This web site was attacked this morning and had to be shutdown temporarily by the hosting provider. Working with a member of their staff, the site was back online after a few hours with additional provisions in place for recording any future attacks and securing that data.

The data of the attack and the information identifying the attackers has been secured.

While always unexpected, it is not surprising that there has been another technology attack. As you look over the extended period of time, it becomes clear that the tech attacks have occurred at times when it was necessary to produce documents or responses to petitions. Initially those types of events would be (and were) dismissed as coincidence and paranoia.

As I understand it, a failure to respond to a petition is an admission to its validity. At any given time there has been as many as 7 working computers available to me. BUT, whenever a response is due, it is surprising how they all fail simultaneously. The computers are from different manufacturers, different operating systems, different additional hardware capabilities, etc… but they all similarly fail as deadlines approach.

I usually borrow a laptop to meet the deadlines, but I do have one absolutely reliable computer. It has never experienced so much as a single issue, outage, failure, surprise reboot, or anything which would be cause for alarm or even question. My reliable powerhouse also lacks any of the technology which could possibly allow wireless access. [Suck it, Bluetooth!] Securely tethered to a wall by it’s power cord, and weighing in at a proud couple of pounds, my most secure computer is a Compaq Contura running Windows95. If it does ever have a problem, there’s always my VIC-20.

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