There is nothing you can do to stop her. …it may not even be what her intentions were at the start …her actions are thunderous yet the silence is deafening …her team and liability grows exponentially …non-involvement is a blaring indicator of direct involvement

Wife? Children? Friends? Police? Investigators? Detectives? District Attorney? FBI? Secret Service? No Answers! No Explanations!
I am working to exist after the disaster caused by a woman consumed with my destruction.
– She has involved my own children by telling them her illegal activities. Their fear of accidentally revealing their mother’s activities causes them to stay away and not communicate.
– – She has also involved our friends and in doing so put their families in jeopardy for legal action once the truth is revealed.
– – – Our friends have involved local police by making false reports which the police immediately acted on even though they were aware of the truth.
– – – – Local police misdeeds have been ignored and covered up by the District Attorney’s office without explanation because it is a civil matter and they prefer to not get involved.

– – – — — — – – – – – – — — — – – – – – – — — — – – –
Apparently in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, if your wife wants to destroy you all she needs to do is file for divorce. Once filed, every illegal action she commits after that point will be a civil matter. Every illegal action committed on her behalf will be summarily dismissed. And if you so much as look in her direction, you will be arrested.

Nobody can believe that you’ve survived this far… and they immediately inquire if you are ‘OK’… if you respond that you are as ok as anyone else would be in this situation they will become alarmed… there aren’t many who could have persevered… the truth provides tremendous powers of perseverance.

– – – — — — – – – – – – — — — – – – – – – — — — – – –
My name is Terance Healy. Since January 2007, I have experienced and survived the following… and have still not lost faith in my children, my family and my friends. I am greatly disappointed in them, but among them were hiding some true heroes.

There have been days when I honestly wonder how I have truly made it this far, and it isn’t over as the next attack is always being prepared. There are apparently many people who have underestimated me… underestimated me at so many levels that they are forced to continue my destruction… yet I do nothing to retaliate… they convince others that if I am not retaliating I must have something to hide… their twisted thoughts have them punishing me for surviving…

Computer Surveillance/Remote Control

Sonya Healy, or her agent, installed computers surveillance/remote control software illegally on my business computers. It was reported to Montgomery Township Police who chose to do nothing.

Falsified Police Reports

Sonya Healy, or her agent, called Montgomery Township Police to report a “threat”. A ‘threat’ that was never mailed, printed posted, saved, emailed or displayed in any manner.. The ‘threat’ referred to the hard disk on the computer failing. Police responded even though they knew that the information provided by the person making the report was from the illegally installed surveillance/remote control software. Police arrived and where they had spent less than 10 minutes talking the initial report of the computer intrusion, they had over 2 hours to discuss every detail of the divorce and the computer hacks and other ‘revenge tricks’ played by Sonya. Police were given a color printout of the computer screen which they proudly displayed to my brother in an attempt to convince him that I was unwell.

Montgomery Township Police had me involuntarily committed and have refused to provide any police report for the incident. That police report would indicate who was responsible for the illegal and financially devastating computer attacks against my business and my personal finances. The intrusion also directly affected the income of my clients.

Cell Phone Hacked

Sonya Healy, or her agent, has illegally hacked my cell phone to record the contents of every conversation and text message. Additionally, the software give her access to all data stored in the phone, pictures, video, and phonebook.

When the cell phone hack was confirmed and reported to Montgomery Township Police they took no action.

Parental Alienation

Sonya Healy has informed her children of her illegal activities. As such, they no longer have any contact with their father for fear that they will reveal their mother’s illegal activities.


Sonya Healy, or her agent, has executed a careful manipulation of the Family Court system, which has resulted in further financial hindrance for me, and additionally a considerable expense for the state/county employees who must handle the multiple appeals and meetings.

Identity Theft

Sonya Healy, or her agent, has caused the release of my financial data across Europe and Asia for the purpose of causing identity theft.

Montgomery Township Police has refused to take a report on the identity theft even though the crime is completely documented, documentation is complete and available and includes the names and addresses and occupations of the persons involved in setting it all up.

