The Security Programs have failed… There is NO PROTECTION from surveillance programs and the power of their devastating threat to your computer security.

The programs which you purchase to provide computer security have failed you. THEY ARE NOT DETECTING THESE TYPES OF SURVEILLANCE PROGRAMS. Ther are intentionally permitting the programs to persist. They are additionally not informing you of the risk to your computer’s security. Once installed there is no way to prevent the outgoing flow of data from your computer, providing exposing everything you do on your computer to the person who has got you under surveillance.

The Anti-Spyware Coalition is a group which decides which spyware programs are detected consist of the many companies.

AhnLab; Aluria Software , an Earthlink company; Anchiva Systems; AOL; AVG Technologies; Bit9; Canadian Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email; US Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email; Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic; CastleCops; Center for Democracy & Technology; CNET Networks; Computer Associates; Dell, Inc.; ESET; Facetime Communications; F-Secure Corporation; Google; HP; ICSA Labs; Internet Education Foundation; IronPort; Lavasoft; McAfee Inc.; Microsoft; National Center for Victims of Crime; National Cyber Security Alliance; National Network to End Domestic Violence; Panda Security; PC Tools; Radialpoint; Safer-Networking Ltd.; Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic at Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley School of Law; Sana Security; Shavlik Technologies; Sophos; Spamhaus; StopBadware.org, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School; Sunbelt Software; Symantec; Tenebril; Trend Micro; Webroot Software; Yahoo! Inc.

They ALL allow surveillance programs to be installed and run without detection, prevention, removal or notification.

There is no reason any responsible company, or parent, would install the program stealthily. Companies have no reason to intentionally attempt to entrap employees secretly. What type of a parent wants their child to learn that they do not trust them and have installed this type of program to spy on them.   It undermines the parent/child relationship when there is no trust. And further, the surveillance programs use incredible amounts of resources to record and transmit EVERYTHING you do on your computer, while at the same time preventing you from finding any detection and resolution to the ‘slow down’ issue.

And should you find it yourself, be prepared to become a target of extreme harassment – to deter you from ever being able to report the crime.

The risk is not only to the target of the surveillance.  Those who stupidly use this type of software for illegal purposes face prosecution, when caught.


Attempt to spy on worker at Akron hospital backfires; Man faces prison for e-mail infected with spyware

By Peter Krouse, The Plain Dealer

December 20, 2009, 10:56AM

If you ever had the urge to download one of those software programs that lets you spy on someone else’s computer, consider first the case of Scott Graham of Avon Lake.

Early last year, Graham, a cardiac surgical technician at University Hospitals in Cleveland, wanted to sneak a peek at the online activity of a woman he knew.

So he sent an e-mail to her personal Yahoo! account with an attachment that would unleash spyware when opened.

The spyware, legally purchased on the Internet, was designed to capture e-mails and screen shots from the infected computer and forward them to a stealth e-mail account Graham could peruse without anyone knowing.

But Graham got more than he expected when the woman, an employee of Akron Children’s Hospital, opened the e-mail attachment on her work computer instead of her personal computer as Graham had figured.

Graham was soon receiving hospital files, including more than 1,000 screen views, most containing confidential information about medical procedures and diagnostic notes for specific patients. He also received personal e-mail and financial records of four hospital employees.

The surreptitious flow of information went on for nearly three weeks before complaints of slow-acting computers led hospital personnel to discover the spyware, hospital officials said.

The FBI was contacted and Graham ultimately pleaded guilty to a felony, intercepting electronic communications, in U.S. District Court. He faces possible prison time when sentenced early next year, although probation is also possible.

Graham’s case raises questions. How could a hospital’s security be breached with a legal product? And how many other people might be trying something similar?

Most institutions like hospitals and schools have tools in place to protect their computers from viruses and other malicious software. At the time of the breach, Akron Children’s Hospital was doing a systemwide upgrade that included installation of a firewall on all workstations that would have kicked out the spyware, hospital executive Shawn Lyden said.

The firewall was installed but had not yet been activated on the two computers used to open Graham’s e-mail attachment, Lyden said.
“As a result of this, it was activated immediately,” he said.

Lyden said none of the files received by Graham were used to compromise patient privacy. “Clearly, Graham had no intention of accessing hospital information,” he said.

