What is so special about Valerie Angst that so many people will go to such extreme lengths to protect her?

Valerie exposes her divorce client to liability by telling her to install surveilance software on computers and phones.

So when it is detected, Valerie Angst will stop at nothing to protect herself.

– Destroy her client’s family with a custody battle (which denies the children their father and the extended family)
– Destroy the defendant – professionally, financially, personally and emotionally
– Manipulate everyone in the legal system with ex parte communication.

– Local Police
– County Detectives
Once manipulated, they are now additionally protecting themselves.

To further terrorize, Valerie Angst instructs her client to rob his home
– Doing so with friends AND MY CHILDREN.
– Now each of them faces charges for burglary, breaking and entering, etc…

– County Detectives
– District Attorney

What is so special about Valerie Angst that all of these people and organizations will put themselves on the line to protect her? Nothing, except there is nothing she wouldn’t do to avoid prosecution.

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