Network Intrusion/Attack

Sonya Healy, or her agent, has hacked onto the internet servers which hosts my own web site and the sites of my clients to disrupt services and prevent data from being properly recorded. Specifically the tracking data which indicates that they had caused the identity theft and she and her friends had been frequent visitors to the web site. Remember the surveillance software provides every keystroke and password. There is no program available to stop the spyware program at the current time.

Financial Extortion

Sonya Healy has refused since February to transfer the title of our vehicles. We each have possession of vehicles titled in the other’s name. While I have sent her copies of the insurance card showing that I am maintaining coverage on the car titled in her name, she has refused to provide the same for me resulting in me having to pay the insurance on the vehicle as it is titled in my name and it would hinder me financially if there was an accident involving the car.

Sonya Healy has refused to show proof of insurance. She has refused to transfer the titles to the vehicles. She has refused to park the vehicle so that I know it won’t be involved in any incident. She has also refused to respond to phone calls or reply to messages.

Car Theft

Montgomery Township Police have refused accept my report of the vehicle being moved to State College and not returned or insured by my wife or my son. So even though they stole, my car, I must continue to pay the insurance.

Sonya Healy has had her lawyer write to me suggesting the transfer of the vehicle titles and adding the additional threat of court costs and legal fees to the bill. This letter was received on Friday March 21, 2008. Sonya has not accepted or returned phone calls since that date. (Likely because she robbed the house the next night – see Robbery)

It’s not about the cars as much as it is about hindering me financially. So it doesn’t matter that she took the titles from the house and it might cost $22.50 to replace each. It doesn’t matter that the transfer fee is only $22.50. It doesn’t matter that the registration fee is $36.00. Sonya doesn’t even care that she’ll get a considerably lower rate when the car is insured using Colin’s State College address. She would rather spend the money having her lawyer write letters and make threats than to simply pick up the phone and make the arrangements. But there is that thing about the robbery… on Easter.

Robbery, Burgulary, Theft

On Easter Saturday, Sonya Healy and her team broke into the house and proceed to remove my belongings in direct violation of an Agreed Order. She further lied to police who were called by concerned neighbors when they saw the robbery in progress.

Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors

Sonya Healy was assisted in the robbery by two children under the age of 18. Contributing to the delinquency of minors?

Montgomery Township Police were alerted by a neighbor to the robbery in progress and responded within 40 seconds to the scene. They left within minutes allowing the robbery to continue even though they were aware that I was not at home and that they had broken into the home by drilling the locks and popping the back glass door.

Animal Cruelty

Sonya Healy gave the dog ‘something’ during the robbery which caused him to experience severe gastric distress. The dog had severe vomiting and diarrhea from 3AM through to about 4PM Easter Sunday. Repeated requests for the name of the drug or substance were ignored.

Montgomery Township Police refused to respond to the report of the dog being poisoned. They indicated that there were more pressing things going on in the township. (on Easter Sunday?)

As a result of the dog’s poisoning, I feared that Sonya may well have poisoned the food around the house. I had to avoid the potential risk and throw away all open food items. I disposed of anything which was not still in it’s sealed container.

Harassment / Threats

Sonya Healy had our son Colin continue all day on Easter Sunday to make threats about returning to the house to steal what had been left behind. As the locks were not functioning, I was unable to leave the house to attend dinner with my family.

False Police Reports

Upon being notified by post-it note on her door that she had documents to retrieve at the post office (the contempt of court petition filed immediately after the robbery), Sonya Healy contacted the Upper Gwynedd Police to report that she felt threatened and was afraid that the package might contain poison or explosives. I was contacted by Upper Gwynedd Police seeking an explanation of what the package contained. (SO, I wasn’t so crazy to throw my open food items away now was I?)

Sonya Healy contacted the insurance agent to get insurance for a new car when she realized that she could not make any changes to the existing policy until the titles were transferred. She asked the agent to document her question and response and send them to me, to herself, and to her lawyer. (The agent was already aware of Sonya’s unwillingness to transfer the titles as I had discussed alternatives with the agent the week before. I had additionally informed the agent that I would be filing a claim against the homeowners policy regarding the items removed from the home during the Easter Robbery.)

