“quit being a pussy and say those words to bobs face you coward. burn in hell”
received from Colin Healy on April 27, 2010 @ 8:25pm

1. Colin Healy is being very rude.
2. Colin to which words are you referring? I have told you to stay out of the divorce. Please stop calling your 76-year-old grandmother if your sole purpose is to upset her.
3. Who is ‘bob’?
4. I am no coward.
I don’t lie and I don’t put my children in a position to lie for me.
I don’t hire people to harass anyone.
I don’t hire people to spy on anyone.
I don’t make false reports to police.
I don’t ask my friends to make false reports to police.
I don’t file petitions because “my attorney said it would hinder you financially.”
I don’t try to hurt my children financially by filing a counter petition when they make false allegations.
I also don’t use spoofing programs to send people nasty text messages.

Colin, ‘burn in hell’ is beginning to sound kind of trite at this point. Unless you are making this your new tag line when you sign off, you might want to consider changing that. But, do avoid the hate speak. It makes me laugh when you do that.

BTW, Colin, if you are short of money for school, your mother has wasted an awful lot on legal fees. WHY?

And take a peek at the wills that your mother submitted to the court after her parents passed away. I had spoken to your grandparents at length about their wills. They modified the wills to remove their sons-in-law after Cecelia & Dick began their divorce BUT at that same time they named their grandchildren as secondary beneficiaries. They apologized to me and I told them my feelings were not hurt at all. I totally understood how very proud they felt to be taking care of their grandchildren.

Lee & Geri Pursel did NOT cut their grandchildren out of their wills. The wills submitted have numerous flaws that clearly show they are not correct and true. Who did the sloppy cut and paste work on those wills? Very poorly executed fraud. I never would have let you turn in a book report with that many errors and flaws… do you think Lee Pursel would have signed it as his legacy? NOT A CHANCE.
a. Lee Pursel’s signatures do not match on several pages.
b. Geri Pursel’s signatures do not match on several pages.
c. They named Sonya P Healy. It’s Sonya L Healy. L is for Lee.
d. They named Cecelia P Williams. It’s Cecelia L Williams. L is for Lee.
e. Geri Pursel and I were the only two in the family without the Lee middle name.
“P Healy” probably came from editing MY NAME.
f. With over 10 years to correct the errors, Lee Pursel NEVER would have left those lines uncorrected.
e. The documents fail to indicate a secondary beneficiary. Definitely a mistake and a HUGE error in the forgery.
… and there is more

The wills were part of public record. So when Sonya refused to provide them it was just a matter of going to the courthouse to get them.

Sonya Healy has been a very bad liar since she began the divorce process in January 2007.

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