July 27, 2009

And now, this 27th day of July, 2009, the parties agree as follows:

1. A case management proceeding on the record pertaining to wife’s 2 petitions for contempt and husband’s 2 custody petitions for contempt will be held and Brennan’s testimony will be taken pertaining to husband’s custody contempt petitions to allow Brennan to appear prior to his matriculation at Penn State, Altoona campus. Said proceeding will commence at 9:15 AM on August 7, 2009 in Court Room B for a one day proceeding.

2. Hearings on all petitions will be held at 9:15 AM on August 24 & 25, 2009 in Court Room B. If there are discovery issues related thereto, the court will address them on August 7, 2009.


July 27, 2009

And now, this 27th day of July 2009, after proceedings in court on the record this date, and after interview with child, Brennan, who will be 18 years of age on 8/7/09, on the record in open court, with opportunities for the parents to question him, for the reasons set forth on the record this date, father’s petition to modify custody order and emergency petition for modification of custody, and mother’s counter-petition to modify custody order (withdrawn in open court) are denied.


These items and issues are very serious. If I didn’t present them with sarcasm, I’d spend far too much time crying. This situation which was sprung on me by surprise has been completely debilitating at times.

While I can usually discuss the impact on myself and keep it together, when I discuss my children, the emotion is overwhelming and I fall apart.

I pray what she has done to my children psychologically is not destined to be repeated.

I can’t understand how I ever spent 20 years with someone who could be so heartless and vile. I always saw the fake sweet nice act she put on for outsiders, I just never imagined the hate-filled monster that was inside.


There is nothing you can do to stop her. …it may not even be what her intentions were at the start …her actions are thunderous yet the silence is deafening …her team and liability grows exponentially …non-involvement is a blaring indicator of direct involvement

Wife? Children? Friends? Police? Investigators? Detectives? District Attorney? FBI? Secret Service? No Answers! No Explanations!
I am working to exist after the disaster caused by a woman consumed with my destruction.
– She has involved my own children by telling them her illegal activities. Their fear of accidentally revealing their mother’s activities causes them to stay away and not communicate.
– – She has also involved our friends and in doing so put their families in jeopardy for legal action once the truth is revealed.
– – – Our friends have involved local police by making false reports which the police immediately acted on even though they were aware of the truth.
– – – – Local police misdeeds have been ignored and covered up by the District Attorney’s office without explanation because it is a civil matter and they prefer to not get involved.

– – – — — — – – – – – – — — — – – – – – – — — — – – –
Apparently in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, if your wife wants to destroy you all she needs to do is file for divorce. Once filed, every illegal action she commits after that point will be a civil matter. Every illegal action committed on her behalf will be summarily dismissed. And if you so much as look in her direction, you will be arrested.

Nobody can believe that you’ve survived this far… and they immediately inquire if you are ‘OK’… if you respond that you are as ok as anyone else would be in this situation they will become alarmed… there aren’t many who could have persevered… the truth provides tremendous powers of perseverance.

– – – — — — – – – – – – — — — – – – – – – — — — – – –
My name is Terance Healy. Since January 2007, I have experienced and survived the following… and have still not lost faith in my children, my family and my friends. I am greatly disappointed in them, but among them were hiding some true heroes.

There have been days when I honestly wonder how I have truly made it this far, and it isn’t over as the next attack is always being prepared. There are apparently many people who have underestimated me… underestimated me at so many levels that they are forced to continue my destruction… yet I do nothing to retaliate… they convince others that if I am not retaliating I must have something to hide… their twisted thoughts have them punishing me for surviving…

Computer Surveillance/Remote Control

Sonya Healy, or her agent, installed computers surveillance/remote control software illegally on my business computers. It was reported to Montgomery Township Police who chose to do nothing.

Falsified Police Reports

Sonya Healy, or her agent, called Montgomery Township Police to report a “threat”. A ‘threat’ that was never mailed, printed posted, saved, emailed or displayed in any manner.. The ‘threat’ referred to the hard disk on the computer failing. Police responded even though they knew that the information provided by the person making the report was from the illegally installed surveillance/remote control software. Police arrived and where they had spent less than 10 minutes talking the initial report of the computer intrusion, they had over 2 hours to discuss every detail of the divorce and the computer hacks and other ‘revenge tricks’ played by Sonya. Police were given a color printout of the computer screen which they proudly displayed to my brother in an attempt to convince him that I was unwell.

Montgomery Township Police had me involuntarily committed and have refused to provide any police report for the incident. That police report would indicate who was responsible for the illegal and financially devastating computer attacks against my business and my personal finances. The intrusion also directly affected the income of my clients.

Cell Phone Hacked

Sonya Healy, or her agent, has illegally hacked my cell phone to record the contents of every conversation and text message. Additionally, the software give her access to all data stored in the phone, pictures, video, and phonebook.

When the cell phone hack was confirmed and reported to Montgomery Township Police they took no action.

Parental Alienation

Sonya Healy has informed her children of her illegal activities. As such, they no longer have any contact with their father for fear that they will reveal their mother’s illegal activities.


Sonya Healy, or her agent, has executed a careful manipulation of the Family Court system, which has resulted in further financial hindrance for me, and additionally a considerable expense for the state/county employees who must handle the multiple appeals and meetings.

Identity Theft

Sonya Healy, or her agent, has caused the release of my financial data across Europe and Asia for the purpose of causing identity theft.

Montgomery Township Police has refused to take a report on the identity theft even though the crime is completely documented, documentation is complete and available and includes the names and addresses and occupations of the persons involved in setting it all up.

