There has been a ‘wound’ on my head that appeared in August 2007. Oddly, it does not heal even after being treated with medicated shampoos, antibacterial ointment, burn ointment, etc… When I began treating it as a burn, the size of the ‘wound’ was reduced to about the size of a dime. It is still a dry hard patch of skin, and hair doesn’t regrow in the spot.

I had been thinking the wound was the result of minerals in sweat being heated by the ultrasonic radio waves used to monitor the house. The ultrasonic radio waves were noticed in August 2007, and confirmed in December 2007. The ultrasonic harassment has been documented and demonstrated in other articles on this site.  In my opinion, after my dog was drugged during the Robbery in March 2008,  the constant exposure to the ultrasonic waves prevented his recovery and affected the animal’s liver and kidney function, causing the dog to waste away and leading to the dog’s death in October 2008.

AND THEN, Monday January 11, 2010, on CSI:Miami. I was stunned to see a device used in their storyline – a subcutaneous GPS being used by a mother to track her daughter. I knew that GPS devices came in a variety of sizes, but had no idea they could be this small… and implanted without the target being aware.

Here’s a few pictures from the show…

Picture #1 – the GPS device in an evidence vial

Picture #2 – The GPS device pictured with a scale to indicate it’s size. The device is smaller than a grain of rice.

Picture #3 – The CSI style closeup of the device and syringe as it is implanted under the target’s skin.

Crazy, right? Consider the following…
– These devices have been around for a few years already.
– These GPS devices are widely used in countries where kidnapping risks are high. Parents inject their children to enable faster recovery should the child be kidnapped.
– The devices are coated with a material which hardens the skin at the implanted location to prevent the device from floating/migrating to another part of the body.

– On at least 2 occasions while housecleaning I found what I believed at the time to be small car fuses that someone may have dropped. The only other person in the house at the time strangely denied ownership. ( I still have them. )
– I have found a topical local anesthetic on the floor and the two people in the house at the time strangely denied ownership though it had to be one of theirs. It was an item I have never purchased and IT WAS ON THE FLOOR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM. ( I still have the tube. )
– I have discovered bruises on both forearms on at least 3 occasions which are not the part of any bump or injury I can recall. The bruises resembled a handprint – when a hand was placed over the bruise as if it was holding my arm down to restrain me, it matched up with the thumb and heel of an adult sized hand.

I was reminded by a friend, that she saw the bruises which appeared in July 2009. After a sudden, mysterious, and unexplained exit of a house guest caught in a series of lies. When calmly presented with questions about his story, at around 1:30AM, he decided to leave immediately. The tone and attitude of his parting words suggested he somehow knew my wife directly. “You’re a nice guy, and you do not deserve what’s happening to you. I wish I could help, but… your wife is an absolute bitch.” And he disappeared… and has since avoided any communications or contact.

The FBI does not tag people they may be investigating. Not even terrorist suspects get tagged.
Local Police and County Detectives would not use this type of device and their investigations rarely exceed a few weeks.
But, how about a private investigator who is attempting to cover up the illegal activities described on this web site and avoid Federal, State and local prosecution?

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