Since the harassment started, be it sonic or ultrasonic, there has been a pattern which became more and more evident over time with a reliable consistency to the point that there is no denying it. Ants are affected by the disturbing ‘noise’ which is being used in the attack on me. The pattern or level of the noise, the response of the ants, and the response of my dog (before he was killed) has provided a very accurate indicator of the emotional state for the day. Reliably forecasting morning, afternoon, evening and overnight.

When there are NO ANTS in the kitchen, it is going to be a good day.
When there are ANTS AT THE KITCHEN SINK, it is going to be a stressful day. Symptoms include: a short fuse, difficulty focusing on single issues, a type of Attention Deficit Disorder, frustration levels are high.
When there are ANTS ON THE ISLAND, it is going to be a highly emotional day. Symptoms include: unable to focus on any issue or task, no activity is completed (be it laundry, housework, even watching television for 30 minutes), frequent outbursts of overwhelming emotion – crying jags. It is usually best to get out of the house on these days. I’ll work in the yard, hit the grocery store, or go over to my mother’s house.
When there are ANTS BY THE INTERIOR WALLS, it indicates an extreme day. Symptoms include: complete inability to focus, even to speak and assemble thoughts, constant overwhelming emotional thoughts, and crying, lots of crying, at the hopelessness and lack of help from anyone. If I even think of the kids for an instant on this level, the emotion is incapacitating. If unable to get out of the house (which requires thought to do), I find myself incapacitated in bed, or on the couch, for the duration of the day.

So call it crazy, call it what you will. The situation IS crazy, but the man is sane and rational and capable of recognizing details and patterns which developed over the extended period of time. The ants are responding to the vibrations, or sonic disturbance, and coming out of the ground when “whatever this is” is turned on. The ants then further respond to the higher level by moving farther away from the disturbance. Ants are pretty sensitive creatures. Over time their behavior patterns matched with my emotional state revealing a barometer which reliably forecast an emotional expectation.

Knowing the forecast also allowed me to rationally recognize and adjust my actions and responses as best I could. But sometimes when it is raining, even with an umbrella, you are going to get a little wet.

Coincidence? The forecasts corresponded to events on the court calendar, appearances, dates petitions were filed, or deadlines for responses. How do you suppose the ants knew the court schedule? The computers always had problems, or were completely disabled, at times which corresponded to the court calendar too. Same coincidence?

Oh, and yes, of course, initially I used ant traps on the problem. The ant traps provided tangible indicators which I moved to the locations as the ants moved. As the ant traps were left in place they indicated “yesterday’s status” which corroborated the ant location and the ‘type of day’ experienced.

For the record this week after the court date
on Monday (No Ants),
on Tuesday (Ants on the Island),
on Wednesday (Ants on the Island),
on Thursday (Ants on the Island),
on Friday (No Ants) … so far.

Over time the patterns which develop are quite clear. Again, I think they underestimated me, my technical abilities, my resourcefulness, my attention to detail, my strength of character, and my ability to handle the emotional attacks and humiliations. I’m powered by the TRUTH.

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