Network Intrusion/Attack

Sonya Healy, or her agent, has hacked onto the internet servers which hosts my own web site and the sites of my clients to disrupt services and prevent data from being properly recorded. Specifically the tracking data which indicates that they had caused the identity theft and she and her friends had been frequent visitors to the web site. Remember the surveillance software provides every keystroke and password. There is no program available to stop the spyware program at the current time.

Financial Extortion

Sonya Healy has refused since February to transfer the title of our vehicles. We each have possession of vehicles titled in the other’s name. While I have sent her copies of the insurance card showing that I am maintaining coverage on the car titled in her name, she has refused to provide the same for me resulting in me having to pay the insurance on the vehicle as it is titled in my name and it would hinder me financially if there was an accident involving the car.

Sonya Healy has refused to show proof of insurance. She has refused to transfer the titles to the vehicles. She has refused to park the vehicle so that I know it won’t be involved in any incident. She has also refused to respond to phone calls or reply to messages.

Car Theft

Montgomery Township Police have refused accept my report of the vehicle being moved to State College and not returned or insured by my wife or my son. So even though they stole, my car, I must continue to pay the insurance.

Sonya Healy has had her lawyer write to me suggesting the transfer of the vehicle titles and adding the additional threat of court costs and legal fees to the bill. This letter was received on Friday March 21, 2008. Sonya has not accepted or returned phone calls since that date. (Likely because she robbed the house the next night – see Robbery)

It’s not about the cars as much as it is about hindering me financially. So it doesn’t matter that she took the titles from the house and it might cost $22.50 to replace each. It doesn’t matter that the transfer fee is only $22.50. It doesn’t matter that the registration fee is $36.00. Sonya doesn’t even care that she’ll get a considerably lower rate when the car is insured using Colin’s State College address. She would rather spend the money having her lawyer write letters and make threats than to simply pick up the phone and make the arrangements. But there is that thing about the robbery… on Easter.

Robbery, Burgulary, Theft

On Easter Saturday, Sonya Healy and her team broke into the house and proceed to remove my belongings in direct violation of an Agreed Order. She further lied to police who were called by concerned neighbors when they saw the robbery in progress.

Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors

Sonya Healy was assisted in the robbery by two children under the age of 18. Contributing to the delinquency of minors?

Montgomery Township Police were alerted by a neighbor to the robbery in progress and responded within 40 seconds to the scene. They left within minutes allowing the robbery to continue even though they were aware that I was not at home and that they had broken into the home by drilling the locks and popping the back glass door.

Animal Cruelty

Sonya Healy gave the dog ‘something’ during the robbery which caused him to experience severe gastric distress. The dog had severe vomiting and diarrhea from 3AM through to about 4PM Easter Sunday. Repeated requests for the name of the drug or substance were ignored.

Montgomery Township Police refused to respond to the report of the dog being poisoned. They indicated that there were more pressing things going on in the township. (on Easter Sunday?)

As a result of the dog’s poisoning, I feared that Sonya may well have poisoned the food around the house. I had to avoid the potential risk and throw away all open food items. I disposed of anything which was not still in it’s sealed container.

Harassment / Threats

Sonya Healy had our son Colin continue all day on Easter Sunday to make threats about returning to the house to steal what had been left behind. As the locks were not functioning, I was unable to leave the house to attend dinner with my family.

False Police Reports

Upon being notified by post-it note on her door that she had documents to retrieve at the post office (the contempt of court petition filed immediately after the robbery), Sonya Healy contacted the Upper Gwynedd Police to report that she felt threatened and was afraid that the package might contain poison or explosives. I was contacted by Upper Gwynedd Police seeking an explanation of what the package contained. (SO, I wasn’t so crazy to throw my open food items away now was I?)

Sonya Healy contacted the insurance agent to get insurance for a new car when she realized that she could not make any changes to the existing policy until the titles were transferred. She asked the agent to document her question and response and send them to me, to herself, and to her lawyer. (The agent was already aware of Sonya’s unwillingness to transfer the titles as I had discussed alternatives with the agent the week before. I had additionally informed the agent that I would be filing a claim against the homeowners policy regarding the items removed from the home during the Easter Robbery.)

Sonya’s Divorce is destroying my family. The active tolerance of her misdeeds by Montgomery Township Police is difficult to explain. Just who is the mystery person they were covering for in August 2007? The cover-up has only further exacerbated an already difficult situation. But this isn’t about a divorce, she’s out to destroy me personally, professionally, financially and emotionally. Those we both called friends for over 20 years of marriage have opted to stand back and watch the destruction. That is odd, but the only other explanation would be that they are involved in the associated crimes and the cover-up.


I have not heard anything from my son Brennan since Mid-January. Not one call. Not one message. I have been informed by Upper Gwynedd Police that I am correct in assuming that if I go to the apartment where he is staying Sonya will call police and make up a story which will undoubtedly result in me being arrested. They requested that I do not go to the apartment… as a result I call the police every few weeks when I haven’t heard from him and ask them to check on him. A few of the officers respond angrily and I just have to put up with their negative response. But what else can I do?

Fibs / Petty lies

Two days after the robbery a custody conference was scheduled. As part of the Robbery Sonya stole several of my files – particularly those involving custody issues, support financial information and general divorce financials. On the way to the conference, I was psychologically preparing myself to face the monster who robbed and ransacked my home but hopeful to at least get a minute or two with Brennan when I called to let them know I was running about 5 minutes late. They apologized but the conference had been re-scheduled and they had no way of contacting me. Additionally, Valerie Angst had indicated that she had no way of contacting me. Perhaps she could have told Sonya to put a note on the fridge when robbing the house over the weekend. The conference which was requested on December 26, 2007 and scheduled for Late March has now been pushed into late May. At this rate I may never get to see Brennan again… that breaks my heart.

