My Laptop was FRIED on August 16th just as I was finalizing a petition (counterpetition) which only begins to point out to the court the terrorism I have experienced. The volume of legal work regarding custody and child support and chaos and personal attacks have prevented me from getting anything which points out their wrongdoing in front of a judge.

Custody is over. The child lost.

Child Support is over. She wasted more seeking support than I paid – but that wasn’t about money as much as harassment. Financially / credit rating / humiliation / etc… Truth be told the people who handle Child Support Enforcement have been the most professional and courteous of all the county employees. Conferences with them were always a positive experience.

So back to the laptop being FRIED, I mean it went from being a completely functional laptop to a machine which will only flash the power button at me. There has been no change – and resets do not change anything. Nothing I have tried will bring it back from this state. I imagine they either pulled code out of the BIOS where their software was hiding, or just needed a fast kill to my progress. Definitely seems to be a BIOS attack this time. The hard disk was left functional and the files I was working on were all usable still. I lost a day to that until I borrowed a laptop from my brother again.

By AGAIN, I mean i was responding to the exact same petition which they have now filed twice (September 2008 & July 2009) when they disabled and destroyed the hard disk on the laptop. Last October, I was able to file the response to their 60+ page petition on the day before the short list conference (MUCH to the surprise of her lawyer).

Submitted as a counterpetition, the judge inquired that since the counter petition was not my defense, would I mind submitting it as a stand alone petition. This was done the next day and a short list conference scheduled for October 2009.

They continue to attack the computers regularly. I think there are 8 computers which have been victims of the attacks.

I persevere.

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