It is unfathomable that the divorce is now starting it’s 4th year. Who would have imagined? And why is it taking so long? How many more people will they throw under the bus with their manipulations?

Why is she (are they) permitted to commit crimes and not be prosecuted?

And while I hold out hope for resolution, it would be absolutely foolish to believe that Equitable Distribution will be handled any differently than Support and Custody.

– The Support Master carelessly entered a Support Order using financial data which was known to be completely inaccurate. Ignoring that they spent more in legal fees seeking Child Support, their goal of ‘hindering you financially’ was successful. It was only after 8 months that the figures were resolved in the appeal. Your credit and financial situation was annihilated, AND, the added bonus of you being humiliated and thrown in jail.

– The Custody Master was completely corrupt. She continued sessions for personal emergencies which she could not recall. She suggested delaying a court date for 3 weeks for absolutely no reason, and then filed reports which did not contain anything which was discussed in the sessions. AND, delayed scheduling the court date for 3 weeks anyway. Sara Goren was completely incompetent and her actions were criminal. When you responded to her fraudulent report, you were told that the court would not reconsider the credibility determinations of the Master. BUT, SHE COMPLETELY IGNORED THE FACT THAT THE CHILD WAS USED IN A BURGLARY OF THE HOME. THERE WERE PICTURES. THERE WERE CONTEMPT RULINGS. IT WAS UNDENIABLE. YET, THE EVENT FAILED TO MAKE HER REPORT ALONG WITH ANYTHING ELSE WHICH WAS SAID IN THE MEETING.

It is overwhelmingly apparent that there is an incredible conspiracy preventing justice in this case. But why?

When will Law Enforcement get involved and provide ‘equal protection under the law’? It’s obvious that I have no protection from their criminal actions. I also have no recourse while police, county detectives, and the FBI refuse to get involved in any of the reported crimes. WHY?

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