I gave everything I ever had to my family and my friends. I don’t regret any of my actions, but I cannot understand their actions. How can anyone simply stand by and watch a family torn apart?

Considering the list of harassing and terroristic actions above and my having done nothing to retaliate against anyone involved in kind, you have to wonder WHY ARE THE MONTGOMERY TOWNSHIP POLICE EXACERBATING THE SITUATION? They are actually making it more difficult. But why?

When things calm down, the lawsuits will begin. OH! WAIT! That’s why the events keep coming and coming and coming and there’s never any prosecution. There is only 2 exits from this situation, my death or the prosecution of the persons responsible for the torture. Trust me they have been pushing for the suicide exit, but I do not plan to make it that easy on them. I have endured the torment, the isolation, and the humiliation of their actions against me. If I were to throw it all away, I would certainly want to make sure that those responsible were eventually faced with the charge of homicide.

Every day, I await the arrival of the next ordeal…
It’s remarkable that I have been able to not only keep it together with the help of the few heroes who recognize the situation for what it is and support me. I am complimented that I must be so well organized and well documented that they must resort to illegal actions and the stealing of my files to hinder or prevent the truth from being presented in court.

I miss my children.

And for all of the lost time now… the experiences and opportunities lost between father and son… In a few years when they look back at how they were manipulated, I can only imagine how much they are going to hate their mother for her actions. How she forced them to take sides? How SHE destroyed our family. And how the adults who they had been taught to respect joined in the attack upon their father… The day will come when Colin & Brennan will ask why everyone teamed up to destroy their father? What did their father do to deserve the complete destruction his existence? by the friends he trusted? and by the people he was turning to for help?

Brennan, I love you. I miss you. I am trying to help you. Communicate. In the little time we had to speak I have explained every action taken. Find someone you can talk to for advice. You’ll find that coming home is the right thing to do because there is no reason to stay away. It’s what is normally done in this situation. Take help from people who offer it. Come home and I will help you through! It’s not your fault, or your problem. Your mother is divorcing me, yet forcing you and your brother to divorce the entire family. I’ll always be here for you. We’ll always be here for you – Dad

I worried when you said your were stupid the other night. The kid with Einstein quotes on the back of his bedroom door is not stupid. You do need to focus on your grades again. I’m sending help your way. Take it when it presents itself.

Colin, I pray you never realize the pain I feel when I think about you. I have worked my whole life for my family and always been so proud of that. I pray you never find yourself in a situation like I have been put into by your mother… because you will feel so guilty for your behavior now that you might actually feel like you deserved to be destroyed. I forgive you. I’ll always be here for you no matter how hard you make it on me. – Dad


Permit me to remind you…
YOU reported to police an ‘anthrax type’ scare upon receiving a green postcard. (March 2008)
YOU lied to police about not being able to get inside the house. (August 2007)
YOU indicated it wasn’t safe for Brennan in the home, JUST BEFORE it became very unsafe to remain in the home. (Just days after it was proven WebWatcher was installed on the computers.) YOU WERE CAUSING THE UNSAFE CONDITIONS. (July 2007)
YOU have prevented Brennan from seeing me or my mother for over 2 years without any explanation.
YOU burglarized the house against two Court Orders.
YOU used your children to commit the crime.
YOU used our friends to commit the crime.
YOU have lied and perjured yourself in multiple courts. (Every petition you file)
YOU have caused considerable damage with your fraud and lies. Everyone whom you have manipulated into wrongdoing will face charges.
YOU will be prosecuted for your crimes …and so will all of those involved.

It is not unreasonable to expect that your team will stop at nothing to protect themselves. Yes, they have the capacity to murder me. But the evidence is here and so many have learned of the crimes.
If you murder me, you will all face the charges.

P.S. There was a whisper in the courthouse the other day about your deal with the DA.


Judge Bertin ruled that the petition filed on July 14, 2009 IS an emergency. No other information has been made available yet.


After an hour long conversation with the Support folks at Verizon Wireless, I was informed that Verizon does nothing to prevent the installation and use of eavesdropping and surveillance programs like FLEXISPY on your equipment or their network.

Verizon Wireless does nothing to assist in detection.

Verizon Wireless does nothing to assist in removal.

Verizon Wireless will waste hours of your time as you describe the program in detail to their support staff. The support staff will empathize with you, but will not offer any solution. they will indicate that their fraud department is not aware of the issue. They will tell you that they do not have a security department. They will then tell you there is nothing they can do and wish you luck.

It appears the time has come to change my cell phone company.



For the last week, I have had extreme sharp pains in my stomach and lower left back. I have been uninterested in eating and unable when I try. Vomiting. Unable to sleep, but when I do the phone rings to wake me.

It seems alot like the way Max was behaving…. the week before he died.

So if I don’t make it, I suggest someone call for an autopsy. You will likely find internal burns much like those I have been suffering with on my head. I imagine I am experiencing some sort of organ failure or internal infection as a result of the two years of terroristic attacks.

They would stop at nothing… murder is not beyond the realm of possibility.



SONYA HEALY : #2007-12477
VS. :


The above named Defendant, Terance Healy, petitions the Honorable Court to issue an Emergency Ex Parte Order regarding the matter of the custody of his son, Brennan Healy, and present the following facts to support this request.