Sonya’s Divorce is destroying my family. The active tolerance of her misdeeds by Montgomery Township Police is difficult to explain. Just who is the mystery person they were covering for in August 2007? The cover-up has only further exacerbated an already difficult situation. But this isn’t about a divorce, she’s out to destroy me personally, professionally, financially and emotionally. Those we both called friends for over 20 years of marriage have opted to stand back and watch the destruction. That is odd, but the only other explanation would be that they are involved in the associated crimes and the cover-up.


I have not heard anything from my son Brennan since Mid-January. Not one call. Not one message. I have been informed by Upper Gwynedd Police that I am correct in assuming that if I go to the apartment where he is staying Sonya will call police and make up a story which will undoubtedly result in me being arrested. They requested that I do not go to the apartment… as a result I call the police every few weeks when I haven’t heard from him and ask them to check on him. A few of the officers respond angrily and I just have to put up with their negative response. But what else can I do?

Fibs / Petty lies

Two days after the robbery a custody conference was scheduled. As part of the Robbery Sonya stole several of my files – particularly those involving custody issues, support financial information and general divorce financials. On the way to the conference, I was psychologically preparing myself to face the monster who robbed and ransacked my home but hopeful to at least get a minute or two with Brennan when I called to let them know I was running about 5 minutes late. They apologized but the conference had been re-scheduled and they had no way of contacting me. Additionally, Valerie Angst had indicated that she had no way of contacting me. Perhaps she could have told Sonya to put a note on the fridge when robbing the house over the weekend. The conference which was requested on December 26, 2007 and scheduled for Late March has now been pushed into late May. At this rate I may never get to see Brennan again… that breaks my heart.

I gave everything I ever had to my family and my friends. I don’t regret any of my actions, but I cannot understand their actions. How can anyone simply stand by and watch a family torn apart?

Considering the list of harassing and terroristic actions above and my having done nothing to retaliate against anyone involved in kind, you have to wonder WHY ARE THE MONTGOMERY TOWNSHIP POLICE EXACERBATING THE SITUATION? They are actually making it more difficult. But why?

When things calm down, the lawsuits will begin. OH! WAIT! That’s why the events keep coming and coming and coming and there’s never any prosecution. There is only 2 exits from this situation, my death or the prosecution of the persons responsible for the torture. Trust me they have been pushing for the suicide exit, but I do not plan to make it that easy on them. I have endured the torment, the isolation, and the humiliation of their actions against me. If I were to throw it all away, I would certainly want to make sure that those responsible were eventually faced with the charge of homicide.

Every day, I await the arrival of the next ordeal…
It’s remarkable that I have been able to not only keep it together with the help of the few heroes who recognize the situation for what it is and support me. I am complimented that I must be so well organized and well documented that they must resort to illegal actions and the stealing of my files to hinder or prevent the truth from being presented in court.

I miss my children.

And for all of the lost time now… the experiences and opportunities lost between father and son… In a few years when they look back at how they were manipulated, I can only imagine how much they are going to hate their mother for her actions. How she forced them to take sides? How SHE destroyed our family. And how the adults who they had been taught to respect joined in the attack upon their father… The day will come when Colin & Brennan will ask why everyone teamed up to destroy their father? What did their father do to deserve the complete destruction his existence? by the friends he trusted? and by the people he was turning to for help?

Brennan, I love you. I miss you. I am trying to help you. Communicate. In the little time we had to speak I have explained every action taken. Find someone you can talk to for advice. You’ll find that coming home is the right thing to do because there is no reason to stay away. It’s what is normally done in this situation. Take help from people who offer it. Come home and I will help you through! It’s not your fault, or your problem. Your mother is divorcing me, yet forcing you and your brother to divorce the entire family. I’ll always be here for you. We’ll always be here for you – Dad

I worried when you said your were stupid the other night. The kid with Einstein quotes on the back of his bedroom door is not stupid. You do need to focus on your grades again. I’m sending help your way. Take it when it presents itself.

Colin, I pray you never realize the pain I feel when I think about you. I have worked my whole life for my family and always been so proud of that. I pray you never find yourself in a situation like I have been put into by your mother… because you will feel so guilty for your behavior now that you might actually feel like you deserved to be destroyed. I forgive you. I’ll always be here for you no matter how hard you make it on me. – Dad

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