Immediately after her meeting with Valerie Angst in January 2007, Sonya Healy went to Verizon and picked up a phone which she kept secret.

She used this phone to immediately call her son Colin. Colin then called her back. It is perfectly logical that Sonya would call Colin whom she had already told about her plans to divorce. (I have those phone records. I have the phone number from that phone.)

That phone was used for contacting everyone setting up the computer surveillance, and the phone surveillance, and troubleshooting anything which went wrong with the surveillance. That phone would contain calls to all of the people she had working with her on her divorce.

When she provided her phone records as part of discovery for a contempt hearing, there were NO CALLS TO HER LAWYER AT ANY TIME. She was always using the secret phone to contact her lawyers. AND SHE WAS IN CONTEMPT OF THE DISCOVERY ORDER TO PROVIDE ALL PHONE RECORDS.

That secret phone is the phone she misplaced which scared her into moving out of the marital residence. She thought I had found it.

It was the first of many phones she has used. I have a few of the other numbers as well. Including the number of a phone purchased for her by her sister in Alexandria Virginia.

And Sonya Healy discussed her divorce plans with alot of people before I discovered her secret bank accounts… She had a 5 month headstart, during which time she manipulated money and destroyed my business with her computer hack. Affecting not only my finances, but the day to day business of my clients whose internet sites were affected and storefronts had to be shutdown because of the security issue she caused.

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