1. Terance Healy is the biological father of Brennan Healy.

2. Sonya Healy is the biological mother of Brennan Healy.

3. Brennan Healy was born on August 7, 1991 in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

4. Brennan Healy graduated from North Penn High School on June 16, 2009.

5. Brennan Healy will be 18 years of age on August 7, 2009.

6. It is recognized and understood that there are less than 30 days remaining for this court to have jurisdiction regarding the child’s custody.

7. A petition to modify custody was filed by the Petitioner, Terance Healy, on December 26, 2007. Copy attached.

8. A protracted hearing on the matter had been scheduled to potentially begin on July 13, 2009 in the courtroom of the Honorable Judge Thomas Del Ricci.

9. On July 6, 2009, the Honorable Judge Thomas Del Ricci issued an order formally recusing himself from the case docketed as 07-12477 and 07-32114.

10. A new hearing date has not yet been set.

11. The current Agreed Order for Custody was issued on October 26, 2007. Copy attached.


12. Sonya Healy has failed to comply with the custody order in any responsible manner and has actively prevented any communication or visitation between father and son.

13. On December 26, 2007 the Defendant, Terance Healy, filed a petition for the modification of custody after being prevented from communication and visitation with his son for a period of 2 months.

14. The status quo of the Agreed Order has at no time been accepted by the Petitioner, Terance Healy, while continuing scheduling delays have prolonged the period of absence of communication or visitation between father and son.

15. As the deadline of the child’s eighteenth birthday approaches, the Petitioner, Terance Healy, respectfully requests the court’s immediate attention to the matter.

16. Petitioner, Terance Healy, recognizes that the information in this petition is extensive. It is not the intent of the Petitioner to overwhelm with the information provided.

17. The statements and associated exhibits are intended to corroborate and answer any questions the reader may have while reading through the petition. The issue of child custody is a serious matter and as such Petitioner hopes to provide the answers to any questions which will logically arise while reading this document.

18. Petitioner seeks an immediate determination on this matter.


19. The Petitioner’s son, Brennan Healy, will turn 18 years of age on August 7, 2009.

20. In 2007, Brennan Healy was told of the illegal tactics and criminal actions of his mother and her attorneys, Angst & Angst.

21. The knowledge of the information provided has caused it to be necessary that Brennan Healy avoid any communication with his father, as even incidental information provides clues to the criminal activity.

22. It is not now, nor has it ever been, the intent of the Petitioner to cause his son to be responsible for providing the information leading to the prosecution of the child’s mother, Sonya Healy.

23. It has been the intention of the Petitioner to remove the responsibility for the child being placed into the situation voluntarily. The current Custody Agreement places the decision regarding physical custody on Brennan Healy.

24. If Brennan were to decide to spend time with his father, any revelation of information regarding the crimes would be ‘Brennan’s fault’ because Brennan has had the choice to avoid the situation.

25. Petitioner wishes the court to remove that burden of responsibility from the child so that if there were any ‘slip’ Brennan would at least be able to justify that he did not voluntarily place himself into the situation.

26. It is not unreasonable for a father to expect some visitation with his children. The current custody agreement and situation has prevented any visitation or regular contact between father and son. The current custody order does not restrict access.

27. Petitioner has not in any petition to this court attempted to remove the role of Brennan’s mother in his life.

28. Petitioner has never at any time requested a denial of all contact or communication between mother and son.

29. Sonya Healy has inexplicably responded to the petition to modify by petitioning the court for the complete exclusion of Petitioner from the child’s life.

30. Sonya Healy refuses to explain her actions.

31. Sonya Healy has been found in contempt of the Custody Agreement where she has not accepted her responsibilities as custodial parent.

32. Sonya Healy has been found in contempt of Court Orders and Agreements relating to property.

33. Sonya Healy has been instructed in writing by her attorney’s at Angst & Angst to commit criminal acts in direct violation of the Court’s Orders.

The petitions and actions of Sonya Healy, and Angst & Angst, are not in the best interest of the child.

This case is not about a divorce. Angst & Angst advised a client, Sonya Healy, to commit illegal acts while planning for divorce. Once those actions were discovered, the divorce was secondary to the cover-up and conspiracy.

Everyone in a position to resolve any issue has been manipulated into inaction or a decision which they cannot logically support. Once manipulated they are forced into protecting their own liabilities.

If Brennan Healy is not now granted the opportunity to re-connect with his father, the estrangement will likely be extended with the burden of silence remaining on Brennan Healy.

The only anticipated resolution to that burden of silence is the prosecution of Sonya Healy.

Once Sonya Healy is finally prosecuted for her crimes, Brennan Healy may have issues about his mother’s prosecution and be embarrassed for his actions in protecting her. As such, the estrangement between father and son will only continue.

An immediate correction, even if only for a period of one month is essential.


34. The resolution of child custody and visitation disputes requires divorcing parents to act rationally in their child’s best interests. Sonya Healy has failed to act rationally.

35. Petitioner has been permitted no visitation with his son.

36. Petitioner has awaited the hearing on this matter for over 18 months. A continued wait will result in the petition being moot as the child will be 18.

37. Sonya Healy has psychologically abused the child.

38. Sonya Healy has placed the child in dangerous situations.

39. Sonya Healy has illegally removed the child from the country.

40. Sonya Healy has denied any opportunity for visitation.

41. Sonya Healy has prevented Brennan from a continuing relationship with his paternal grandmother, and the entire extended Healy family.

42. Sonya Healy placed the burden on her child to notify petitioner when her father passed away in July 2008.

43. Sonya Healy placed the burden on her child to notify petitioner when her mother passed away in October 2008.

44. Petitioner has only been seen the child at court dates, in either the courthouse hallways, or the domestic relations offices.

45. Temporary custody is typically granted to the person who stays in the marital home. Petitioner, Terance Healy, continues to reside at the marital home.

