by the court . Very quick indeed.


It is absolutely maddening to have to endure this constant incorrect responses to requests for Discovery Documents.

I had to request the discovery documents. I did. (January 2010)

They had to have time to provide it. They did not. (March 2010)

I had to file a Motion to Compel. I did. (April 2010)

There was a Hearing. (May 2010)

The Discovery Master recommended an Order. (June 2010)

The Judge issued the order. (June 2010)

They provide the incomplete paperwork AGAIN.
Paperwork that I already had BECAUSE THEY ARE MY BANK STATEMENTS, but missing a few pages. It’s the statements they did not provide that I had requested.

BUT THERE’S MORE… (They always have an additional action to their ‘accidental’ errors. It is not meant to clarify, it is intended to permit the introduction of further chaos if their actions are exposed.)

In their transmittal letter, they incorrectly referenced what was sent. (OOPS, an accidental error. I could see this one from a mile away this time.)

SURPRISE! A week later, you get a letter correcting their misstatement, but still failing to provide the documents requested and ordered.

SO… after 6 months of paperwork, petitions, conferences and hearings…

You went thru the process. You filed, You waited, You explained, You waited, You received the wrong things…

START OVER AGAIN,… But this time you get to start over and they will accuse you of doing this purposely. This has been their plan all along.

YOU HAVE TO START ALL OVER… They aren’t in contempt because they have “obviously” misunderstood the phrases in the Court Order – even though they were in the conferences and hearings. You have no choice but to endure another round of this discovery game.

There are 2 tactics at work here:
The tactic of providing vast amounts of incorrect documentation is intended to waste time. Forcing you to request the correct documentation again and again, is intended to exhaust everyone involved. All the while, they complain to the court that you are asking for too much paperwork. They then present all of the unrequested documents to the court making it appear that you are being unreasonable. BUT, THEY STILL HAVE YET TO PROVIDE THE DOCUMENTS YOU REQUESTED. REASON: THE DOCUMENTS YOU ARE REQUESTING WILL REVEAL MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR CRIMES.

The tactic of everything they do provide being altered, or clearly fraudulent. By submitting all information to the court which is altered, inaccurate or fraud, when you point out their fraud, they will indicate that YOU THINK EVERYTHING IS FRAUD so you must be wrong. And after you spend all your time proving their fraud, they will indicate you wasted the courts time, because YOU knew it was fraud.

The feeling of exhaustion from over 3 years of this ‘game’ is overwhelming. Their apparent impunity prevents them from any repercussions.

June 9, 2010
[Hearing Officer]
Domestic Relations Office Docket# 2010-DR-00910
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA 19404 PACSES Case# 853111584

[Hearing Officer],

At a conference on June 3, 2010 at 2:15PM relating to support, Valerie Angst arrived 10 minutes late and was accompanied by a guard who had been working at the building entrance. The guard remained standing in the doorway of your office for the duration of the conference.

It has come to my attention that this is not a standard procedure for support conferences.

After an Equitable Distribution conference on March 18, 2010, my attorney, Marguerite Nocchi indicated that Valerie Angst had falsely indicated that I had threatened her. That allegation is untrue and is completely without any merit. I have not spoken with, or even seen, Mrs. Angst since December 2007.

It is my belief that this false allegation may have once again been made prior to this meeting by Mrs. Angst in an attempt (1) to distract you from your responsibilities; (2) to influence and prejudice your opinion; and (3) to intimidate me as Mrs. Angst proceeded to present fraudulent misinformation and outright lies regarding her client’s actions, financial records and work experience.

Mrs. Angst also proceeded to insult and bait me regarding the financial issues which we were discussing. You may recall her saying “at least my kids talk to me” as a non-sequitur response to my indicating her lie regarding her client’s voluntary retirement package from Unisys Corporation. Her remark failed to get the wild or emotional reaction she anticipated.

The truth is her comment disgusted me and revealed the truly twisted monster that I have been battling for over 3 years. Her unethical, fraudulent and criminal actions have caused the complete breakdown of my relationship with my two children. For her to snipe that comment after what she has done to my children is vile.

I am respectfully requesting an explanation for the guard accompanying Mrs. Angst to the conference; and what necessitated his continued presence at the conference. I would appreciate a direct response at your earliest convenience and the inclusion of this information in your report.


Terance Healy
110 Banbury Avenue
North Wales, PA 19454

Hearing Officer’s name redacted here, but included on original letter.
Delivered to the Montgomery County Domestic Relations Office on June 9, 2010 at 3:56PM at which time I spoke to the guard involved in the event and he indicated to me that he had been asked by the front desk to accompany Mrs Angst. He said he did not know why the escort was requested. When asked for information he did not want to provide his name, or his badge number.


Today at the Support Conference, Valerie Angst was over 15 minutes late. The conference began before she arrived.

