Kaspersky 2010 is not available anywhere when I search the web in English.

I am installing Kaspersky 2010 using kis2010_9.0.0.459EN.exe [Size 62.9 MB (66,057,200 bytes) Size on disk:63.0 MB (66,060,288 bytes)].

I am battling a bootkit intrusion. This is an active targeted intrusion of all of my computers.

Any assistance in battling the bootkit would be appreciated.

Vista Home Premium installation. Only software added has been MS Office, Google Chrome and Passmark WirelessMon.

Kaspersky program goes out to the web for updates, however as I am experiencing DNS redirection, the updates are not correct, not timely, not accurate.

The program behaves differently when it has had the updates. These are incidental items which would be missed by the hackers but not by Kaspersky programmers.

It seemed that when I went for the updates the program was being disabled, so I have performed the first scan using the base database.

The first scan finds items to be fixed. Yet when I follow any of the links to obtain the fixes, the fixes are not available. This happens for Microsoft and Google fixes.

Even though the updates have been disabled, the updates are being made. (This happens with Microsoft programs also. The bootkit installs it’s own networks transports and communicates via bluetooth and assorteed tunneling programs.)

There just seems no way to get around the bootkit. HELP!

The hackers have affected all of my computers, and additionally have hacked my cell phone. This provides them FULL CONTROL OF ALL COMMUNICATIONS inbound and outbound. When routers have been reprogrammed, I have mild success getting information until a network event occurs and then availability of information is limited.

There has been NO WAY TO PREVENT THE TRANSMISSION OF DATA OUTBOUND. My computer is informing them of every password, so as soon as I connect to my router, they have the information to do the same.

There have been several occasions where I have observed cars randomly stopping in front of my home for up to 10 minutes and then just driving off. It is after I witness these drive-bys that the network behaves differently.

I have been moving backwards and forwards with technology, the older machines and programs do not afford the accessibility options.

There seems to be no way to prevent bluetooth from activating… on any bluetooth device… I am convinced that it is bluetooth that is causing the reconnection when I have been successful at interrupting part of their program from operating.

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