Attorney Ian Friedman said his client sent the e-mail to investigate allegations the woman had made about certain doctors and professionals in their industry. Court documents describe the woman as someone who had a previous relationship with Graham, but they do not offer additional details.
Friedman thinks a lot of people may be operating under the false assumption that using legally purchased spyware in the way Graham did is OK.

“This case may be a sign of more to come,” Friedman said, “but to date this has not been a common prosecution.”

Spyware that runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems has been around for nearly two decades, with 10 to 20 companies still developing it in the United States, said Eric Howes, director of research services at Sunbelt Software, a Florida producer of anti-spyware and anti-virus software protection.
Graham purchased his spyware from SpyTech Software and Design Inc. of Red Wing, Minn.

The company’s Web site states its products are legal as long as those buying the software install it on a computer they own.

SpyTech founder Nathan Polencheck said he helped the FBI catch Graham after being contacted last spring. The vast majority of people who buy the company’s software use it legally, including parents keeping track of their children’s computer habits and employers worried about improper Internet browsing on company time, Polencheck said.

Howes believes that might be an exaggeration, “but the bottom line is no one really knows,” he said.

While SpyTech software has legitimate uses, a product that can be installed remotely and without a target’s knowledge lends itself to unlawful uses, he said.

But there’s plenty of blame to go around, he said. While Akron Children’s Hospital had the proper protective software on its computers, it doesn’t do any good unless it’s turned on.

“Lesson to be learned there: Don’t have gaps in coverage,” Howes said.

He also faults Graham’s victim for opening the attachment.

It’s been nearly a decade since the infamous “I Love You” computer virus, he said, and “we still have users blindly clicking attachments that they don’t know what it is.”

He said even something sent from a legitimate e-mail address could have been maliciously sent by somebody else.

The e-mail attachment sent by Graham was labeled “InCaseYouHadDoubts.zip.” It was empty except for the undetectable spyware, Lyden said. It infected a second computer after the woman tried to open the attachment on that machine, too.

Lyden said the hospital has made it “crystal clear” since the incident that employees are not to access personal e-mails at work. The hospital spent $33,000 to hire a company to investigate the breach.

Polencheck said that since the Graham case he has enhanced one of his products, Realtime-Spy, so a message box pops up on the target’s computer when it’s being installed.

“Now the user has to confirm the installation so you can’t do it sneakily anymore,” he said.

But there are plenty of other spyware products out there for computer users to be concerned about. And for every fix that’s created, a pathway around it is designed, which means computer users must be diligent about keeping their virus and spyware protection updated.

“We are processing several gigabytes of new malicious software every day,” Howes said. “That’s how fast this stuff is coming out.”

It is remarkable that Eric from SUNBELT SOFTWARE neglected to mention that the CEO of SUNBELT SOFTWARE, Alex Eckelberry, is directly involved in the Anti-Spyware Coalition which informs the anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-malware companies to ignore programs like these.
See www.antispywarecoalition.com

Read elsewhere on my site how in February 2008, Alex Eckelberry CAUSED my identity theft when he published my personal data to his blog. he then pretended he didn;t cause the issue, because according to him, Eric told him it was ok. THERE IS A MUCH BIGGER FRAUD AT WORK HERE.


AKRON, Ohio — A northeast Ohio man faces prison time after he used legal software to spy on an unknowing woman’s computer activities, accidentally retrieving confidential information from the computer system at the children’s hospital where the woman worked.
The type of crime has been rare, but some expect to see more of it because of a lack of knowledge about what’s legal and what’s not in the realm of electronic spying.

Early last year, Scott Graham of Avon Lake sent an e-mail with an attachment containing spyware to a woman whom he wanted to spy on. The woman opened the attachment on two computers at work at Akron Children’s Hospital, and the spyware picked up confidential information about medical procedures and patients – as well as financial records for four employees – over the course of about three weeks.

The spyware slowed the computer network system down, leading to its discovery by hospital officials. The FBI was called in, and Graham eventually pleaded guilty to a felony charge of intercepting electronic communications in U.S. District Court.

He is scheduled to be sentenced early next year, and will receive prison time or probation.

Akron Children’s Hospital executive Shawn Lyden said Graham didn’t use the information to compromise patient privacy.

Graham’s attorney, Ian Friedman, said his client sent the e-mail to the woman to investigate allegations she had made about certain doctors and professionals.

