One of the advantages of the web site is that it allows me to know who is reading the web site.

The original purpose of the site was simply to have storage of the data in a remote location. The constant attacks on the computers here were causing incredible stress as the outages occurred during the weeks before court dates and prevented me from being fully prepared.

The thing is they didn’t realize I was watching them watch me until, in February 2008, they caused my identity theft.

In a phone call to Sonya, I explained that apparently the data was made available on the internet. I offered to pay for LifeLock for the two of us. Sonya indicated that the police had told her that wouldn’t be necessary. Apparently she had called police on her attorney’s directions the week before. BEFORE SHE EVEN TOLD ME SHE NOTICED THE DATA. I took back the offer and explained to her that I had been watching her, her lawyer and her friends reading the web site regularly in the preceeding months. I had also noticed that her lawyers were apparently setting this one up.

Once discovered, they immediately hacked the site and began to tear it down. I blocked them by running up the counters, and lowering the limits. This limited access to the master account and prevented them from accessing any part of the remaining client web sites. I also placed numerous calls to imaginary support lines acting as if i couldn’t access the site. It was important that they think I couldn’t get in to the site until I had secured the current backup data. But, I knew how I would get back in.

Since that time, Angst & Angst have not accessed my web site at any time. They still can include copies of it in their petitions, but oddly the statistics show no record of them being on the site. SURE, THEY ARE HIDING THEIR ACCESS. BUT WHY?

And they gave me an even bigger gift, because they cleaned up the history of the web statistics. And in doing so they have exposed the team. By using my back-up copies, I can see which IP addresses have disappeared from the history along with Angst & Angst. “They” have identified the themselves.

I bet ‘they’ will additionally be identified on the secret cell phone.

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