46. Sonya Healy refused to cooperate during mediation over the issue of custody.

47. Terance Healy is the parent who would be considered the primary caretaker.

48. Terance Healy is the parent who transported the child to daycare/school each day.

49. Terance Healy attended parent conferences with teachers throughout grade school and middle school, and the first year of high school.

50. Terance Healy is the parent who was called to leave work to handle any immediate events at school or extra-curricular events.

51. Terance Healy is the parent who did the grocery shopping.

52. Terance Healy is the parent who did the laundry for the entire household.

53. Terance Healy is the parent who maintained the home.

54. Terance Healy is the parent who attended to the physical and emotional needs of the children.

55. After his mother had abandoned the home, Brennan Healy was spending 70% of his time at his home with his father.

56. Brennan Healy wished to maintain his relationship with his mother even after she abandoned the home. Petitioner has never interfered with that relationship.

57. Sonya Healy has provided the petitioner with no information regarding college selection.

58. Sonya Healy did not provide the petitioner with report cards or information from school for the child even after being directed by the court to do so.

59. Sonya Healy did not provide the petitioner with any information or tickets to the child’s high school graduation. Petitioner was able to watch the graduation ceremony on cable television.

60. Sonya Healy lied to the psychiatrist who had been ordered by the court to evaluate Brennan Healy.

61. Sonya Healy is a disaster of a parent who has placed her child squarely in the middle of the cover-up of her crimes and the conspiracy to prevent prosecution of those crimes.

62. Sonya Healy places all of the responsibility on the child.


63. Sonya Healy abandoned the family home on May 24, 2007.

64. Sonya Healy filed for divorce on May 25, 2007, after 5 months of planning and preparation with her lawyers at Angst & Angst.

65. Brennan Healy was spending 70% of his time at the family home until, on July 12, 2007, Brennan Healy was abducted from the family home by Sonya Healy and prevented from returning.

66. Since July 12, 2007, Terance Healy has been denied the father-son relationship with Brennan Healy that they had shared for the child’s entire lifetime.

67. Sonya Healy indicated that the family home was dangerous and unsafe, yet refused to explain her reasoning for such beliefs.

68. Sonya Healy removed Brennan Healy to a remote barn in Quakertown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

69. Sonya Healy prevented any communication by telephone between father and son.

70. There was no reliable cell phone service to the rural farm through which father could contact his son.

71. Even though father was paying for a cell phone for Brennan, he was prevented from speaking to him by Sonya Healy, and additionally by Colin Healy.

72. Sonya Healy prevented any visitation between father and son with threats of involving police should Brennan’s father make any attempt to visit him.

73. Sonya Healy has made numerous false reports to police in Montgomery Township.

74. Sonya Healy has made false reports to police in Upper Gwynedd Township including the preposterous allegation that a certified letter from the Defendant contained some sort of hazardous powdered toxin or poison.

75. Sonya Healy made the above mentioned false allegation against the defendant after receiving only a green card indicating she had a certified document to retrieve at the Post Office.

76. Terance Healy was promptly contacted by Upper Gwynedd Police investigating Sonya Healy’s report as they were concerned of the potential risk to the entire community and the possible need to shut down the local post office.

77. Sonya Healy would have had no reason to be surprised to receive the notice for the document which had been mailed from the Norristown Post Office on March 24, 2008.

78. The document was an Emergency Contempt Petition filed by the Defendant regarding Sonya Healy’s activities on March 23, 2008.

79. On March 23, 2008, at approximately 5:00 PM, Sonya Healy committed multiple crimes including breaking and entering, burglary, vandalism and poisoning of the family dog at the residence of the Defendant. The dog died 6 months later on October 2008.

80. Sonya Healy was in direct violation of two Court Orders dated September 6, 2007 which specifically indicated the process and schedule for distribution of marital assets.

81. The Court Orders of September 6, 2007 had been accepted, endorsed and signed by the Honorable Judge Toby Dickman, who had the insight to include a provision should anything arise and the schedule not be met.

82. Sonya Healy was assisted in loading the rented panel truck, an extended bed pick-up truck, multiple sport utility vehicles and automobiles by an estimated twelve other persons.

83. Among those photographed participating in the break-in, burglary, and vandalism were a former Montgomery Township Police Officer, a former Federal Employee, and two minor children.

84. One of the minor children taking part in the break-in, burglary and vandalism was the Defendant’s son Brennan Healy.

85. The criminal activity, in direct violation of two court orders, was authorized in writing by Sonya Healy’s legal counsel, Angst & Angst.

86. Sonya Healy was found to be in Contempt of Court on May 14, 2008.

87. The last photograph in the series of over fifty images of the crime clearly indicates Sonya Healy removing files from the residence which were prepared for the Custody Conciliation Conference with Sara Goren scheduled for Tuesday, March 25, 2008.

88. On March 21, 2008, Angst & Angst filed their “Response to Petition To Modify Custody and Counter Petition To Modify”. Copy Attached.

89. Their response opens with the outright fraudulent statement that Sonya Healy was not served a copy of the Petition to Modify Custody.

90. The Petition to Modify Custody was filed concurrently with a Protection From Abuse Order against Sonya Healy on December 26, 2007.

91. A copy of the Certificate of Service to Valerie Angst was signed by Michael Kehs. Docketed on December 28, 2007.

92. Valerie Angst has not appeared with her client Sonya Healy since the Protection From Abuse Order was filed. The Protection From Abuse Order includes a statement alleging Valerie Angst has direct involvement in the abuse by providing irresponsible counsel to her client.