Friedman fears that much of the public may believe that using spyware like his client did is legal.

“This case may be a sign of more to come,” Friedman said, “but to date this has been a common prosecution.”

Graham bought the software over the Internet from SpyTech Software and Design Inc. of Red Wing, Minn. The company’s Web site says it is legal to use the software as long as it’s installed on a computer owned by the purchaser.

Valid uses include parents’ efforts to monitor the Internet habits of their children, and companies installing it on computers they own to monitor the actions of employees on company time, said SpyTech founder Nathan Polencheck.

It’s also up to companies and organizations with sensitive data to make sure they have working software to protect against spyware attacks.
When Graham’s spyware was opened, Akron Children’s Hospital was in the process of upgrading its system and putting up a firewall on all computers that would have blocked the spyware, Lyden said.

The firewall had not been activated on the two computers used to open Graham’s e-mail attachment.

Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


Since the harassment started, be it sonic or ultrasonic, there has been a pattern which became more and more evident over time with a reliable consistency to the point that there is no denying it. Ants are affected by the disturbing ‘noise’ which is being used in the attack on me. The pattern or level of the noise, the response of the ants, and the response of my dog (before he was killed) has provided a very accurate indicator of the emotional state for the day. Reliably forecasting morning, afternoon, evening and overnight.

When there are NO ANTS in the kitchen, it is going to be a good day.
When there are ANTS AT THE KITCHEN SINK, it is going to be a stressful day. Symptoms include: a short fuse, difficulty focusing on single issues, a type of Attention Deficit Disorder, frustration levels are high.
When there are ANTS ON THE ISLAND, it is going to be a highly emotional day. Symptoms include: unable to focus on any issue or task, no activity is completed (be it laundry, housework, even watching television for 30 minutes), frequent outbursts of overwhelming emotion – crying jags. It is usually best to get out of the house on these days. I’ll work in the yard, hit the grocery store, or go over to my mother’s house.
When there are ANTS BY THE INTERIOR WALLS, it indicates an extreme day. Symptoms include: complete inability to focus, even to speak and assemble thoughts, constant overwhelming emotional thoughts, and crying, lots of crying, at the hopelessness and lack of help from anyone. If I even think of the kids for an instant on this level, the emotion is incapacitating. If unable to get out of the house (which requires thought to do), I find myself incapacitated in bed, or on the couch, for the duration of the day.

So call it crazy, call it what you will. The situation IS crazy, but the man is sane and rational and capable of recognizing details and patterns which developed over the extended period of time. The ants are responding to the vibrations, or sonic disturbance, and coming out of the ground when “whatever this is” is turned on. The ants then further respond to the higher level by moving farther away from the disturbance. Ants are pretty sensitive creatures. Over time their behavior patterns matched with my emotional state revealing a barometer which reliably forecast an emotional expectation.

Knowing the forecast also allowed me to rationally recognize and adjust my actions and responses as best I could. But sometimes when it is raining, even with an umbrella, you are going to get a little wet.

Coincidence? The forecasts corresponded to events on the court calendar, appearances, dates petitions were filed, or deadlines for responses. How do you suppose the ants knew the court schedule? The computers always had problems, or were completely disabled, at times which corresponded to the court calendar too. Same coincidence?

Oh, and yes, of course, initially I used ant traps on the problem. The ant traps provided tangible indicators which I moved to the locations as the ants moved. As the ant traps were left in place they indicated “yesterday’s status” which corroborated the ant location and the ‘type of day’ experienced.

For the record this week after the court date
on Monday (No Ants),
on Tuesday (Ants on the Island),
on Wednesday (Ants on the Island),
on Thursday (Ants on the Island),
on Friday (No Ants) … so far.

Over time the patterns which develop are quite clear. Again, I think they underestimated me, my technical abilities, my resourcefulness, my attention to detail, my strength of character, and my ability to handle the emotional attacks and humiliations. I’m powered by the TRUTH.


– WebWatcher by Awareness Technologies – Reported Illegal Installation (May 2007)

– Reported to Montgomery Township Police (July 2007) No investigation.

– Reported to Montgomery County Detective Ray Kuter (July 2007) No investigation.

– Reported to Montgomery County Detective Richard Peffall (February 2008) Imaginary investigation via email – no meeting, interview, or voice/phone contact.

