Keep in mind, that they have full control of communication, by phone or computer.

The phone software permits them complete control of anyone getting in touch with you or texting you.

The computer software permits them to control your email. What gets out. What gets in. AND they can prevent you from finding anything on the web based on a single word appearing on the web page.

You cannot effectively communicate, and you explain this and have not lost your audience. Next, you have the chaos working against you. And when you explain the chaos, you have the corruption and fraud working against you. And most can’t imagine how you survived the parts of the story they have heard. They haven’t heard the full story. You haven’t even gotten to the emotional aspects.

Why haven’t you killed yourself yet? You are not supposed to survive this far. I’ve got one weapon they can’t ever possess. I’ve got the truth. And while the truth can’t be heard above the chaos and unfounded lies in a courtroom. “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” has not been heard in Montgomery County Courts.

The truth is all over this web site.THE TRUTH HAS KEPT ME ALIVE… even when I am overwhelmed with despair.

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