93. I re-affirm and maintain the validity of every allegation included in four pages attached as part of the Protection From Abuse Order. Copy Attached.

94. On Tuesday, March 25, 2008, just minutes prior to the scheduled appointment, Petitioner was informed that the Custody Master, Sara Goren, had a family emergency and would not be available for the conference.

95. Petitioner was then informed that the conference had been cancelled on the previous day, March 22, 2008.

96. Petitioner was informed that the Court Administration had no telephone number at which to notify him though the phone number is clearly written on the ‘Family Court Cover Sheet’ attached to the petition and several other docketed documents.

97. Petitioner was informed that Angst & Angst had indicated they had no telephone number at which to contact him though there had been several previous telephone conversations between the parties.

98. Petitioner indicated that he understood that the cancellation was unfortunate, and that he understood that family emergencies arise at inopportune times. Petitioner did question the reasons provided for his not being informed in advance.

99. Petitioner had spent the greater part of Monday, March 24, 2008 at the Montgomery County Courthouse in the Family Court Administration office filing the Emergency Petition for Contempt.

100. Petitioner indicated that he was attending the conference without any of the files and information prepared for the meeting as those files which had been prepared were stolen by Sonya Healy over the previous weekend and there had been no time to re-prepare while securing and cleaning up the house, tending to a poisoned pet, preparing an emergency petition for the court to review, meeting with local police officers and having an extended meeting with Chief Brady of Montgomery Township Police.

101. Petitioner requested the next possible conference with ANY available Custody Master as 3 months had passed since the modification was requested and 9 months had passed since he had an opportunity to communicate and visit with his son.

102. Petitioner would learn in June 2008 from Court Administration staff that it was notated in the scheduling system that Angst & Angst requested the conference be rescheduled with Sara Goren even if it would mean an additional 6 week delay.

103. Angst & Angst’s request was granted without any consultation to myself, the Petitioner in that matter.

104. A later review of the court schedule on-line would indicate that Sara Goren was able to keep two other appointments on March 25, 2008 at 9:45 AM.

105. In October 2008, during an unnecessary Conciliation Conference, Sara Goren indicated that she had no recollection of any family emergency in March 2008.

106. The Custody Conciliation Conference had been rescheduled for May 19, 2008. 5 months had passed since the petition to modify was filed by Terance Healy during which time he was prevented from communication and visitation with his son.

107. During the Custody Conciliation Conference on May 19, 2008, Terance Healy presented a multi page list of items relating to his close relationship with his son and the erosion of that relationship since Brennan Healy was abducted by Sonya Healy from the family home on July 12, 2007.

108. During the Custody Conciliation Conference Terance Healy indicated the numerous occasions where Sonya Healy was not providing for Brennan Healy appropriately, and where she has clearly failed at being a responsible custodial parent.

109. The listing of occasions and events can be fully corroborated with collateral material and was not denied by Sonya Healy at any time during the conference.

110. The following larger issues were reported to Sara Goren by Terance Healy, in addition to others:
– Brennan had not seen his father over the 2007 holidays.
– Brennan had not seen any of his extended family over the 2007 holidays.
– A brief visit with Brennan was traded by Sonya Healy in exchange for stock certificates which were in the home.
– Brennan had participated in the break-in, burglary, and vandalism at his father’s home for which Sonya Healy was found in Contempt of the Court’s Orders
– Brennan had not seen, spoken or communicated with his father between January 2008 when he was exchanged for stock certificates until he arrived on May 24, 2008 to assist in the return of items stolen in the burglary.
– Brennan had destroyed and vandalized what remained in his bedroom during the burglary.
– Brennan knows of the seriousness of his mother’s criminal actions in harassing his father.
– Brennan has been prevented from contact with his father since July 12, 2007.
– Brennan was aware of instructions that police be called if Terance Healy attempted to visit him at the barn in rural Quakertown, Bucks County.

111. Sonya Healy was not represented at the conference by Robert Angst who had represented her that morning at an earlier child support appeal .

112. Sonya Healy was not represented by Valerie Angst, who has not appeared with her client in any court proceedings since allegations appeared in the Petition for Protection From Abuse filed by Terance Healy in December 2007.

113. Valerie Angst was also in Norristown that morning and met with her client briefly on the street in front of the building which includes the office of Sara Goren.

114. Sonya Healy spoke barely a word at the Custody Conciliation Conference on May 19, 2008. She did not comment on any statements.

115. After Terance Healy presented the litany of issues directly related to custody of his son Brennan Healy, Sara Goren suggested that Terance Healy might want reconsider his petition to modify custody and advised him to wait for three weeks and then notify her if he was still interested in pursuing the modification.

116. The suggestion of Sara Goren to delay any further action for an arbitrary period of three weeks defies all logic and explanation.

117. What possible explanation could Sara Goren have for her ridiculous suggestion? Or for her delay in filing her report? Or for her delay in filing the paperwork to list the matter for court?

118. A father petitioning the court has been prevented any relationship, communication, or visitation with his son for the preceeding 10 months. That father has filed a petition with the court on December 26, 2007 and waited three months until March 2007. He has then waited two additional months as the Custody Master has rescheduled due to a family emergency. What reason could there possibly be to suggest waiting an additional three weeks before deciding to proceed?

119. As unfathomable as the suggestion to reconsider proceeding to court from Sara Goren, her reaction to my response to not delay and schedule as quickly as possible was hostile and intimidating. I further explained to her that she was apparently having difficulty discerning between imaginary aggressiveness and this father’s passion to be reunited with his son and begin healing the damage caused by the divorce and separation of the family.