When she arrived she had an armed security guard escort her. The guard remained during the entire conference. Valerie lies to the court staff and alleges that I threatened her. She’s done this previously, then she procedes to provoke an argument. She informed my attorney of this false allegation on March 18, 2010.

Almost immediately she began baiting me with rude remarks and lies. Any response from me to her jibes was met with a correction from the guard.

When she failed to get a rise out of me, she showed the monster she really is by saying “at least my kids talk to me.” The extreme nastiness of this miserable woman who destroyed my family daring to bring my children into yet another situation was clearly meant for an emotional response.

I replied by asking if her children will be able to talk to her and her husband when they are in a federal prison.

When will the court realize they are being manipulated by this monster. Valerie Angst is evil and desperate to conceal her criminal advice to her client. This isn’t about divorce, it’s about destroying her victim and covering-up for her criminasl actions and those of her clients and contractors.

The goal today was simply to delay long enough for Sonya to leave the country for a vacation from which she does not plan to return. That way she avoids prosecution, and her lawyers can continue the torture on her behalf for the next few years.


Valerie Angst lies with impunity.
– Valerie Angst lies about continuances for hearings that happened. Equitable Distribution Master Bruce Goldenberg confirmed the conference was NOT continued and occurred. YET, Valerie Angst has twice filed documents which indicate I requested a continuance for a conference I was not permitted to attend. When you have a lawyer, you are not permitted into the conference.
– Valerie Angst lies to conceal her not scheduling a home appraisal – and accuses me of refusing to allow her appraiser access to the home. I was contacted at 4:30 the night before a 9AM appointment. It was all done in writing, with date and time stamps, but she lied about it.
– Valerie Angst lied on her latest continuance request… She faxing it to the Domestic Relations Office on May 21, I received a copy on May 22, yet the documented was intentionally misdated May 24. (THIS IS NOT THE FIRST FRAUDULENT DOCUMENT – it is not a clerical error when it happens on EVERY DOCUMENT.)

The above lies were only a few latest from the last hearing… It is impossible to answer all of their lies and maintain sight of the issue at hand. This tactic has been used repeatedly. But apparently, even when the lie is exposed, they are immune from any penalty.


Can it be a coincidence? I cannot get to pages which refer to impunity issues in Pennsylvania or Montgomery County, PA. Any page returned by a search engine with the terms fails to load, or causes a website restore error and the browser fails to load the page.

Who is working so hard to destroy me? Why are they above the law? After over 3 years of constant terror, I still see no end in sight. They are not going to stop until I am dead. I fear they will attempt to stage a murder and make it look like suicide – something I am not capable of doing to myself. So if somehow it appears that I killed myself, DO NOT BELIEVE IT… CHARGE SONYA HEALY WITH MURDER. CHARGE ANGST & ANGST WITH MURDER. CHARGE THEIR UNNAMED PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WITH MURDER. CHARGE MONTGOMERY COUNTY WITH CRIMINAL IMPUNITY. THEY HAVE MURDERED ME.


It would seem that many of the sites which reference IMPUNITY are inaccessible… this includes those which reference the topic as well on FaceBook.

For instance links on the ABOUT page at ImpunityWatch do not work…


Impunity – the impossibility, de jure or de facto, of bringing the perpetrators of violations to account – whether in criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary proceedings – since they are not subject to any inquiry that might lead to their being accused, arrested, tried and, if found guilty, sentenced to appropriate penalties, and to making reparations to their victims.

Impunity arises from a failure to meet obligations to investigate violations; to take appropriate measures in respect of the perpetrators, particularly in the area of justice, by ensuring that those suspected of criminal responsibility are prosecuted, tried and duly punished; to provide victims with effective remedies and to ensure that they receive reparation for the injuries suffered; to ensure the inalienable right to know the truth about violations; and to take other necessary steps to prevent a recurrence of violations.

The following have been violated with complete impunity.
1. Pennsylvania State Law
2. US Federal Law
3. The Hague Convention
4. Montgomery County Rules of Civil Procedure
5. Court Orders issued by Judge Dickman, Judge DelRicci and Judge Bertin
6. Due Process – Court Orders issued by Judge Danielle, and Judge Tillson.
7. Civil Rights Violations
8. Code Of Conduct – Judiciary
9. Code of Conduct – Lawyers

Since 2007, Sonya Healy has NEVER followed the terms of ANY Agreement or Court Order. Her lawyer throws irrelevant rhetoric, chaos and LIES into every proceding.

In May 2010, Attorney Valerie Angst LIED in 2 filings to the court. LIED! And still was apparently immune from any action.

I am constantly told that the process has to be followed. That, quite frankly, apparently applies only to me. I FOLLOW THEIR PROCESS, I lose… custody, child support, discovery, equitable distribution… AND, even when I prove their crimes… not cognizable.

Why doesn’t someone look at this and recognize, this is NOT ABOUT DIVORCE… it about covering up the crimes… The criminal acts of the client which were recommended by the unethical lawyer… to what end… My destruction.


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