A lawyer whose advise results in their client’s commision of a crime will do everything within their power to avoid their own prosecution and disbarrment.

A Private Investigator will not expose the actions and tactics of another Private Investigator.

Police won’t generally expose the improper actions of other police, or former police officers.

County Detectives follow the same and protect the police from exposure.

The District Attorney’s Office protects their own staff who have directed detectives and police not to act.

An organization known as the AntiSpyware Coalition advocates against detection and removal of the surveillance software.

Software companies like McAfee, Symantec, Microsoft, etc… code their anti-virus, anti-spyware programs to permit the stealth installation of surveillance programs. They allow the programs to run secretly. The programs are not invisible. The programs are permitted to hide very well.

When you detect them, don’t expect any assistance…. they will all pretend to have no comprehension of the science fiction type idea you are presenting. They will all concentrate their efforts on ignoring you.

This is what has happened to me since July 2007 when I proved the software was illegally installed on my computers in February 2007. BUT, I have survived and persevered for several years. I had no choice or any other option. Sorry, I am just not capable of suicide. I imagine there have been plenty who exited by that method.

The longer I last the more likely their whole conspiracy will be exposed…
… Now everyone knows about the sci-fi program that can activate a camera remotely and spy on students in Upper Merion school District.
… Now everyone knows your neighbors can hack your computers like Philly’s so-called Bonnie & Clyde.

“Through their own words. They will be exposed. They’ve got a severe case of the Emperor’s new clothes.” – O’Connor

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