120. Sara Goren was displaying her ineptness, incompetence and complete lack of understanding of what is happening to the families that she sees in her position as Custody Master.

121. Sara Goren filed the paperwork to have the matter listed for court on May 27, 2008, over one week after the conference.

122. Sara Goren filed her Conciliation Report on the matter on May 27, 2008. No copies of the report were provided to the petitioner. A copy was obtained months later from the Prothonotary.

123. The Conciliation Report filed by Sara Goren on May 27, 2008 is a work of fraud and bias.

124. The Conciliation Report filed by Sara Goren on May 27, 2008 fails to mention ANY of the items listed by Terance Healy during the conference.

125. The Conciliation Report filed by Sara Goren on May 27, 2008 fails to accurately indicate anything which was discussed and stranger still includes items which were not raised at the conference.

126. The Conciliation Report filed by Sara Goren on May 27, 2008 represents a criminal act of fraud by someone in a position of authority and should result in her being prosecuted in the criminal courts.

127. Sara Goren has filed that same Conciliation Report on subsequent occasions with only minor edits.

128. On May 25, 2008, Terance Healy learned that Sonya Healy, with whom he shares equal legal custody, had made plans for Brennan Healy to travel outside of the United States.

129. Terance Healy expressed concerns about his son traveling outside the country without either parent and requested more information about the destinations and purpose of the trip.

130. Terance Healy heard reports through his family that Brennan was going along on a vacation to France so that he might mind the children of Kate & Arthur Schaeffer while they searched for a new location to live while on a prolonged work assignment outside the U.S..

131. Terance Healy heard from Brennan Healy on June 6, 2008 that Brennan was going to England and that Brennan had no idea where his father had gotten the idea of Ireland and France.

132. Brennan Healy would not provide any further information about the trip.

133. In a subsequent conversation with Sonya Healy, Terance Healy expressed his concerns at the confusion regarding the destination of the trip and the timing of the trip. He further indicated that as there had been no contact from Sonya Healy regarding the plans for the trip, Terance Healy preferred that Brennan not go as the timing of the trip would likely coincide with the scheduling of the pending Custody Hearing.

134. On June 4, 2008, Terance Healy again requested information regarding the trip.

135. On June 6, 2008, after hearing no further information or clarification to the confusing information regarding the trip, Terance Healy notified Sonya Healy, and Brennan Healy that he did not want Brennan to go on the trip.

136. On June 11, 2008, Terance Healy requested Sonya Healy provide Brennan’s passport and prevent any need to involve the court in the matter. The request was ignored.

137. On June 16, 2008, Terance Healy filed an emergency petition with the court to order the surrender of Brennan’s passport to his father and to end any further planning for the trip outside the U.S.

138. Judge Thomas Del Ricci ruled that the matter was not an emergency and the matter was scheduled for a July 10, 2008 Short list Conference.

139. On June 25, 2008, Terance Healy wrote to Judge Del Ricci requesting a review of the schedule as the proposed departure date for the trip was July 8, 2008.

140. Judge Del Ricci refused to reschedule the Short List Conference.

141. On June 24, 2008 at 4:22 PM, Angst & Angst electronically filed an Emergency Petition for Special Releif in Custody on behalf of Sonya Healy.

142. On June 25, 2008, the Honorable Arthur Tilson signed a Temporary Ex Parte Order For Relief ordering, decreeing and directing that Brennan Healy be permitted to leave the U.S.

143. The Temporary Ex Parte Order was issued without any proceeding, conference or hearing.

144. The Temporary Ex Parte Order was issued without Terance Healy having any opportunity to respond to the petition.

145. The Temporary Ex Parte Order was issued based on the fraudulent information provided by Angst & Angst and Sonya Healy.

146. The Temporary Ex Parte Order was immediately followed with another Emergency Petition after Terance Healy filed his response indicating the fraud in Sonya Healy’s petition.

147. That subsequent Emergency Petition threatened to have Terance Healy incarcerated should he voice any objection.

148. The Temporary Ex Parte Order issued by Judge Tilson would not have been upheld according to the Hague Convention because it was not issued following due process.

149. The Temporary Ex Parte Order denied Terance Healy his parental rights and completely disregarded his input in this decision directly affecting his son.

150. Terance Healy requested yet never received any explanation of why this petition, on a matter which had been deemed “not an emergency’ by the Honorable Thomas Del Ricci was read by the Honorable Arthur Tilson deemed an Emergency and the Temporary Ex Parte Order Issued.

151. There is nothing in the petition filed electronically by Angst & Angst on June 24, 2008 which would indicate that the matter was an emergency, or that the parental rights of the child’s father should be summarily denied and dismissed.

152. Terance Healy was in the courthouse on June 25, 2008 yet there was no discussion, no hearing, no conference, no short list and no teleconference on the matter.

153. The destination of the trip was misrepresented and no details of the destination, hotels, or flight were provided at any time to the child’s father, Terance Healy.

154. No responsible parent would permit their child to travel outside the United States without knowledge of the most basic of travel arrangements.

155. The US Department of State issues guidelines which indicate an international abduction may occur. The situation surrounding the aggressive actions to remove Brennan from the U.S. meets several of the indicators that are presented to parents of children of divorce.

156. In shared custody situations, international travel requires authorization of both parents.

157. Sonya Healy did not have the right or authority to transfer any custodial responsibilities to Kate & Arthur Schaeffer.

158. Kate & Arthur Schaeffer relocated to England and did not return from the ‘vacation.’

159. Brennan Healy was forced to travel alone. If he were to travel with Kate & Arthur Schaeffer and their two children, the Schaeffers could potentially face charges of international kidnapping.

