The Security Programs have failed… There is NO PROTECTION from surveillance programs and the power of their devastating threat to your computer security.

The programs which you purchase to provide computer security have failed you. THEY ARE NOT DETECTING THESE TYPES OF SURVEILLANCE PROGRAMS. Ther are intentionally permitting the programs to persist. They are additionally not informing you of the risk to your computer’s security. Once installed there is no way to prevent the outgoing flow of data from your computer, providing exposing everything you do on your computer to the person who has got you under surveillance.

The Anti-Spyware Coalition is a group which decides which spyware programs are detected consist of the many companies.

AhnLab; Aluria Software , an Earthlink company; Anchiva Systems; AOL; AVG Technologies; Bit9; Canadian Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email; US Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email; Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic; CastleCops; Center for Democracy & Technology; CNET Networks; Computer Associates; Dell, Inc.; ESET; Facetime Communications; F-Secure Corporation; Google; HP; ICSA Labs; Internet Education Foundation; IronPort; Lavasoft; McAfee Inc.; Microsoft; National Center for Victims of Crime; National Cyber Security Alliance; National Network to End Domestic Violence; Panda Security; PC Tools; Radialpoint; Safer-Networking Ltd.; Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic at Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley School of Law; Sana Security; Shavlik Technologies; Sophos; Spamhaus; StopBadware.org, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School; Sunbelt Software; Symantec; Tenebril; Trend Micro; Webroot Software; Yahoo! Inc.

They ALL allow surveillance programs to be installed and run without detection, prevention, removal or notification.

There is no reason any responsible company, or parent, would install the program stealthily. Companies have no reason to intentionally attempt to entrap employees secretly. What type of a parent wants their child to learn that they do not trust them and have installed this type of program to spy on them.   It undermines the parent/child relationship when there is no trust. And further, the surveillance programs use incredible amounts of resources to record and transmit EVERYTHING you do on your computer, while at the same time preventing you from finding any detection and resolution to the ‘slow down’ issue.

And should you find it yourself, be prepared to become a target of extreme harassment – to deter you from ever being able to report the crime.

The risk is not only to the target of the surveillance.  Those who stupidly use this type of software for illegal purposes face prosecution, when caught.

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