This morning, while I was making some calls and preparing to post a few entries, there was a noise in the basement.

The noise can best be described as ‘a series of circuit breakers being thrown’. There was no one else in the house at the time. There hadn’t been anyone in the basement since yesterday and nothing was left on. I went down to check out the noises and there appeared to be nothing to note.

My general thought is that it may well be time to investigate exactly what is hidden behind the one wall. One wall has been at the center of many questionable ‘things’. I had always thought that they had found a way back in to remove whatever it was hidden there… but apparently they have not yet removed it. I think I know what it is and does. I am very curious to see exactly what it looks like after all this time. I had only read about their use in the UK. How do you suppose one ended up in my basement?

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