Last time they were unable to schedule anything it held up Judge Del Ricci scheduling anything from March 5, 2009 until mid-June delaying any actions in custody until he arbitrarily decided to recuse himself in July 2009.

Previously, Sara Goren had delayed scheduling the custody issue EVEN AFTER being told it was ridiculous for her to have suggested my waiting 3 weeks to reconsider going to court with the custody case. After waiting 6 months for her to have her waste of time conciliation conference? and it had been almost a year since I had seen my son. She waited anyway and I got wind of plans to take my son out of the US without my permission which was required.

The two petitions which have not been scheduled will directly affect the ability to comply with the next submission requirement. And when I don’t do something, THAT is blamed for everything which does and doesn’t happen.

So again, we have scheduling delays… this time we find Sonya is trying to leave the USA. If she didn;t return, well things would just continue much the same with her attorneys continuing to handle the harassment and her not available for anything. (Expecting their paranoid accusations.)

Perhaps Montgomery County Court Administration is a much more involved participant in this ‘divorce’.

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