160. Brennan Healy was not aware that he was being abducted from the family home when removed by his mother on July 12, 2007. It is within reason that he was additionally unaware of plans for his international abduction.

161. There has been no hearing at any time where Sonya Healy has had to testify under oath and penalty of perjury. Any hearing where witnesses may be called will indicate the criminal actions of Sonya Healy, and the attorneys at Angst & Angst.

162. A Custody hearing would require her to testify revealing her criminal actions, or her necessity to not respond to questions for fear of self-incrimination.

163. There has been no hearing with regard to the burglary, as police have repeatedly refused to permit Terance Healy to file charges in the matter. Copy of letter attached.

164. There has been no hearing with regard to the burglary, as the county detectives and the District Attorney’s office refuse to permit Terance Healy to file charges in the matter. Copy of letter attached.

165. There has been no hearing with regard to the burglary as the Honorable Thomas Del Ricci has announced ‘off the record’ from the bench on May 19, 2008 immediately before an appeal in support that he had spoken to Montgomery Township Police and County Detectives and assures Sonya Healy that she has no reason to worry.

166. Judge Del Ricci has refused to respond to requests for the rule of law which he is applying to the matter of protecting Sonya Healy and everyone involved in the break-in, burglary, vandalism and poisoning of the family pet from prosecution.

167. Judge Del Ricci has not issued any order which precludes or prevents Terance Healy from filing charges in the matter.

168. Judge Del Ricci has additionally not ruled on any item with regard to custody.

169. Judge Thomas Del Ricci has prevented the resolution of issues brought before his court including issues relating to custody where time is of the essence.

170. By refusing to rule and refusing to respond to inquiries, compounding each new matter into the eventual protracted hearing started with the Petition to Modify Custody filed on December 26, 2007, Judge Del Ricci has prevented his decisions from being appealed to a higher court.

171. By refusing to rule and refusing to hear arguments regarding the fraud presented in the petitions filed by Angst & Angst, Judge Thomas Del Ricci has prevented justice from being served and has denied the constitutional rights of Terance Healy.

172. There has been a pending custody modification during each of the contempt petitions brought before the court. As such, it has been within the court’s power to grant a modification to the custody agreement. The court has failed to grant so much as an hour of visitation between father and son in the last 2 years. Requests for an explanation have been ignored, and denied.

173. In denying the constitutional rights of Terance Healy, Judge Thomas Del Ricci has additionally denied the rights of Brennan Healy to have any relationship with his father.

174. Judge Thomas Del Ricci is directly involved in the obstruction of justice and conspiracy to conceal and prevent prosecution of the criminal actions resulting from the illegal, unethical and unconstitutional tactics used by Angst & Angst and their client Sonya Healy.

175. Judge Thomas Del Ricci has cause to be concerned that he will be presented with multiple petitions to higher courts and the Judicial Conduct Board regarding denial of due process and the disregard of the constitutional rights of Terance Healy without reason, cause or explanation.

176. A Petition Requesting Judge Thomas Del Ricci’s Recusal for Cause was being fiunalized when a letter was received from Judge Del Ricci indicating he would be recusing himself.

177. The petition was being filed due to the judge’s violations for the willful misconduct while in office, for his persistent failure to perform her duties, for his conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice and which brings the Pennsylvania judiciary into disrepute, for his engaging in unlawful and criminal acts, and for his engaging in acts in violation of federal law.

In consideration of the above, the Petitioner respectfully requests the Honorable Court recognize that this family is recovering from a very difficult period of complete estrangement and provide for the opportunity for healing of this family and the relationships with extended family by ordering the following effective immediately:

1. ) Terance Healy, father, shall have primary physical custody of Brennan Healy until such time as a hearing on the matter can be concluded.

2. ) Sonya Healy, mother, shall be permitted a strictly controlled visitation with Brennan Healy, not to exceed 1 hour per day, at the discretion of Brennan Healy. That meeting may take place anywhere they choose with the exception of the residence of Terance Healy.

Respectfully submitted,

Terance Healy


When recusing himself during a 15 minute speech from his bench in courtroom G of the Montgomery County Courthouse Judge Thomas Delricci lied multiple times in an attempt to whitewash the case’s actual history and his rulings. He additionally went on to attempt to intimidate me and further threatened his own lawsuit for liable and slander.

I took careful notes and the record will show that the judge LIED close to a dozen or more times in his recusal speech. And I can prove that he lied. His own written court orders will indicate it, even if they attempt to modify the court transcript.

So many people, actually EVERYONE, had told me that a judge would never recuse himself from a case. To request it would only antagonize him.
When I had researched and prepared the Petition for Recusal, it was as I was editing the 120+ page document my computers were killed and it took over 2 weeks to rebuild one, the others are still down. The day after the computers were shut down, the judge wrote his letter that he intended to recuse. He then waited 2 weeks to actually recuse himself further delaying any opportunity for a hearing on the petition to modify custody which had been filed on December 26, 2007.

Unending corruption in this case. All against a Pro Se defendant without any legal degree or training. I am not afraid because the truth is on my side. And any court that is willing to listen to the facts and truth of this case will redeem the tarnished reputation of the Judge Thomas Del Ricci’s courtroom and the entire corrupted legal system that has been my experience so far.

When a lawyer is out to save her own career, she will stop at nothing and no one to destroy everything and everyone in her path. The truth MUST prevail. This is not about a divorce, it is about a corrupt lawyer covering her criminal advise to her client.

Angst & Angst have caused this terror. Angst & Angst must be prosecuted, disbarred and punished. Angst & Angst must be prevented from doing this to anyone else in the future.

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