– Reported to Montgomery County Detective Joseph DeAngelo (March 2008) Investigation dropped at the direction of Judge Thomas Del Ricci and an attorney from the DA’s office.

– Reported to Federal Bureau of Investigation – Fort Washington (July 2007) No investigation.

– Reported to Federal Bureau of Investigation – Philadelphia (December 2007) No investigation.

Here’s the details they won’t investigate:

In February 2007, the constant transmission of data out from the computers indicated the presence of a virus, or spy ware program.

All client internet storefronts were suspended from business until the program causing the data transmission could be identified and removed.

The risk of exposing customer’s credit card and personal data was a huge liability, not only for my business, Work2BDone, but a failure to act on my part would expose my clients to liability and negative publicity.

Until the computers could be secured the storefronts would have to stay closed to avoid causing the identity theft/credit card theft of customers who were purchasing items to whomever was responsible for the illegally installed program

In February 2007, McAfee Technical Support was contacted in regard to stopping the program which was causing the data transmission. The resolution was intermittent and there were repeated contacts with McAfee Technical Support by phone and internet chat/email which continued through May 2007.

All Work2BDone client web site files and programs were stored, and accessible via the internet worldwide, on computer servers managed by Notrio Hosting.

The unstoppable program was transmitting such a high volume of data that it began to cause outages at the Notrio Hosting internet servers. The illegally installed program was now indirectly affecting 300 other Notrio Clients whose sites were hosted on the same computer server.

By Mid-May 2007, the frequent outages and inaccessibility of my clients’ web sites was requiring hourly effort to ensure the client sites were still available. During the outages, when the client sites were not accessible, my clients were also unable to access, read, or send email.

The daily server outages, and the constant problems with access to their web sites and email, forced my clients to get their web sites serviced by other developers.

At the end of May, a week after I discovered Sonya Healy had been planning for divorce since January 2007, it dawned on me that the unstoppable virus/spy ware program that was causing the problems was a surveillance program intentionally installed on my business computers and other computers in the home.

Awareness Technologies Technical Support monitors the data flow from the targeted machine(s). If anything should prevent the data theft, the purchaser is contacted with instructions on what needs to be done to re-enable the surveillance program.

The surveillance program records and reports all of the activity on the targeted computer(s) and provides exactly the actions which were taken to secure the targeted computer. Technical Support can review this information and provide the instructions or program to reverse the actions and thus re-enable the surveillance and un-secure the computer.

From February 2007 through May 2007, Sonya Healy, or the agency or person contracted by her, repeatedly reversed any efforts to secure the computer(s). Any efforts to secure the computers were undone within 24 hours.

Additionally, the WebWatcher software enables the targeted computer(s) to be redirected to another web site when attempting to access an internet address. You may believe you are accessing McAfee.com and chatting with McAfee Technical Support, but you will be redirected to another site which looks and acts like McAfee.com, but for some reason the technical support staff can never resolve any reported issue.

Attempts to search the web for information regarding the removal of the surveillance program are additionally prevented. The WebWatcher program can prevent a search engine (like Google) from finding a web site with the information. WebWatcher can block any web site from being displayed or even prevent the display of any web page that contains any word entered into a keyword list.

When you successfully interrupt the surveillance program, your computer has recorded your activities in securing the computer(s). Your computer will transmit the recorded actions effectively providing Awareness Technologies with the information needed to improve their program and prevent a subsequent detection, interruption, or removal.

Awareness Technologies was contacted in May 2007 and it was requested that they provide a method to remove the program from the computers upon which the program was installed. They denied it was their program.

After 8 weeks of investigation, review of available programs and discussions with other surveillance program companies, WebWatcher was confirmed installed, and identified as the program causing the transmission of all computer data out of the computers installed on computers.

The Anti-Spyware Coalition is a coalition which includes the software companies listed below and others. The coalition companies review computer software programs to determine if a program should be included in the malware/virus detection and removal routines. WebWatcher software has been improperly classified and is neither detected, nor removed, by the programs developed by the member companies.
AOL AVG Technologies CastleCops Computer Associates Dell, Inc. ESET F-Secure Corporation Google Hewlett Packard/Compaq
Lavasoft Mcfee Inc. Microsoft Panda Software Sunbelt Software Symantec (Norton) Tenebril Trend Micro Webroot Software Yahoo! Inc.

The Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware Software programs provided by these companies DO NOT indicate the names of program which they have elected not to detect/remove.

Advertised as undetectable, WebWatcher is detectable when you know the actions and capabilities of the program.

Falsely advertised as requiring hands-on access to a computer for installation, WebWatcher can be installed invisibly when emailed to a target computer. A laptop purchased at the end of July 2007 for the purpose of keeping the remaining Work2BDone clients web sites running was attacked via email. The email included a program which set the laptop to silently and invisibly install WebWatcher. The attacking files (WebWatcherInstall.exe and other related files) were secured and saved.

The attack on the new laptop was reported to Montgomery Township Police who refused to investigate.

The attack was reported to Montgomery County Detective Ray Kuter who did not return calls.

The attack was reported to the FBI who refused to get involved in what they deemed was a domestic incident.

In August 2007, Awareness Technologies was again contacted and refused the request to remove the program.

Awareness Technologies would potentially be facing liability for the damages caused by their program at the targeted computer(s);

– and the liability for damages to Work2BDone business;

– and liability for the affect of the downtime caused by the program to approximately 40 Work2BDone clients;

– and the liability for the loss of revenue for sales at the suspended Work2BDone client storefronts;

– and the liability for the damages and loss of business due to the server outages caused by the program to Notrio Hosting;

– and the liability for the damages and loss of business to the other Notrio Clients whose web sites were hosted on the affected server.

– Upon hearing how I had witnessed the silent installation on my laptop via email, and the method by which I was able to view and secure the hidden, and ever-hiding, WebWatcher program files, Awareness Technologies employee, Jaimie Kronek, confirmed the capabilities of a stealth installation of the surveillance program via email.

The next day, I was contacted by lawyers at Awareness Technologies to cease contacting the company or attempting to speak with any technical support employees.

Within the next week, the method by which I had been able to view and secure the WebWatcher program files would no longer work.

I was informed by email several months later that Jaimie Kronek was terminated following our conversation. The email further indicated that Ms Kronek was a recently hired employee unaware of the technology that she was discussing. The email was an attempt to misinform. Ms Kronek was a management level employee who was not a recent hire. A search of the internet revealed announcements and other Awareness Technologies information and documents which indicate she had been with the company more than ‘a few days’.

As of February 2008, the technology was proven which permits the computers BIOS chip to store the surveillance program or instructions to silently and invisibly download and install the surveillance program. Without a software solution to detect, remove, and prevent installation, there is no way to avoid a targeted illegal installation of the WebWatcher surveillance program (or other programs).

Attempts to elevate this issue on web forums have been immediately attacked on the forum to prevent any serious consideration of the issues raised.

Attempts to contact anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-malware companies via email or internet have produced no resolution. Even when informed of the destruction caused and the legal jeopardy facing the person responsible for installing the program illegally, there has been no reclassification of the WebWatcher program.

Of course, using their program, Awareness Technologies has full visibility to every web site visited, the content of every posting, and can always block entire sites by site, page or keyword.

Additionally, the program provides access to every password, every computer account, every bank account, every client account, every storefront account for each client, every email account within every client web site. They can control every function of the computer, and can block and prevent email delivery.

Because of the mounting liability, my fate may have been sealed on the day I reported the program was illegally installed on my computers. Instead of acting responsibly and removing their illegally installed program, Awareness Technologies joined the attack on the victim by phone and email.

Jaime Kronek recognized the disastrous situation caused as a result of the WebWatcher software program. In acting responsibly her employment was terminated. It is only logical that a company that terminates an employee for acting responsibly would seek to prevent exposure of their involvement.

Awareness Technologies has provided a tool which enabled the destruction of professional, financial, and personal aspects of the defendant’s life.

Awareness Technologies has provided a tool which enabled their customer to commit a broad range of criminal actions.

Awareness Technologies has provided a tool which enables their customer to continue to monitor the target, with capabilities to commit further illegal actions against the target to prevent exposure of the crimes and to attempt to avoid prosecution.


The Divorce actions initiated by Sonya Healy and Angst & Angst – by both Robert Angst and Valerie Rosenbluth Angst – have caused considerable damage to every aspect of my life – Financially / Professionally / Personally / Emotionally

The legal tactics include:

Chaotic Petitions
Intended to inflict financial hardship
– “My lawyer said it would hinder you financially.”
Delays which prevent resolution of any matter
Filing Petitions which seek to violate Freedom of Expression and Due Process of Law
Legal Representation
– Lawyers will not take the case
– Trivial content of Petitions filed
– Lawyers vs. Lawyer aspects of the case
– Ex Parte Issues
– Denial of Due Process Issues
– Judge Del Ricci
– Career Ending representation
Recycling Issues and Petitions
– Good Faith – No Contact
– Best Effort – No Effort
– Bad Faith – Failed to Review the Exhibits
Failure to follow proper legal procedures
Ex Parte Communications with Court Staff
False Reports to Law Enforcement – local, state and federal
Failure to Appear in Court for scheduled hearings
– For their Custody Filing filed in July 2008 scheduled for September 9, 2008
– When contacted by the Court Staff as to why they did not appear they indicated there was an Agreement in place yet have never provided that agreement.
– November 23, 2009 – failure to appear at scheduled hearing
Defective Subpoenas
– Police report for August 8, 2007
– Unisys Benefits Statements
– used to delay the custody hearing
– allegations in at least 3 petitions
– acting as though the Defendant is hiding the content of the documents
– failing to provide the same documents (from Unisys) as part of their Discovery submission
Criminal Actions
Violations of Court Orders
Impersonation of a Pro Se litigant
– the content and frequency of the petitions filed by Angst & Angst
– complaining about having to respond to the Defendant’s Pro Se petitions
– alleging the petitions filed by the Pro Se defendant are arbitrary, vexatious and in bad faith
Allegations contrived for the purpose of extending and delaying the pre-trial Discovery
Withdrawing their claims
Deferring any decision of their claims until Equitable Distribution
– The claims were successful in delaying the Defendant’s actions in Custody
– No longer required to delay hearings related to custody
– The claims will serve the same chaotic and antagonistic purpose at Equitable Distribution
Their tactics are cliché and easily identified as not intended to move the case toward resolution.
– Each time they point the finger at me, they have three pointed back at themselves.
– Identity Theft
– Car Petition

– Like a child in the backseat of the car saying ‘He’s touching me’, Angst & Angst file petitions which only serve to antagonize the court and then acting as if they are not the initiators of the action

Team Building
– their actions to alienate family and friends
– their actions to engage family and friends into criminal actions for which they become liable
– their actions to engage outside persons into criminal actions for which they become liable
– their actions to engage outside businesses into criminal actions for which they become liable
– their actions to manipulate law enforcement into liability
– their actions to manipulate law enforcement into non-response as any action will expose their liability
– their actions to manipulate outside contractors into liability
– their actions to conspire to prevent prosecution of any criminal action
– their actions to manipulate court personnel into improper action
– their actions to manipulate court personnel into non-response as any action will expose their liability
– their actions to destroy my business
– their actions to deter employment
– their actions to hinder me financially
– not successful in eliminating emotional support – mother, sister, brother, father, and a few close friends
– continuing efforts to eliminate emotional support
– Brian targeting my mother
– Chrissie targeting John to the point where their family is facing a similar crisis
– not successful in eliminating sources of financial support – mother, sister, father
– failure to realize that the Defendant has experience and resourcefulness which permits him to identify the technologies and tactics being used against him
– failure to realize that the Defendant is able to endure and persevere through the protracted legal attacks and humiliations
– failure to foresee the Defendant would be capable of responding to the relentless, dilatory, obdurate and vexatious legal actions presented to the court against him
– Defendant has been able to anticipate, identify the purpose, and recognize the intended outcome of petitions filed by Angst & Angst intending to entrap, humiliate, undermine his reputation and credibility
– Defendant has been forced to respond the unending baseless and fraudulent allegations, and bizarre situations created by the Plaintiff;
and her attorneys;
and other individual persons;
and businesses;
and local, county, state and federal law enforcement departments and agencies;
and county court administration staff;
and Custody Master, Sara Goren;
and Judge Thomas Del Ricci;
and Judge Arthur Tilson
who have found themselves manipulated into situations where they must protect their respective individual liabilities, and the liabilities of the others. Each has refused to respond to reasonable requests for an explanation of their actions (or inactions), even where their actions violate
established procedures for Montgomery County,
established procedures for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
the United States Constitution,
the laws of the United State of America,
International Treaties and Conventions.
The strongest counter measure to their tactics is THE TRUTH
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